Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince

437 The End

Ten years later, the date was October 30th, 1945. In the former capital of the Ruthenia Empire, the populace of the empire was highly anticipating the ascension of the new Emperor, the Emperor’s son, Andrei Romanoff.

He was inside the Assumption Cathedral, where his father was helping him fix his ceremonial robes.

“Father, I’m getting nervous,” Andrei said, his hand trembling slightly upon the event that was soon going to change his whole life.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, my son,” Alexander said ever so softly. “I have groomed you to become my successor and I believe that you have the capability to even outdo my achievements.”

“But you set the bar too high Father, how can I ever live up to your legacy?” Andrei asked with a hint of doubt in his voice.


Andrei nodded, feeling slightly more at ease. “Thank you, Father.”

Alexander smiled warmly at his son. “Now, let’s finish preparing for your coronation. The people are waiting for their new Emperor.”

As they were about to exit the room, the door opened, revealing a stunning woman in an elegant dress. It was Sophie, the Empress of the Ruthenia Empire.

“Hello, I’m just checking up on both of you,” Sophie said. She flickered her gaze to Andrei.

“Oh my! You look absolutely dashing, my dear Andrei,” she said, walking towards him and placing a kiss on his forehead. “I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

“Mother…I’m too old for that,” Andrei’s cheek flushed, feeling embarrassed.

Sophie chuckled. “You will always be my little boy, no matter how old you are,” she said affectionately. “But you are right, today you are not just my son, you are the Emperor of Ruthenia. The people are looking up to you for guidance and leadership, and I have no doubt that you will do an excellent job.”

Andrei smiled, feeling a surge of confidence. His mother’s words always had a way of making him feel better.

“Thank you, Mother. I will do my best to serve the people of Ruthenia with honor and dignity.”

Moments later, another person entered the room. It was Anya, who has grown so much in the last ten years. Her child-like features when she was eleven were replaced by a womanly grace and elegance. She wore a beautiful gown and a sparkling tiara that complemented her long blonde hair tied in a half-up style.

“Brother,” she said in a soft and motherly tone, a stark contrast to the days when her voice was filled with enthusiasm and energy.

“Sister,” Andrei called as he walked up to her and gave her a gentle hug. “So how was your day being a teacher?”

“Well, it was fulfilling I guess,” Anya said, smiling warmly at Andrei. “I never knew that there would be so much joy in teaching young children. I hope you will find your job as Emperor of the Ruthenia Empire as fulfilling as mine.”

“Of course, sister, there is no greater joy than serving directly the people and the empire.”

Andrei looked at his sister, feeling proud of her. She had found her own calling and purpose in life, just as he was about to embark on his.

Not long after her arrival, three beautiful ladies entered the room, this time, it was Andrei’s aunties. Christina, Tiffania, and Anastasia.

Christina was the first one to walk forward and gave Andrei a kiss on the cheek.

“Congratulations, Andrei. I knew my brother would give you his blessing. You worked hard in your studies and it was rewarded.”

“Thank you, Aunt Christina,” he said, hugging her.

“I have prepared everything for your ascension, since you are the new emperor, I will be your Chief of Staff. I won’t go easy on you as you are the ruler of the nation.”

Andrei chuckled. “I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Aunt Christina. I know I can always count on you to keep me in line.”

“Just don’t do something that would dislike the populace or even Brother, Andrei,” Tiffania said. “Geez, I have a lot of projects that have to be submitted before the deadline. Brother surely knows how to make use of the best asset.”

Alexander chuckled. “Well, Tiffania, you are the best engineer that I have in the Imperial Dynamic Systems, so it’s only obvious that you get the hardest task as you are the only one who can finish it.”ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“It’s giving me a hard time brother, please be easy on me,” Tiffania pleaded.

“Fine, I will after this ceremony. Now how about our doctor here?” Alexander looked at Anastasia.

“Congratulations, my nephew,” Anastasia said. “I hope you will serve the empire well just like my brother did.”

Andrei smiled gratefully at his aunt. “Thank you, Aunt Anastasia.”

“Well, since that’s everyone, why don’t we go now? I’m sure everyone is waiting,” Alexander suggested.

Andrei nodded and took a deep breath, ready to face his destiny. His family and the palace staff followed him as they made their way to the main hall of the palace, where the coronation ceremony was to take place.

The hall was filled with dignitaries, ambassadors, and members of the Ruthenian elite. The atmosphere was tense as everyone waited for the new Emperor to make his appearance.

Finally, the doors at the end of the hall opened and Andrei walked in, flanked by his father and mother. The crowd erupted in applause as he made his way to the throne at the center of the hall.

As he took his seat on the throne, Alexander stepped forward and addressed the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the new Emperor of Ruthenia, my son, Andrei Romanoff.”

The crowd cheered and clapped as Andrei stood up and addressed them in a speech.

“My dear people of the Ruthenia Empire,

Today marks a momentous occasion, not only for myself but for all of us. Today, we witness the continuation of a legacy, a legacy of leadership, a legacy of strength, and a legacy of prosperity.

As I stand here before you, I am filled with a sense of duty and responsibility, to serve this great nation with honor and dignity. I am humbled by the trust that my father, the former Emperor Alexander, has placed in me, and I pledge to do my best to live up to his expectations and the expectations of all of you.

I believe that the strength of an empire lies not in its resources, but in the people who make it up. It is the people of the Ruthenia Empire who have made us strong, who have made us prosperous, and who have made us a beacon of hope and inspiration to the world.

As your new Emperor, I promise to lead with compassion, wisdom, and integrity. I promise to listen to your concerns, to hear your voices, and to work tirelessly to ensure that every citizen of this empire is given the opportunity to live a life of peace, prosperity, and happiness.

We face challenges, both within and outside our borders, but I am confident that together, we can overcome them. We can build a future that is bright and prosperous, a future where every citizen is given the chance to reach their full potential, a future where we can stand proud and strong as a nation.

I call upon all of you to join me in this endeavor. Let us work together, let us strive together, and let us achieve together. Let us make the Ruthenia Empire a shining example to the world, a beacon of hope and inspiration for all to follow.

Thank you, and long live the Ruthenia Empire!”

The church was filled with silence for a few moments, and then a loud cheer erupted, echoing off the walls. The crowd rose to their feet, applauding, shouting, and waving their hands in the air. Andrei could see tears streaming down the faces of some of the older Ruthenians in the audience, as they were overcome with emotion and pride.

Andrei felt a lump form in his throat as he looked out at the sea of faces in front of him. He could feel the weight of the responsibility that had been thrust upon him, but he also knew that he had the support and love of his people.

Alexander then proceeded to hand him over the crown. As he stepped forward, Andrei knelt before him, bowing his head in reverence. Alexander then lifted the golden crown from the cushion, holding it high above his head. The crowd fell silent, their eyes fixed on the glittering symbol of the Ruthenia Empire.

“By the power invested in me by the gods and the people of the Ruthenia Empire, I hereby crown you, Andrei, as the new Emperor of Ruthenia,” Alexander declared.

With a gentle smile, Alexander placed the crown on Andrei’s head, fitting it perfectly. The weight of the crown felt heavy on Andrei’s head, but he stood tall and proud, holding his head high.

The crowd erupted in cheers once again, their voices echoing through the halls of the church. Andrei turned to face them, his eyes filled with tears of joy and gratitude.

“I accept this crown with humility and gratitude,” he declared, his voice booming throughout the church. “I pledge to serve the people of the Ruthenia Empire with all my heart and soul. May the gods bless us all.”

Amidst the deafening cheers, Alexander turned towards his son and uttered with profound conviction, “The helm is now yours, my son. Your direction will chart the course for our empire, and the masses will rally behind you.”

Alexander then muttered to himself. “At last it end, I can finally rest now.”

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