Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

Chapter 857 - Chapter 857: Picking a Suit

Chapter 857: Picking a Suit

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Meng Yu blushed and withdrew his hand. Li Zhe really seemed to be pushing the boundaries.

Su Han turned her face away in disdain but didn’t say anything.

On the other side, Guan Lei cast a meaningful look toward Shen Xi.

Li Zhe and Meng Yu were about to register for marriage, and he wondered when he and Shen Xi would reach that stage. He felt a pang of jealousy!

Facing Guan Lei’s resentful gaze, Shen Xi chose to ignore it.


Rejected by Meng Yu, Li Zhe finally shifted his gaze to Guan Lei and asked, “Are you here to pick out suits? Planning to get engaged or married too?”

Guan Lei sighed lightly. “Ah, I wish I could, but certain people won’t agree, and it puts me in a difficult position.”

Li Zhe, looking at Shen Xi, also sighed and patted Guan Lei on the shoulder.

Shen Xi felt a bit awkward. She understood that Guan Lei might be referring to her, but he didn’t explicitly say so.

Therefore, she couldn’t explain herself.

What if Guan Lei wanted to marry someone else? She would be presumptuous.

Hence, silence was the only option for Shen Xi at the moment.

But when the thought crossed her mind that Guan Lei might want to marry someone else, a dull pain surfaced in Shen Xi’s heart. It felt like something was being torn away from her, making it incredibly hard for her to adapt.

Su Han looked at the silent Shen Xi and knew not to press too hard at the moment.

From a woman’s perspective, girls like Shen Xi needed to take things slow. They had to use a gentle approach.

Su Han quickly called Guan Lei, “What are you thinking? Hurry up and try on a suit for us to see.’

Guan Lei smiled and said, “Alright, I’m going!’

While saving this. Guan Lei looked at Shen Xi. The affectionate look in his eyes was almost overflowing, making Shen Xi a bit overwhelmed.

When Shen Xi shifted her gaze to the various suits, Guan Lei immediately walked toward the direction she was looking at. Pointing to that area, he said,

“I’ll wear these. You can’t go wrong with Xi’s taste.”

Shen Xi smirked a little. Guan Lei was quite apt at explaining for himself.

Li Zhe, on the side, grinned. “Yes, yes, hurry and try them all on in the fitting room.”

Ignoring Li Zhe’s teasing smile, Guan Lei happily had the salesperson bring the whole row of suits to the fitting room. He then tried them on one by one, showcasing them in front of Shen Xi.

He even asked for Shen Xi’s opinion on every single one.

“Xi, how does this one look?”

“Xi, do I look good in royal blue?”

“Xi, does this one match your purple dress?”

“Does this color make me look a bit chubby?”

At first, Shen Xi casually gave a few comments, hoping Guan Lei would finish quickly so she could leave.

However, she realized that Guan Lei could detect any insincere remark from her. Consequently, he relentlessly had more styles sent in for her feedback.

Eventually, Shen Xi had no choice but to give sincere opinions to Guan Lei.

By this time, Li Zhe and Meng Yu had completed their purchases and sat sweetly together, watching the little couple’s antics.

Su Han also watched Guan Lei and Shen Xi’s interaction with a smile.

She could tell that Guan Lei was deliberately teasing Shen Xi. Yet, at the same time, she saw that Guan Lei was genuinely happy from the depths of his heart. This emotion filled the entire atmosphere with warmth.

That joy and happiness infected Su Han as a mother. She couldn’t stop smiling, and her determination to help Guan Lei win Shen Xi back only strengthened.

Finally, after Guan Lei selected a few suits, he leisurely started picking out ties.

Shen Xi looked bitter, watching Guan Lei with eyes that carried a hint of resentment.

Guan Lei glanced at the three people sitting at the side, then whispered to

Shen Xi, “Help me put on a tie, and I’ll be done with this shopping. How about

Shen Xi raised her eyes, looking at Guan Lei with a smile full of ambiguity.

During Guan Lei’s momentary daze, Shen Xi discreetly stepped on his foot a few times, speaking through gritted teeth. “Are you threatening me? I won’t fall for it!’

Feeling the pain in his foot, Guan Lei could only bite his lip, maintaining the smile on his face as he whispered, “My queen, 1 was wrong! Spare me, please!”

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