Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3616 - Chapter 690 - Astonishing Ruined Temple

Chapter 3616 - Chapter 690 - Astonishing Ruined Temple

Chapter 690 – Astonishing Ruined Temple

Time passed quickly.

After running for about ten hours, Shi Feng, Fiery Heart, and the others arrived before the Ruined Temple that was situated in the Ruined Mountain Range’s central area.

The Ruined Temple sat on top of a mountain shrouded by thunderclouds. The presence of these thunderclouds made it so that even Tier 6 Gods would only dare to travel to the Ruined Temple on foot. If they tried to fly, they would put themselves at risk of getting vaporized by lightning.

“Amazing! How many experts have come to the Ruined Temple?!” Fiery Heart was both shocked and excited when she saw the hundreds of thousands of players gathered outside the Ruined Temple.

Normally, S-League participants were incredibly hard to meet in God’s Domain. Yet, many of them could be seen gathered in the plaza before the Ruined Temple right now. She even spotted more than thirty of God’s Domain’s elusive Tier 6 experts. It felt as if she was attending the God’s Domain Association’s international Ten Saints League.

“Starting a team to explore the Ruined Temple’s Chapel Area! Recruiting only Level 200-plus, Tier 5 experts with six-piece Level 200-plus Epic Equipment Sets!”

“Recruiting members to explore the Graveyard Area! We have a former Tier 6 S-League expert leading us! All drops and treasure chests will be auctioned internally! Accepting only Level 200-plus, Tier 5 A-League experts! Only 15 slots remain!”

“Selling three Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests fresh out of the Ruined Temple! Each for only 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal! Come and try your luck at obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item!”

Aside from players recruiting for teams to explore the Ruined Temple, the plaza also had many players selling the loot they acquired from the temple. Many of the players who had just arrived at the Ruined Temple couldn’t help but drool at this sight as they didn’t think there would be people selling Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests.

Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests were one of the highest-ranking treasure chests available in God’s Domain. Even the worst item players could obtain from one would be a piece of top-tier Epic Equipment. Not to mention, the Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests being sold were obtained from the Ruined Temple, a Level 200-plus ancient ruin. The chances of obtaining a Fragmented Legendary Weapon or Equipment from them were bound to be higher than from Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests obtained from other places.

Although the price of each Seven Luminaries Treasure Chest was exorbitant, so long as one could obtain a Fragmented Legendary item from them, one would instantly recover their cost and make a huge profit on top of it. After all, any random piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment could be sold for tens of thousands of units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. If it was a top-tier piece, it could even be sold for more than 100,000 units.

When Fiery Heart and the others saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be astonished by the potential harvests available in the Ruined Temple.

Normally, players who obtained a Seven Luminaries Treasure Chest would never publicize their harvests. Instead, they would gamble on their luck and secretly open it themselves. After all, even if they failed to obtain a Fragmented Legendary item, so long as they could obtain a top-tier design or recipe, they could still make a significant sum of Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Yet, there were now players willing to sell the Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests they acquired. This meant that the drop rate for Seven Luminaries Treasure Chests was considerably high in the Ruined Temple. Otherwise, there was no way these players would be willing to take the conservative route and settle for just 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng and the others arrived before the Ruined Temple’s entrance, Fiery Heart suddenly turned to Shi Feng and asked, “Would you consider joining our team, Big Brother? Although the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion isn’t comparable to the Five Great Super Guilds, the team we sent here is top-tier across God’s Domain. Our Guild Leader will also offer you a satisfactory price.”

Fiery Heart had already gained a good understanding of Shi Feng’s strength on their way here. He could absolutely be considered an SSS-rank expert. Meanwhile, an expert of such caliber could be of massive help to any team. If she could invite Shi Feng to join the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s exploration team, she would be making a huge contribution to the Guild.

However, before Shi Feng could respond, a pleasant female voice suddenly interjected.

“The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion might have dispatched a top-tier team to explore the Ruined Temple, but compared to joining the Pavilion, it would be much better if you joined Eternal Glory’s team.”

The owner of the voice was a woman who had just stepped out of the Ruined Temple. The woman wore a silvery-gray mage robe and wielded a jade staff. The mana gathered around her was of a solid state, and it was comparable to the mana of Tier 6 Gods. The woman was also at Level 210, her level being much higher than most of the Tier 6 experts present in the plaza.

Following the woman’s appearance, a commotion occurred in the plaza.

“My god! It’s Ji Luorong! Eternal Glory’s commander is actually here as well?!”

“Wait! She’s a Tier 6 Mage God now! She actually succeeded in her promotion!”

Many of the experts present recognized the woman in the silvery-gray mage robe, and all of them couldn’t help but look at her in surprise. However, they were surprised not simply because Ji Luorong was the Eternal Glory adventurer team’s commander, but also because she had successfully advanced from a Tier 5 Grand Wizard to a Tier 6 Mage God.

Eternal Glory was one of God’s Domain’s top-ranking adventurer teams, and a large part of how it achieved its current position was because of its commander, Ji Luorong.

In the past, despite being only at Tier 5, Ji Luorong had successfully killed multiple Tier 6 experts when she involved herself in a chaotic war between the various superpowers. As a result, even though she was not at Tier 6, the God’s Domain Association still regarded her as an SSS-rank expert. Many people even felt that should Ji Luorong successfully advance to Tier 6, she could secure herself a spot among the Ten Saints.

Unfortunately, Ji Luorong never managed to advance to Tier 6, and her name gradually faded from everyone’s minds after the war between the various superpowers ended.

But now…!

“Hello, I am Ji Luorong, commander of the Eternal Glory adventurer team.” Under everyone’s gaze, Ji Luorong approached Shi Feng and introduced herself with a smile. “May I know if you are interested in joining Eternal Glory’s team? I can assure you that you will obtain a much more bountiful harvest with us than with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, especially now that the Pavilion is getting obstructed inside the Ruined Temple.”

“Obstructed?” Ji Luorong’s words piqued Shi Feng’s curiosity. “What do you mean by that?”

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised that Ji Luorong would approach him. He was quite familiar with Ji Luorong in his previous life, so he knew she was a combat enthusiast. If she suddenly learned of a powerful hidden expert appearing within her vicinity, she would most certainly try to approach and interact with said expert.

“It’s not much of a secret. Everyone operating in the Library Area should know of this matter by now,” Ji Luorong said. “A new Team Dungeon has recently appeared in the Library Area, and the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s team and a couple of members from an upstart Guild called Zero Wing are trying to enter it. But because the Pavilion’s Guild Leader offended the Flower of Seven Sins some years ago, the latter’s team is currently obstructing the Pavilion’s team from entering the Team Dungeon.

“Right now, the Pavilion’s team can’t even take the Team Dungeon’s entrance test, let alone enter the Dungeon. So, if you’re considering joining the Pavilion’s team, I advise you to abandon the idea. The Flower of Seven Sins isn’t an existence the average person can afford to provoke!”

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