Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home

Chapter 621 - 621 Encouragement Before the Competition

Chapter 621: Encouragement Before the Competition

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And now, even that step was gone. Yinshan became the only favorite to win the championship.

The official organizer of the competition had already eliminated the quota of the Lanbao team, so they naturally had to find another team from the team behind the Lanbao to compete with the Yinshan Alliance for the final championship.

And this was a pleasant surprise for the Flower Deer Team, which was ranked third. To them, it was more like a competition to pay homage to their idols!

In the semi-finals of the previous match, the Flower Deer Team lost to the

Yinshan Alliance. They weren’t strangers to each other and could be considered old friends.

The Flower Deer Team knew that they weren’t a match for the Yinshan Alliance. They came to participate in this competition with the mindset of admiring their idol.

The young racers of the Yinshan Alliance looked at each other and smiled tacitly. In the next moment, they shouted the slogan that only belonged to their alliance together, “Born to win, live up to your glory! Yinshan will definitely win!”

Su Xing and Su Zheng stood behind them. Hearing their deafening slogans and declarations, the smile on their faces and the relief and passion in their eyes couldn’t be suppressed.

Su Xing felt that perhaps it was because of this strong love and passion for something that this group of young people gathered together and fought and persevered for so many years for the same goal and ideal!

This might also be one of the reasons why Su Rui liked racing for so many years and his enthusiasm had never decreased! Young people were always hot-blooded and passionate!

Su Xing and Su Zheng weren’t the only ones who were touched by this scene. Su Lu, who was standing further away, and the others in the entire ward, were also moved!

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them and their faces subconsciously brimmed with positive excitement!

It was almost 12 p.m. and it was almost time for Su Rui’s surgery. Su Xing interrupted this group of young people with a smile and said gently, “Alright, everyone! Your captain is going into the operating theater now, or the doctors will be furious later! Anyway, the stage and opportunities have already been prepared for you. You’re on your own now! Compete well. If you have time and opportunities later, we’ll go over and cheer you on!”

As Su Xing spoke, he suddenly thought of something and added, “This competition isn’t a small award or a personal honor. It’s a world-class competition. If you win, you’ll bring glory to the country! And to your captain.. From now on, his undefeated legend in the world of racing will have another layer!”

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