Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1560 - Major Xia, Please Guide Me

Chapter 1560: Major Xia, Please Guide Me

Under the moonlight, Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face was obviously tired, but when he saw that Ye Jian seemed to have gotten rid of all the fatigue from the past few days, he felt a kind of spiritual food called ‘love’ supporting him. All the fatigue in his heart was swept away, leaving only the joy of meeting again.

He was a reserved man. He was calm in the face of life and death battles. Only in front of Ye Jian did he have a side that no one knew about. Sometimes, he was a scoundrel. Sometimes, he was noble. Sometimes, he was cold and arrogant. Sometimes, he was like a naughty child who wanted a piece of candy.

Ye Jian looked at the major who was smiling sinisterly again and replied calmly, “That’s true. It looks like I should make use of the time to contact you. Maybe I can infiltrate the other party and steal information?”

After she finished speaking, she raised her hand and touched her face. She said excitedly, “I have never been a femme fatale. I can try it once.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Little Fox, your skin seems to be getting thicker and thicker. You look like me!” Xia Jinyuan laughed heartily as he stared at her smile that was brighter than the moon. Suddenly, he gave her a gentle sneak attack kiss on her forehead.

Before Ye Jian could react, he had already left. She could only feel the dampness on her forehead.

“Welcome back to the team, Ye Jian.” One second ago, Major Xia was still like a cat that had stolen a fish. Now, he had a cold expression on his face. Wearing his combat uniform, he had turned into a tough Special Forces soldier.

Ye Jian: “…” Why did she feel that he changed his mindset on purpose? However, Major Xia had always been a thoughtful person. Until now, she still didn’t understand him.

It was not until he reminded her that Li was behind her that Ye Jian understood why he changed so quickly. Then, she heard him say while laughing softly, “You know how to spoil the atmosphere. If not, I would have kissed you secretly again.”

“Then I have to thank Li.” Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled. She always felt relaxed when she interacted with him. It was as if nothing was difficult and everything could be solved. It gave her a sense of pleasure.

She had no reason to miss out on such a man who could give her happiness and safety.

On the shore, Li Jinnian frowned slightly. He wasn’t sure if Xia Jinyuan was kissing Ye Jian. It was too fast. Before he could see clearly, he had already stood up.

The two of them walked towards the shore together. Xia Jinyuan walked beside her and kept a distance from her. There was no change in his actions. He must have thought too much just now.

“He has been in charge of sea training for the past two days. As expected of the Demon King. The intensity of his training challenges everyone’s limits every day. This morning, he swam fully armed in the 5th Sea. In the afternoon, he swam lightly armed. Then, he completed the underwater shooting and returned to the camp to rest. The gains from training with him are not small.”

“The intensity of the training in the next ten days will only get harder. You still have to study at the same time. Little Fox, drink more energy supplements. Don’t get tired in a moment of carelessness.” It wasn’t an exaggeration. Ye Jian hadn’t undergone intense training for two and a half months. Her body’s functions weren’t fully functioning, so it was possible for accidents to happen.

Ye Jian remembered the summer vacation when she trained with him and smiled. “It’s indeed very difficult, but I’m looking forward to learning all the hard skills.” She turned her head and smiled at him. “Major Xia, please guide me.”

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