Reincarnated Hero System

Chapter 640 Reasons for Interfering

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Chapter 640 Reasons for Interfering

?Raising his other hand, Evan generated another map of the same Landmass, but no non-hero present recognized any of the nations on it.

Except for the two Deadly Sin Siblings present, that is.

"That's a map of this continent from the war period."

Greed spoke up when he saw this, and knowing the high demon had been sealed for a thousand years, everyone instantly figured out the 'War' he was talking about was the one from their history books.

As for David, the boy was looking at the position Evan had highlighted on the map, wondering why it seemed so familiar to him.


Just as he had the idea to peruse the 'Extra Memories' in his head, Evan moved the two maps over each other and his eyes widened with realisation.

The spot Evan Marked on the thousand-year-old map, overlapped with the spot where Wolfen's Capital city of Agla was on the current map.

At that moment, it all clicked in David's head.

"Vale Blade…"


Evan exclaimed and dismissed the maps as David had understood why he wanted to go to Wolfen in the first place.

As for Greed, the Demon's eyes also widened with realisation when he heard the name Evan spoke, and he quickly figured out the boy's aim.

"First that other girl in the GWE got Venus, and you decided to copy here and acquire the Vale Blade, huh?"

The 'other girl' was naturally the Fourth Hero Laurene, and this served to inform David that she was in possession of her predecessors' Magic Catalyst.

"How did she…?"

"It was in the Eris Duchy…wasn't too hard for her."

Evan replied curtly, intending to end the talk there, but Eliza cut in and had him explain things more to the less informed people present.

"Vale Blade is the weapon of Arlan Maddox."

With that line, Kolvar and Malaya fully understood why the boy planned to dip his hands into the Wolfen-GEE conflict.

The Weapon of one of the Heroes of Legend was definitely going to be powerful, after all.

"That's also not the only reason though.

In the same location where the Vale Blade is stored, are records that were supposedly 'lost to time'."

Pointing at all the indigens of Aidos present he continued.

"Missing pieces of your World's History."

"Missing Pieces of our History?"

When Malaya echoed his words, Evan nodded while holding up his fingers and began counting.

"The Complete Records of the War of a Thousand Years Ago,

Full information about the seal on the Dark Continent's Dimensional Rift,

Numerous details on Demon Race Physiology, Traits, Breeds and their weaknesses,

Information about the Demon World and its Interstellar Empire,

Records about the events that happened in the decades right after the Dimensional Rift was sealed,

Records about the Formation of the 'Demonic Hand' and its original executives.

That place is filled with so much stuff like that."

Each of the things he listed out were all vital pieces of information that the people of Aidos really needed to know.

For someone like Malaya who didn't know as much as David and Kolvar did, the fact that the Demon World had an 'Interstellar Empire' was news for her. freew(e)bnovel

But when Evan said all of this, a question then popped up in Eliza's head and she did not hesitate to ask it out loud.

"If all of this is in Wolfen, and It's in a place that the Government of Wolfen is aware of, then how come they haven't gotten their hands on it yet?"

Her answer came in two parts; the first was from Evan.

"Oh, they tried. It's just that they lacked information.

They didn't know about the conditions to unlock the place where all of this information was stored…"

The second part of the answer came from the other Hero present.

"…and I'm guessing they didn't know how much of a bastard Arlan Maddox could be."

Hearing the boy's words, Evan knew that the older teen had pieced things together already.

"The Explosion of Year 995.

A supposed 'Terrorist Attack' on the capital of Wolfen…"

This was something that happened way before he was born, but he had learnt about it during his History lessons.

"If that's really the location, then what happened in Wolfen that year wasn't a Terrorist attack of any sort. Now I understand why Wolfen doesn't want you or the GEE getting close access there

They're scared of a reoccurrence."

While the boy was coming to conclusions by himself, his sister was still very much clueless.

"Can you explain things in a way other non-Heroes can understand?"

In response to her question, David sighed and uttered one very ridiculous-sounding line.

"Wolfen succeeded in breaking into Arlan Maddox's house…and they paid the price."

Malaya's eyes widened in shock when she heard his words.

The 'Restricted Area' Evan asked for access into was a Barren Wasteland situated right outside Wolfen's Capital, and it spanned a few kilometres in area.

Said Restricted Area, was where one of Arlan Maddox's residences was situated, and given the fact that he kept the Vale Blade there, it was a very important one.

The Security for such a place was naturally 'Top Notch', even by Arlan's standards.

"Wolfen's government had a team of researchers, and archaeologists, accompanied by their Military and Three of the Country's few Epic Level existences to investigate the ruins in Year 995.

They succeeded in breaking into the place, at the cost of their lives."

Kolvar who had been silent all this while finally spoke up, sighing deeply as he thought of the friend he lost in that explosion.

"Three Epic Levels died… and that was just the front gate's security.

If they succeed in breaking into the Base itself…Wolfen as a country would cease to exist.

If I do not participate in the GEE's invasion of Wolfen, it's not going to end well for both Wolfen and the GEE."

Evan added to his words, informing them all of his true reasoning for interfering in the GEE-Wolfen conflict.

Besides, getting the Vale Blade, that is.

"Come to think of it, someone did say I should learn to use a hammer? Or was it an Axe? Unfortunately, my class has 'Sword' in it so I'd stick to that…and my fists."

The boy uttered that statement randomly before shrugging and turning back to Eliza to answer her first question.

"In light of the current situation, I need to have my business here done quickly so we can start moving. Lacertilia wasn't the only reason I came here, after all."

Now this was news to even Pride who knew the most about his plans for the year, and she couldn't help but ask what this other reason for coming to the Beast Kingdom was.

"Why don't you all come with me to find out?"

Surprisingly, Kolvar was the first to agree with the boy's sudden proposal, much to the surprise of his children.

"Really? That's good.

Getting there would be a lot easier with you around. I'd like to place an order for one spatial gate please."

Though Kolvar was wondering how the boy knew he was capable of Spatial Gate creation, he didn't comment about that and instead informed him of the limitations.

"I don't have the best affinity for the spatial attribute so my spatial gates are 'Brute forced' with spatial laws and don't go too far."

"Yeah, but our destination isn't 'too far'."

Evan pulled up the system interface and navigated to the archive, pulling out a string of spatial coordinates and relaying them to Kolvar.

When read on a map, it was about 400 kilometres south of their current location.

Seeing this, Kolvar turned towards Evan who silently looked away while saying it was 'just' five cities over.

"Normally it should be 270 kilometres out, but since we're currently in the centre of the capital, we have an extra 130 kilometres to traverse."

"Do you know how much energy is required to create a spatial gate that can span that distance?"

"Not even the slightest clue."

The boy confidently answered Kolvar's question like it was something to be proud of, making the Beast King sigh as he coated his arm with spatial magic power.

He then swung it in the air and created a claw-shaped tear in space, however, Evan couldn't help but notice that the time it took for the tear to open up wide enough for a person to pass was quite 'long'.

'Guess it's not something that could be used to escape in the middle of a battle, huh?

The amount of time the gate needs to form is far too 'long' for someone with power that'd require the user to even run in the first place.'

Only adept spatial manipulators, the kind who had high-level Attunements in the element could create gates fast enough to be of any use in such a situation.

People like Vaeri and her contractor.

They could also create gates that would lead to much longer distances, this one that Kolvar created that had a 50km distance limit.

'Long activation time and a distance limit.

I guess these are the banes for lacking affinity with the law in question.'

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