Chapter 1736 - 1736 Abnormal

Chapter 1736 - 1736 Abnormal

1736 Abnormal

After the man went to work the next day, Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but immediately contact Gu Yunzheng.

Gu Yunzheng wasn’t surprised by Chi Shuyan suddenly contacting him; he had a feeling that she was looking for him most likely because of Young Master Qi.

The two arranged to meet in the private room at Imperial Restaurant.

Chi Shuyan arrived early. Because she wasn’t in a good mood, she didn’t go to the kitchen to greet Chef Li. She even greeted the two little guys half-heartedly, stroking their heads and saying little before she went to the private room to wait.

Gu Yunzheng arrived on time, just as almost all the dishes were served. Compared with Chi Shuyan’s absent-mindedness, Gu Yunzheng was in a good mood.


As soon as he sat down, he asked if Chi Shuyan could upload more spirit tea and medicinal pills on Taobao, preferably medicinal pills with some spiritual energy.

Chi Shuyan thought to herself that she had been so busy with other things recently that she didn’t even have time to put up talismans for sale, let alone upload other spirit tea and medicinal pills.

In particular, she was already cooperating with the Jing and Fan families, so there would only be less spirit tea on Taobao in the future.

While Chi Shuyan was deep in thought, Gu Yunzheng got straight to the point. “Fellow Daoist Chi, what wind is blowing today for you to treat me to lunch?” He paused for a moment. There was a dazzling array of dishes on the table, and all of them smelled very good. He had eaten at Imperial Restaurant a few times before, but he felt that those dishes couldn’t compare with what was in front of him now. Gu Yunzheng swallowed his saliva. The more he looked at the dishes on the table, the hungrier he felt. He couldn’t wait to pick up his chopsticks and try a few mouthfuls. The smell was so delicious that he could swallow his tongue.

Gu Yunzheng immediately wolfed down the food. It wasn’t until he was half-full that his movements slowed down. He immediately said, “Fellow Daoist Chi, why aren’t you saying anything? Why… are you looking for me today?”

Chi Shuyan didn’t keep Gu Yunzheng in suspense and got straight to the point. “Celestial Master Gu, I heard that you suddenly told Brother Feng to stay away from my man? Do you have any objections to my man?”

Gu Yunzheng had prepared for this before he came. After a moment of silence, he suddenly said seriously, “Fellow Daoist Chi, if you’ve just registered your marriage with Young Master Qi and your feelings aren’t deep, you should break up. Otherwise, it won’t do you much good in the future!”

He was sincere in saying these words. He had already wanted to persuade her before, but when he heard Fellow Daoist Chi say that the two of them had already registered their marriage, he had swallowed his words. Now that he had the chance, he wanted to persuade Fellow Daoist Chi.

Gu Yunzheng had a very good impression of this Fellow Daoist Chi and didn’t want anything to happen to her because of Young Master Qi.

Moreover, he had also studied Young Master Qi’s physiognomy before. That person’s fate was extremely good. The first time he saw him, he had a purple aura around him. In chaotic or ancient times, this person would definitely have been an emperor or tyrant. In modern times, however, the Qi family couldn’t suppress that person’s fate, and he would most likely die early.

For some reason, that person’s body suddenly contained an immense baleful aura, and the purple aura around him had almost been swallowed up. It was probably because of some item suppressing the baleful aura that this Qi family member was fine.

But just because he was fine for now didn’t mean that he would be fine in the future. Gu Yunzheng shared his speculation, and the more Chi Shuyan listened, the darker and uglier her face became.

In the end, Gu Yunzheng pondered for a moment before he exhorted solemnly, “If possible, it’s best if not only Fellow Daoist Chi, but also the rest of the Qi family stay away from Young Master Qi. Otherwise, once the baleful aura in Young Master Qi’s body leaks out, the consequences will be unthinkable! The more it is suppressed, the more violent it will become! Not only that, Young Master Qi is also a huge threat.”

Gu Yunzheng gave examples, saying that a person’s mind and mood could very easily be affected by baleful aura. In short, a person’s desires and mood changed drastically, and they became a huge threat.

After a pause, Gu Yunzheng added, “Whether it’s an ordinary person or a cultivator, being tainted by baleful aura will only bring harm and no benefit!”

But it was impossible for her to leave Qi Zhenbai now.

Chi Shuyan pinched her aching forehead and immediately asked, “Is there any way to get rid of baleful aura in the human body once and for all?” Seeing Gu Yunzheng shake his head, Chi Shuyan wilted in disappointment and said, “Then, is there any way to stabilize the other party’s emotions?”

When Gu Yunzheng heard Fellow Daoist Chi ask the two questions, he sighed. He had seen how good the relationship between the couple was – it was probably impossible for Fellow Daoist Chi to leave just like that. Gu Yunzheng could only say, “It’s best to go along with the other party’s mood, especially when the other party is suppressed by the baleful aura. It’s best to prevent the other party from getting angry and losing control. However, this is only treating the symptoms, not the root cause!”

“If I still want to pull out the baleful aura from his body, Celestial Master Gu, is there really no other way to completely treat him?” Chi Shuyan pursed her lips and persisted stubbornly.

Gu Yunzheng originally didn’t want to mention the Fiend Suppression Pill. Although he had the pill formula, the spirit herbs required were all very rare herbs that were at least 1,000 years old. It might have been possible to obtain them hundreds of years ago, but now, they were rare treasures in any large family. How could Fellow Daoist Chi get any? So, it was useless to say anything about this pill formula.

Gu Yunzheng hesitated for a while, but in the end, he still told Fellow Daoist Chi about the Fiend Suppression Pill. As soon as he finished speaking, he saw her eyes light up as she immediately said, “Celestial Master Gu, can you tell me the pill formula for this Fiend Suppression Pill? I definitely won’t let you suffer any losses for it!”

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