Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2978 - 2978 More Interesting than the Teachers' Classes

Chapter 2978 - 2978 More Interesting than the Teachers' Classes

2978 More Interesting than the Teachers’ Classes

Even Leng Xiaoyao, who fooled around every day, had decided to change. There was no excuse for them to stay the same. After all, they weren’t as naughty as Leng Xiaoyao!

“Leng Xiaoyao is right.” At this moment, a girl opened her mouth and attracted everyone’s attention. She didn’t hesitate and continued. “I just realized that recently, so I have also decided to study hard. I don’t want to be a useless person.

“My father had a car accident the other day. He was seriously injured and went into a coma for half a month. My uncle tried to steal my family’s company while we were in a crisis. My mother and I didn’t have the ability to manage the company, but my father has worked very hard to be successful. It’s impossible that we would allow anyone to steal our company. Unfortunately, my mother and I were unable to keep it. If my father’s friends hadn’t helped us, we would have been robbed. However, although the company was still owned by my family, there wasn’t a qualified manager. Some shareholders in the company started to think that they could become the next chairman. Luckily, some of them sided with my father, so they were helpful. After half a month, my father finally woke up and everything became better, but during that half month, my mother and I lived in horror. After the accident, I decided to change. I don’t want to be so useless and helpless again.”

Everyone was convinced by Leng Xiaoyao’s words, and they felt for the girl.


“Alright, I’m not lecturing you. I’m not qualified to do that. I just want you to think about what you really hope to achieve in your life,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She didn’t want to waste time on that because it would only arouse disgust if she said too much.

However, everyone was surprised, because Leng Xiaoyao used to be self-centered and never cared about other people’s feelings.

Nevertheless, given her change, they weren’t too shocked.

After that, Leng Xiaoyao started explaining the questions, starting with math.

Because this class was full of bad students, they could barely understand simple questions so Leng Xiaoyao had to begin with the simplest ones.

“We need to start with the simple questions. Whether you know the answers or not, I hope you can focus. If you can’t understand the knowledge, you can start acquiring it right now,” Leng Xiaoyao said, then she wrote down the questions on the blackboard.

The first question was very simple, but no more than five students from over twenty students in the class knew the answer.

Leng Xiaoyao’s explanation was more interesting than the math teacher’s, and she gave a lot of examples, which was very helpful. Therefore, those who found it boring started to show interest in it too.

When the head teacher came and saw the scene in the classroom, he was stunned.

Leng Xiaoyao had the ability to explain the questions, but strangely the students in the classroom listened carefully.

Moreover, although it wasn’t strange that Leng Xiaoyao had the ability to explain those questions, her explanations were very interesting. The students were fully focused on her.

Wang Yiming was also interested. He didn’t realize what he was doing until some students saw him and greeted him.

The students who came back later were surprised to see Leng Xiaoyao explaining questions at the podium, but they said nothing.

As more and more students walked into the classroom, they were also interested by Leng Xiaoyao’s explanation.

Some of them even asked her some questions when they had doubts.

Leng Xiaoyao answered their questions one by one and won their trust.

As time went by, it was soon time for the evening class. Leng Xiaoyao couldn’t use the teacher’s time, so she stopped. When Wang Yiming stood outside of the classroom, Leng Xiaoyao saw him, but he didn’t come in and interrupt her, so she didn’t stop right away.

“Alright, that’s all for today. If you still want to hear my explanation of the questions, we can start from 1 pm till it is time for the afternoon classes and 6:30 pm till the evening class. If you don’t want to listen or find it a bother, please feel free to let me know,” Leng Xiaoyao said, then she walked down from the podium and went back to her seat.

Although some students didn’t want to listen, they wouldn’t stop Leng Xiaoyao from doing it. After all, most of the students were willing to listen.

Because Leng Xiaoyao’s explanation was very interesting, they could understand what they failed to absorb normally.

“Leng Xiaoyao, I think you’ve done a very good job. It’s very interesting. I’m willing to listen.”

“Right, me too. I hope you can continue to help us with reviews.”


At that moment, Wang Yiming walked into the classroom, and everyone fell silent.

Looking at Leng Xiaoyao with great excitement, Wang Yiming said, “Leng Xiaoyao, I’m impressed. I have to say that you are even better than the teachers.”

It was a very high compliment, but it was also the truth.

Afterwards, he turned to look at the other students and continued. “The National College Entrance Examination is only two months away. I know most of you aim to get a high score, and I could see that you’re more devoted to studying right now, but you didn’t pay much attention to it in the past. It might be hard for you to make progress. However, after listening to Leng Xiaoyao’s explanation, I feel you might be able to make a big change if you listen carefully. So, if Leng Xiaoyao is willing to help you, you better all listen to her. If any of you don’t want to listen, I hope you won’t stop her from doing it. After all, I also want you to get high scores in the exam.

“Although college students aren’t the only group that can be successful, it is more likely for college students to succeed. After all, a college diploma is required by many companies. It’s a prerequisite for many jobs. Without it, you will struggle to get a job.”

Hearing Wang Yiming’s words, everyone was silent because they were all convinced by him.

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