Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1330: One Step

Chapter 1330: One Step

For his fourth card, Qin Yu chose to show the power of the innate spirit.

The result was obvious. As soon as the power started to show from within his body, the restrictive force from the sea water immediately disappeared.

This was different from the semi-finished Great Dao. It was the card that Qin Yu had the most faith in.

Nonsense, this was the power from an innate spirit. No matter how high an expectation the thing in the mountain had, it could not be higher than the Vast Brightness World.

It was obvious he would pass!

The Spring Master looked at the Dragon Saint, “You can’t say anything about this either.”

The Dragon Saint’s mouth twitched as he thought back to when they were in the Red Peak Straits. When Qin Yu faced the Eye of Eternal Night, I already could tell. Do I need you to tell me?

But what someone thought and what someone did may not be the same.

“I know. Spring Master, please do not worry.”

Mmhm, just like this.

Our Dragon Saint could give and take. He had a good mastery of his inner emotions.

He was unrivaled!

Facing the mountains, Qin Yu took a deep breath. He did not proceed onwards. Right now, his Rule System Body and True Saint abilities were activated.

With the addition of the energy of the innate spirit, the three mixed together and caused an astounding change…Qin Yu’s aura was changing!

More accurately, in the Spring Master and the Dragon Saint’s eyes, he was still in the same spot. However, through their senses, he was not there. It was as if he had turned into air and combined with the surroundings.

“Body World Transformation!”

The Dragon Saint shouted.

The Spring Master took a step forward. He became alert and forced down his urge to rush forwards.

Another miracle was happening!

For the semi-finished True Saint Great Dao, the Spring Master could more or less trace it down to its roots. But he had no way to explain what was happening to Qin Yu now.

Because ‘Body World Transformation’ was a power that only Rulers had…Rulers who were high up above and belonged to a part of the world. It was something only they could do. They could control the energy of the world and every movement of theirs contained immense power.

But now, it was appearing on Qin Yu.

The Spring Master was absolutely delighted. But the Dragon Saint was only shocked.

The heck! What the heck! What the heck!

This cannot be happening. This is impossible. How was Qin Yu doing this? What made him worthy of Body World Transformation? This was in the Ruler domain. His True Saint Great Dao was only semi-finished!

Bom –

A loud sound could be heard from the gap in the mountain range. The calm and silent mountain range in the sea suddenly created a wave. It was like someone who was sound asleep being startled by a noise outside their window and jolting up.

The Spring Master’s eyes lit up.

Beside him, the Dragon Saint was horrified. He subconsciously made a move to rush out but before he could move an inch, a hand held him back.

Staring straight into his eyes, the Spring Master said, “Dragon Saint, we agreed on this one chance. If you go back on your words, I will not let you go.”

The Dragon Saint instinctively shook his arm. His mouth moved but nothing came out. He felt as if he had lost something extremely important to him.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu jumped and flew towards the missing gap in the mountain range.

He flew straight with no hindrance!

In a flash, his silhouette disappeared from the Dragon Saint’s eyes. He froze before letting out a long, long, long breath.

It was a very long breath. It was so long that it made people worried that he would run out of air and suffocate.

His shoulders sagged and his body swayed as he fell to the ground.

It was over…it was all over…

The Spring Master let go and took half a step back. Only half a step back. Qin Yu was about to succeed and nothing could go wrong at this critical moment.

The Dragon Saint’s acting. Hehe, he knew the Dragon Saint very well!

Stepping into the gap in the mountain range, Qin Yu saw that thing the Spring Master and Dragon Saint were talking about – something black and half hidden in the seabed. It was an iron lump that was half buried!

At Qin Yu’s age, with so many years of experience, he knew what it meant to not judge a book by its cover.

It was similar to the iron lump. While he was in the Endless Sea, an iron lump fell and landed as planned by the Sea Spirit. Qin Yu had relied on the iron lump and eventually gained the furnace which helped him to survive. The furnace even swallowed the Fire of Eternal Night not long ago and created the semi-finished Great Dao for him.

This was the power of an iron lump. wasn’t it powerful?

Back then, the iron lump that Qin Yu obtained had only been a small piece as big as his palm.

But this one that was half buried in front of him was about as big as a small calf. Just from the size of this, it was obvious that it was much stronger.

Just through what he had to pass to get here, the power from the sea water, Qin Yu saw how powerful it could be.

Moving forwards…


It was as if he had walked into extremely clear glass. Qin Yu’s head hurt and his vision went black. He took a few steps back as he stared at the iron lump that was half buried.

Did this mean…he had not passed?

Lord, we are so close. Are you done yet!

I have already shown you a lot of my cards. Are you not satisfied? What are you trying to see before you are willing to go? Are you really going to lie here in the dust forever?

He stared at the iron lump and tried to convey his intentions through his stare.

He reached out and pushed. He continued to push.

Nothing moved!

It seemed like his stare was useless. Qin Yu thought seriously. It seemed like he just had one step left between him and the huge iron lump.

This also meant that this was the last obstacle. After he passed it, he would have succeeded.

To fail for lack of final effort…tsk, that would never ever happen to him. He would not allow it.

It was just another card or another scheme. He might not have other things, but he definitely did not lack this!

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu gritted his teeth. He felt as if someone was warning him not to disturb her.

But now…he had no choice…

Just once, it was really just this once. Hopefully he would not get hammered!


What am I scared of? Who am I scared of? Why can’t I remember?

An image vaguely appeared in his mind. It seemed like a woman…hmm? A woman, what woman? Is there something wrong with my brain?!

Qin Yu took a deep breath. Just for the time being, he would not care about this. Focus on the important thing now! He raised both hands. At the bottom of the East Sea in the hidden inner part of the Dragon Palace, at the gap in the mountain, a Sun Moon illusion descended.

Bom –

Bom –

An invisible force caused the sea water to shift. Layers of undercurrent rushed out in all directions. The iron lump that had been half-buried in the seabed was instantly washed clean, exposing its original self.

Over its black and coarse surface, faint cracks could be seen.

There was no time to think. As the Sun Moon illusion appeared, light rays interlaced.

After a short pause, an irritated grumble could be heard before the illusion of a woman appeared in the light rays of the Sun Moon illusion.

“Qin Yu, it seems like you are tired of living. Didn’t I tell you not…” As she spoke, she seemed to sense something and stopped talking.

In the next moment…

Woosh –

The sound of swords being drawn could be heard. The woman raised her hands and made a motion to hold. Sword illusions appeared at her five fingertips. A horrifying sword intent exploded. Without any hesitation, she moved her arm to bring the swords down!

Her move cut through the sea water in front of Qin Yu. It congested the restrictive force and in a second, the glass shattered.

Qin Yu’s eyes shrunk, shrunk further, and shrunk even further!

The point was, his eyes shrunk severely.

The first time was because there really was a woman. When her illusion appeared, many memories filled Qin Yu’s mind.

The second was because this woman was just an illusion yet she possessed such a horrifying power. With one slash, she cut through the sea water. What if she was real? He could not imagine!

The third was because he actually had such a master hidden in him yet he did not know. If she had any ill intentions…Qin Yu felt as if he had been doused in cold water.

In the moment when the Sun Moon illusion appeared, the Spring Master and the Dragon Saint both fell silent. Even though the latter was extremely heartbroken and desolate, he was also staring straight ahead with his mind blank.

This aura…this…without giving them much time to think or be shocked, the woman had done her cutting move.

That indescribable fear. It was as if even the world would be cut into half.

As True Saints who had reached the shore or as lords in the Vast Brightness World, would they be able to block it?

The both of them started sweating as they thought about it. They felt as if they had been thrown into ice water and the cold was bone-chilling.

Both True Saints fell silent.

Hoo –

The Spring Master let out a breath and at this moment, a gaze suddenly fell.

Beside him, the Dragon Saint’s face was frozen as if there was a fire burning his butt but he did not dare to move an inch, “I won’t say anything. I promise I won’t say anything!”

At this moment, in the mountain gap, Qin Yu took a deep breath and stopped his reaction. He took a big step towards the iron lump. There was only one thought in his head.

Lord, this is probably enough!

The result was…still not enough.

At this moment, Qin Yu was only one step away from the iron lump. If he reached out, he could touch it. However, the invisible force appeared once more.

He could feel the restrictive force appear and like how he passed one of the steps when he showed his semi-finished Great Dao…he could sense the slight hesitation.

This time, the iron lump decided not to let him pass. The restrictive force in front of Qin Yu stabilized – it was as if it was doing its final confirmation.


Truthfully, this was beyond Qin Yu’s expectations. He had used almost all his cards. As for methods, he definitely had some but from Qin Yu’s point of view, it would not be enough to break through the last barrier.

He was now at the closest point to the iron lump, but in the next moment, he could fail!

It seemed so close but this was the most important part of the test. If he could not get the recognition of the thing in the mountain, he would fail for lack of final effort.

As this thought appeared in his mind, his chest rose and fell with each breath. It was becoming clearer and stronger!

What should he do?

Qin Yu thought hard.

But what happened next did not give him any chance to think. Because the woman in the Sun Moon illusion let out a cold chuckle and lifted her hand, touching Qin Yu once.

The feeling…it felt as if a gigantic iron hammer had slammed down on his chest without holding back. Qin Yu’s vision darkened and his chest felt squashed and suffocated. He threw up a mouthful of blood.

As his fresh blood touched the atmosphere, it did not fall to the ground but instead burst into flames. A dark red flame burst forth with a ‘boom’!

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