Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 4126 - 4126 Chapter 4127-desperate!

Chapter 4126 - 4126 Chapter 4127-desperate!

4126 Chapter 4127-desperate!

“Shua shua … Shua shua …”

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the trillion primordial spirits had condensed into the White flame.

It was no wonder that the white flame emitted a hellish aura. It was terrifying, sinister, desolate, and sorrowful … It was as if countless vengeful spirits were wailing, struggling, and desperate …

“It seems that after ning Tiancheng destroyed other people’s bodies, he imprisoned his primordial spirit in the oil lamp! After that, they will convert it into their own lifespan!”

Chen Xiaobei saw everything and thought to himself, ” “If ning Tiancheng is related to the heavenly Dao, then this Dragon-shaped oil lamp must be the most important clue!”


&Quot; fortunately, I’ve caused chaos in the ning clan during this period of time, so ning Tiancheng didn’t have time to refine these primordial spirits and saved them … &Quot;

Seeing Zhao Yi’s primordial spirit being released, Chen Xiaobei could finally relax.

As long as the primordial spirits of the people of Fengyan city were still there, Chen Xiaobei could resurrect them.

Chen Xiaobei even had a bold idea that he could give all of them a new life in one go!

“That’s weird … Why isn’t she here?”

Chen Xiaobei carefully observed the released primordial spirits.

There were many familiar faces among them, including the castellan Jiu e and many of the higher-ups, whom Chen Xiaobei had met before.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not see the girl among the primordial spirits!

That girl had pushed Chen Xiaobei out of the gates of hell at the moment of life and death, while she herself had been killed!

Even though they had only met for a split second, the girl’s face had been deeply imprinted in Chen Xiaobei’s heart. He could never forget it!

Chen Xiaobei had been observing her closely, but he did not see her.

“Ning Tiansheng!”

Chen Xiaobei said, ” “You’d better not play any tricks. If you hide a hostage, you’ll regret it!”


Ning Tiancheng said disdainfully,”compared to xiangsi, these hostages are not even as good as ants!” I don’t care about keeping it for myself! She wouldn’t be so stupid as to let xiangsi take the risk for a few hostages!”

Obviously, ning Tiancheng took li xiangsi very seriously and didn’t seem to be lying.


Chen Xiaobei had nothing to say and continued to observe.

Where are you? Why can’t I see you?

However, at this moment …

A familiar fragrance appeared.

This fragrance blended into the breeze, faintly discernible. It was like the scent of cherry blossoms, light and elegant.

Is that you?

Chen Xiaobei was taken aback.

This was not the first time he had smelled this special fragrance.

Obviously, this was not a coincidence!

However, the fragrance did not answer him. It only made Chen Xiaobei feel at peace.

“Phew …”

Chen Xiaobei let out a long breath and thought, ” “I should first solve the current predicament and ensure everyone’s safety! You must be thinking the same, right?”

“Little brat! Why are you in a daze?”

Ning Tiancheng urged impatiently,”let me see it immediately, or don’t blame me for killing everyone here!” &Nbsp;

“Open your eyes wide and look carefully!”

Chen Xiaobei took out the beixuan Saint-sealing painting.

“Whoosh …”

The next moment, the seal was lifted, and Li xiangsi was released.

But Chen Xiaobei was prepared!

The emperor’s ring of Sheng Jue pressed down on li xiangsi’s head, sealing her Dharma Treasures and abilities.

At the same time, the falling star flying swan was placed at li xiangsi’s throat. If ning Tiancheng dared to do anything, Chen Xiaobei would kill li xiangsi on the spot.


After seeing li xiangsi, ning Tiancheng’s expression changed instantly. He was excited and eager, and even his hands were trembling slightly.

But at this moment, what ning Tiancheng felt was more shock!

That was because li xiangsi’s eyes had the vertical pupils of a snake. The hair on her head had turned into dozens of black spiritual snakes, wriggling their bodies.

Ning Tiancheng had never seen li xiangsi like this.

However, li xiangsi’s aura didn’t change. Ning Tiancheng was sure that it was the woman he loved deeply!

&Quot; Tiancheng!? &Quot;

Li xiangsi was equally shocked. She had never expected that she would be released, and in front of ning Tiancheng.

For a long time before that, li xiangsi had always pretended to be a weak woman.

The scene at this moment completely destroyed li xiangsi’s character setting.

She felt that she couldn’t explain it clearly no matter what, and she didn’t know how to face ning Tiancheng.

However, what she didn’t expect was that ning Tiancheng gave an extremely affectionate answer, ” “No need to explain! No matter what you’ve become, I’ll always love you!”

F * ck!

This bootlicker was really hopeless!

Even as an outsider, Chen Xiaobei could not help but curse in his heart.

It was not uncommon for people to suck up to him, but it was Chen Xiaobei’s first time seeing someone like ning Tiansheng who sucked up to him without thinking.

The most ironic thing was that above ning Tiangang’s head, there was already a lush green grassland.

Chen Xiaobei’s heart ached for ning Tiansheng.

“Tiancheng! Save me … Save me …”

Li xiangsi hurriedly transformed back into her human form and put on an aggrieved and weak look, desperately asking for help.

“Don’t worry! I will definitely protect you!”

Ning Tiangang looked at Chen Xiaobei and said, ” “Little brat! Let’s do as you say, we’ll exchange hostages now!”

“Whoosh …”

However, at this moment, the great city-guarding formation of Blue Moon City was suddenly activated, enveloping the entire city.

“What’s going on?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Ning Tiancheng’s face turned cold, and he roared, ” “White three! What the hell are you doing! Close the formation immediately!”

“White three?” Chen Xiaobei looked at the top of the city wall.

They saw white three standing on top of the city wall, anxiously shouting,”Emperor Tian Sheng! You promised me that you would kill Chen Xiaobei! If he doesn’t die, there will never be a Day of Peace!”

Clearly, the sudden change in the situation had caused white three’s life to be in danger.

Once the hostages were exchanged, ning Tiancheng would not have any trump card to restrain Chen Xiaobei. Once Chen Xiaobei escaped, white three, the person who leaked the secret, would not only not get any benefits, but would also be killed.

Therefore, at this moment, Bai San would never agree to exchange hostages.

“White three! You’re just a dog under my feet! You don’t have the right to teach this Emperor how to do things!”

Ning Tiancheng shouted angrily, and his pressure instantly enveloped white three.

“Emperor Tian Sheng! Don’t force me!”

White three’s face turned deathly pale. He said in desperation,”If you don’t give me a way out, I’ll take all the hostages in the city with me! At that time, your woman will also die without a doubt!”

“You dare to threaten me?” Ning Tiancheng’s eyes were like knives, full of killing intent.

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