Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2485

2485 Torturing Sun Dongqing

Ye Zhifan walked to the front seat on the left with his hands and feet cuffed and chained.

Today, he was attending his daughter’s trial as a prisoner.

On the left, Ye Jian and Sun Ying’s former classmates were sitting quietly in the audience.

The seats on the right were reserved for Sun Dongqing. Ye Zhifan stood properly. Sun Dongqing, who was wearing a female prison uniform, was escorted out by the bailiff.


The moment the door opened, Sun Dongqing looked up. Her expression was the same as Ye Zhifan’s. Why were there so many people? These people… These people… No, these people were none other than her daughter’s former classmates!

Her former junior high and senior high classmates… as well as those who attended various training classes with her.

Why were they all here? Why were they all here?

Looking at the young faces, Sun Dongqing couldn’t help but tremble. She wasn’t trembling for herself. She was trembling for her daughter, Sun Ying.

Her daughter was still young. In the future, she would have to step into society and make friends everywhere. She also had to tell her former classmates how successful she was and how glorious she was. Her daughter was supposed to become the envy of many people in the future!

But… But… the people here were all her daughter’s former classmates. Some of them were her good friends. They were all here!

She never told anyone that her daughter was in prison. She was afraid that she would meet her daughter’s former classmates, and she wanted to hide the miserable fact so that when her daughter came out in the future, she could continue to be glorious.

But now, they were all here!

How could she hide this? She couldn’t hide it anymore. The scandal of her daughter going to prison and being sent back by the military unit… couldn’t be hidden anymore.

‘Jesus Christ!’

Yingying wouldn’t have a way out!

‘Jesus Christ!’

They were forcing her daughter to her death!

Sun Dongqing couldn’t move her feet. She really couldn’t.

What about her daughter?

When Yingying came out and saw her former classmates and good friends, she would be in despair! She would be so sad!

Sun Dongqing’s vision was trembling. She looked at the faces one by one. There were tears in her eyes. She trembled as she looked over. The faces became a little blurry. She couldn’t see them clearly no matter how she looked at them.

“Please, please… I beg you, please get these people to leave, okay? Please. My daughter won’t be able to take it. She really won’t be able to take it.”

Sun Dongqing, who loved her daughter dearly, started begging, “My daughter loves her reputation the most. These are all her classmates. Please let my daughter feel better. She has already suffered so much. Please show mercy and let her feel better.”

The bailiff ignored her. Seeing that she wasn’t moving, he dragged her to the audience seats on the right.

Sun Dongqing, who was crying, could finally see a figure clearly. She saw Ye Zhifan. At this moment, she felt extremely sad. She poured all her hatred toward Ye Zhifan.

They were extremely close. They were the closest people to each other. After a divorce and a betrayal, they became enemies.

Her eyes were burning with anger. “Ye Zhifan! To think that you would have such a day!”

Her tone was cold and sinister. It was as if she wanted to eat him alive.

“Sun Dongqing!” The bailiff warned her coldly. “No noise is allowed in the court! If this happens again, you won’t be fit to stay for the court session!”

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