Chapter 451

Chapter 451

“Be careful, this thing will be of great use in the future!”

In the sea near Judicial Island, on top of one of the large Battleships, the large deck, and more than ten marine soldiers were pushing a three-meter-long, two-meter-wide, and two-meter-high object that was covered by a black cloth.

It seems that there is not much size, but it used more than a dozen strong Marine soldiers, and they moved very carefully and slowly. There was a Marine Commander next to them, and he tensely commanded all Marines to move.

From these alone, we can clearly see how mysterious and important the objects hidden in the black cloth are.


The dull sound of collision sounded, and the transported items finally reached the designated location, whether it was the Marine soldier transporting or the Marine Commander on the side.

He immediately relaxed; this kind of thing is too precious. In terms of value, it is already comparable to a Marine Battleship. The most important thing in this battle. It is an indispensable thing.

“Okay, put it down slowly, and fasten it to the bow of the ship with an iron chain.” Quickly passing through my mind, Marine Commander commanded more than a dozen Marine soldiers to take action.

Not only this Marine Battleship, but also several Marine Battleships, some of the Marines are sitting on the same thing.

At the top of the cabin, Aokiji dressed in Marine justice cloak and Akainu, also dressed in justice cloak, stood side by side here, watching what happened below.

Aokiji said: “This thing, is it really useful? That guy Lin Tian suffered a loss last time, so it’s impossible for him not to be on guard.”

“Don’t worry, this is the latest research of Vegapunk.” Akainu is very self-confident: “Court Academecian Vegapunk has researched to a very deep stage.”

“If this is the case, then we can only see what effect it has when Lin Tian arrives.” Aokiji glanced down, calmly said.

On the tall mast, there is an observation deck that can only accommodate one person. The Marine soldier above is using a telescope to observe the movement ahead.

Not far away, in the midst of the churning waves, a little fog obscured the field of vision, suddenly a dark shadow appeared, and Marine soldier’s face was puzzled.

“What the hell is this black thing?”

Adjust the focal length of the telescope, and finally see the dark shadows in the fog, but he was shocked. It turned out to be there are not only one, but dozens of them.

For many years, the watchman’s experience made him instantly recognize that it was a ship, and hurriedly put down the gold in his hand and moved towards the lower part and reminded loudly.

“The enemy is coming, dozens of ships! A huge fleet is coming!”

“What?” The Marine colonel below, was immediately taken aback, and then immediately reacted.

Lifting head, moved towards the above said: “Lieutenant, you know what you’re talking about?! besides us, how can there be a larger fleet than us near Judicial Island?!”

“No, Captain! It’s really a huge fleet moving towards us!” took down the telescope, and the watchman above, repeated it again.


Without a word, the colonel took the telescope handed by the soldier next to him, quickly adjusted the focus, and moved towards the front to observe.

As the watchman above said, in the fog on the opposite side, you can clearly see the dark shadows of dozens of ships. His hands trembled, and he whispered: “It’s really a fleet.”

Putting down the telescope, the colonel quickly issued a warning order, “The enemy is coming, and everyone is ready for battle, hurry….”

Turning his head, toward the liaison officer on the side anxiously said: “Hurry up and inform Admiral Aokiji and Admiral Akainu that a huge fleet is approaching us!”

Actually, without the colonel’s report, all Marine already knows, because in midair …

wu wu …

Like the sound of a sea train’s whistle, the sparks of flames flew across the sky, it was a phenomenon of intense friction between the shells and the air.

The Marines present are all elites, and they are also familiar with the sound of shelling, but for a moment, they immediately ran to their respective combat positions.

There is no need to know who is shelling, they only understand one point, the target of shelling is them, and someone moved towards them attacking, indicating that the battle has started.

Several shells landed in front of the fleet, and the bang sounded from the water, stirring up a water column, and the calm water began to roll again.

As soon as the standing Aokiji and Akainu sounded, the powerful Observation Haki had sensed the direction of the sound.

Their eyes swept forward in the fog, and dozens of black shadows appeared in the thick fog, and the shadows of the ships were clearly visible.

With surprise on his face, Akainu was also confused when faced with the sudden appearance of the fleet, “Where is the fleet, besides our Marine, how can there be such a large fleet? Is it New World? Pirate.”

“No!” Aokiji directly overturned Akainu’s conjecture, “If a fleet comes here from the New World, it is impossible for our Marine to have no news at all.”

Staring at the sudden emergence of a fleet in front of him, Akainu said: “It’s not New World Pirates. The first half of the Grand Line doesn’t have much Pirate fleet.”

He narrowed his eyes, and Aokiji already had a rough answer in his mind. He analyzed: “I think the opposite, it should be Revolutionary Army. Pirates dare not actively attack Judicial Island.”

“Revolutionary Army?” Upon Hearing this, Akainu’s first feeling at the time was that he didn’t believe it, how could the Revolutionary Army have such a powerful force.

Be aware that the Revolutionary Army also has a fleet preparing to attack the base, and it is because of their presence that it dragged the rest of Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s forces.

Stepping forward and leaning against the railing, Aokiji calmly said, “We all underestimate the Revolutionary Army’s strength. Last night, two people repelled Doflamingo and Hawk Eyes. They belong to Revolutionary Army. A fleet is not out of the realm of impossible.”


Akainu punched heavily on the railing, and it was difficult to express the anger in his heart. “It’s Revolutionary Army again. Could it be that those guys have grown to such a level in secret.”

Bend down and avoid the impact of the shells. The experienced Marine soldier immediately went into battle. He picked up the telescope he carried and moved towards the direction of the shells.

In the fog, as time went by, dozens of black shadows clearly appeared in front of us. The tall masts and the raised sails were all ships.

“Fleet, it’s really a big fleet!” He couldn’t help exclaiming.

“The direction of the muzzle at twelve o’clock, we are up ahead, the wind speed is Level 3, the opposing fleet is already close to the range of our cannon.”

At this moment, the watchers on the observation platform have become observers, and the data they have observed are quickly passed down.

Receive the position, the static turret quickly rotates, enough to fill the muzzle of a child, and the burst of formidable power is extremely terrifying for ordinary people.

The surrounding marine soldiers moved quickly, loaded gunpowder, and fired shells. Everything seemed to be hectic, but they maintained an orderly movement. In just over ten seconds, the muzzle had been rotated and the ammunition had been loaded.

At the same time Marine is preparing to fire!

wu wu wu …

In the sky, the same sound of artillery shells as before sounded this time, but it was just a few times.

“Not good, the other side’s shelling was for positioning before, but now it’s preparing for shelling, launching to evade, and the naval guns continue to fire and counterattack.”

Under the command of the officer, the panicked Marine soldier immediately replied in a neat and orderly manner, but the number of shelling shots had far surpassed Marine’s expectation.

The bold Marine soldier, looking up, you can see that there are countless dark shadows in midair densely packed, and they are all cannonballs.

If you are hit by this wave of cannon rain, I am afraid that Marine will be greatly damaged at the beginning of the game.

In the fog, a Revolutionary Army battleship, at a steady advancing speed, crossed in a double straight formation, moved towards the Judicial Island ahead and rushed away.

On the bow of the ship, a Revolutionary Army cadre smiled on his face and muttered to himself: “Marine was completely unprepared after the battle started. Presumably, the formidable power caused by this wave of gunfire will exceed their expectations.”

However, the Captain of the Revolutionary Army present was also an experienced man. He was not carried away by the short-term advantage in front of him. He turned around and ordered to the back.

“Attention, after this wave of cannon rain, Marine’s shelling will also come. The helmsman is ready to avoid at any time, and the rest of the soldier must have paid attention.”

In the mist, Hank also showed a faint smile on his face. He already had a fleet of thirty warships. Each warship just shot ten shells, adding up to nearly three hundred, enough for the navy to drink a pot.

However, Lin Tian, who is familiar with Marine, knows that the damage caused by this sneak attack is limited. Marine Headquarters are elites. Real duels cannot be determined by a wave of shelling.

At this moment, Marines, facing the shelling, not at all has the opportunity to stop the counterattack. Only in this way can it cause damage to the other party and reduce the loss gap between the two sides.

peng~ peng~ peng~  …

The continuous sound of shelling sounded, around the Marine fleet, there was a scream, the thunder of shells exploded, and the ears of the shocked people were buzzing.

The shell that missed the hit sank straight into the water, and the shock wave generated by the explosion directly impacted the wall of the Marine battleship below.

The shaking battleship is not the most harmful to Marine. The real danger is the shells that fly from high altitude and are about to hit the ship.

With a scream, the long sword flashed cold glow, and pulled out from the sheath, the sharp blade pierced the air, and moved towards the sky suddenly swung out.

The strong slash wave of the formidable power smashed the shells above without any obstacle, saving the Marine Battleship below which was about to be hit.


The descending body, under the right foot vacated and stepped on, the explosion of impact prevented the descent and quietly suspended in midair.

The Marine soldier who thought he was going to die, saw that the explosion was still in the future, he quickly raised his head and looked up, showing a happy and confident smile.

“We have a powerful Vice Admiral! The adults are here! Don’t be afraid, fight back immediately.”

Stepping on both feet in the air, Momonga’s eyes flashed with faint anger, “The real battle is not a sneak attack.”

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