Chapter 1601 - 1601 When Are You Going to Have a Kid?

Chapter 1601 - 1601 When Are You Going to Have a Kid?

1601 When Are You Going to Have a Kid?

Chi Shuyan took a long shower and felt especially conflicted. Since she had chosen to register her marriage with this man, she knew that it was very normal for some things to happen. Besides, it wasn’t like they hadn’t had sex before. Now that they were married, she couldn’t forbid Qi Zhenbai from living a married life.

Of course, she wasn’t against living a married life with Qi Zhenbai. It was just that they had broken up for quite a while, and almost right after they made up, they were going to sleep together. She didn’t feel quite right about it.

Forget it, she felt that it was better to let nature take its course. She couldn’t be bothered to think too much. Besides, that man was probably a little tired tonight and might not be in the mood at all.

In any case, if they really slept together, she wouldn’t be the one to suffer.


Thinking this, Chi Shuyan immediately calmed down and stopped dwelling on it.

After showering and putting on her pajamas, she went out. The man was already lying on her bed. There was only a dim yellow table lamp next to the bed. The man was leaning lazily against the headboard with his eyes closed. The soft light shone on the man’s figure, making him look even gentler and no longer as sharp as before.

Chi Shuyan thought that the man was already asleep, and heaved a sigh of relief. She got softly onto the bed and rolled to the side. Then, she gently pushed the man next to her and said gently, “Qi Zhenbai? Qi Zhenbai? Lie down and sleep! Don’t sleep sitting up!”

She called him a few times, and sure enough, the man next to her lay down obediently. His eyes were still closed; he was most likely asleep. She couldn’t disturb him. After confirming that he was asleep and didn’t move, she gently propped herself up and reached out to turn off the table lamp.

As soon as her fingertips touched the table lamp, the man beside her suddenly rolled over and pressed her down.

The man was so heavy that she almost couldn’t breathe. Chi Shuyan glared at him. “You’re still awake?”

The table lamp wasn’t turned off. Under the light, the man stared at the woman’s face with incomparably gentle eyes, and his breathing quickened slightly. How could Chi Shuyan not know what was going on?

Was this man in heat?

Chi Shuyan’s body tensed up at first. The other party didn’t move for a long time, but stared at her and called out gently, “Wife!”





Chi Shuyan: “…”

What on earth was this man trying to do?

“Wife, you’re so beautiful!” The man reached out and gently brushed his fingers through her hair.

Chi Shuyan’s attention wasn’t on the man’s words at all, as she was practically suffocating under his weight. She simply kicked him. “Get off!”

Qi Zhenbai got it and immediately rolled over to the side, but his eyes never left her, as if he wanted to engrave the sight of her in his heart and remember her forever. He couldn’t get enough of her no matter how he looked at her. The more he looked, the more addicted he became, and he couldn’t bear to sleep.

Qi Zhenbai couldn’t bear to sleep, but Chi Shuyan felt a little sleepy. She yawned and said, “If you don’t want to sleep, I’ll sleep first!”

Qi Zhenbai: …

Qi Zhenbai had held it in the entire time they were apart. In addition, he was in the prime of his life. It was impossible for him not to think about it. Moreover, his wife was by his side now. How could he let her sleep so easily?

Lifting his wife’s chin, he lowered his head and kissed her fiercely as he undressed her.

“Turn off the light!”

“No need to turn it off!”

The next day, Chi Shuyan woke up at around 11am. If her phone hadn’t been vibrating, she might have slept until the evening.

It could only be said that the man had been too good at tormenting her last night.

She had almost been tortured to death on the bed, and her whole body hurt terribly.

The space next to her was long empty. The man had obviously woken up long ago. She propped herself up with difficulty and was about to answer the phone, when she realized that there was a sticky note next to the bed. On it were the man’s familiar words: Something urgent came up at the old residence. I’m going back first! There’s hot porridge in the kitchen. Remember to eat it! I’ve also applied the medicine on you!

Chi Shuyan skimmed through the words on the sticky note until she reached the last sentence. A thought occurred to her, and her expression froze. Although her body hurt, she felt clean and cool, and there was no pain. This man had probably not only applied medicine on her, but also wiped her down.

Chi Shuyan put the sticky note back on the table after reading it, then leaned against the headboard before she picked up the call. Brother Feng’s familiar voice rang out on the other end. “Shuyan? Are you coming to take a look today? Apart from Yang Ji and Wang Jinyang, everyone else is here!”

Chi Shuyan was a bit surprised. Feng Yuanlin immediately recounted how everyone else had stayed in the holding cell last night. As for the reason, it seemed that ‘Sister Yuan’ had official business to attend to and couldn’t care less about them.

Chi Shuyan: …

Chi Shuyan was actually still a little sleepy. She had been tormented too badly last night. It could only be said that the man had been too scary after holding back for so long. “Mm… I’ll go over right away!”

“Holy sh*t, Shuyan, did you just wake up?” After a pause, Brother Feng continued, “Zhenbai is too good at tormenting people! What time is it? Your voice is so hoarse.”

Chi Shuyan blushed.

Feng Yuanlin continued to complain and deliberately teased, “I’ll teach him a lesson for you later!”

Chi Shuyan’s hand trembled and she almost threw her phone away in fright. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before she realized that Brother Feng was just teasing her.

She obviously wasn’t in the mood to joke around with Brother Feng about her and Qi Zhenbai’s sex life, so she hurriedly changed the subject. “How are Yang Ji and the others?”

Feng Yuanlin immediately replied, “Not bad, it’s just that they’re worried about when they’ll be next!”

“Okay, Brother, I’ll go over after lunch!” Chi Shuyan said.

Feng Yuanlin chuckled and said, “Take your time, It’s fine. If I dare rush you, Zhenbai will probably have my head later. This is the honeymoon phase. Your relationship seems better than before. Not bad! Not bad! Have you thought about when you’ll have a kid?”


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