Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3665 - Chapter 739 - Holy Guard Arrives

Chapter 3665 - Chapter 739 - Holy Guard Arrives

Chapter 739 – Holy Guard Arrives

“Zero Wing?” Titan revealed a surprised look when he heard Milia’s words. “You’re not joking, are you, Milia?”

Even for the various apex powers, it would be difficult for them to come up with a force of ten Taboo-level existences in the current Eternal Realm. So, how was it possible that a newly-established Guild like Zero Wing could do so?

If Zero Wing truly had such a powerful foundation, the Skylight Association’s threat to Zero Wing would become a complete joke.

“Are you certain, Milia?” Nineteenth Sword asked, similarly having difficulty believing Milia’s words.

“There should be no mistaking it,” Milia said as she solemnly looked at the report she just received. “The scouts I dispatched have already sent over several battle videos involving the Holy Race army’s campsites. You’ll know once you take a look.”

After saying so, Milia played two videos she received on the Magic Mirror for Nineteenth Sword and Titan to watch, each lasting no more than twenty seconds.

The first video showed a battle in a forest, and a large section of the forest could be seen encircled by screens made from holy power of unprecedented density.

Shortly after the video began, a cloaked woman wearing a six-winged emblem could be seen waving the staff in her hand and calling down a gale of death upon the forest. The gale dyed the forest environment in a shade of gray and repeatedly struck the energy screens, wearing them away.

In only a few seconds, the energy screens, which looked like they could withstand a long and continuous bombardment from even a Taboo-level existence, shattered. Subsequently, it took only a moment for the gale of death to annihilate the thousands of Holy Race players behind the energy screens.

The second video showed a battle taking place beside a lake. The Holy Race army in the video comprised over 10,000 players, of which more than 30 Tier 6 experts. As soon as the video began, a cloaked female Assassin could be seen reaping the lives of the Tier 6 Holy Race experts one after another. None of the Tier 6 Holy Race experts could last more than a move against the female Assassin; even God-ranked experts were not an exception.

Similar to the Elementalist in the first video, the female Assassin could be vaguely seen wearing Zero Wing’s six-winged emblem.

When the second video concluded, silence enveloped the tent. Neither Nineteenth Sword nor Titan could find any words.

“What should we do now, Elder Sword?” Milia asked, breaking the silence. “If Zero Wing decides to take action against us in the World Ark, I’m afraid we will be powerless to resist.”

If Zero Wing only had one or two Taboo-level existences, the Skylight Association could still hold its ground, albeit just barely. However, fighting a force of more than ten Taboo-level existences was no longer within the realm of the current Skylight Association’s capabilities.

At this time, Titan also turned to Nineteenth Sword for his decision. Nineteenth Sword was the person in charge of the Skylight Association’s operations in the World Ark. He was also the person who knew the Skylight Association best. If even Nineteenth Sword didn’t have a way out of this predicament, the Skylight Association would most likely have to withdraw from the World Ark.

“It seems I have underestimated Black Flame. I didn’t think he would have hidden so many experts who can rival Taboo-level existences.” Contrasting the reaction Milia and Titan had expected, Nineteenth Sword suddenly chuckled. Then, he said, “Our plan remains unchanged. You two should just stick to it like before.”

“But Zero Wing has over ten Taboo-level existences, Elder Sword!” Titan emphasized. “These Taboo-level existences alone should be enough to defend the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp from the Sun Dynasty.”

Taboo-level existences were akin to weapons of mass destruction when used against the powers operating in the current Eternal Realm. Even one Taboo-level existence could achieve astounding effects on a battlefield, let alone a force of over ten Taboo-level existences. Even the Sun Dynasty shouldn’t be capable of defeating such a force.

“Although these two people have tried their best to hide it, their actual combat standards aren’t particularly noteworthy,” Nineteenth Sword said nonchalantly as he glanced at Titan. “I don’t know what method Zero Wing has used to grant them the power of Taboos, but I can say for certain that they don’t have any Divine Artifacts equipped. They merely have incredibly high Basic Attributes. Zero Wing would be dreaming if it thinks it can defeat the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard with such players.”

“Is the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard that powerful, Elder Sword?” Milia asked out of curiosity. She couldn’t understand why Nineteenth Sword would be so certain Zero Wing wouldn’t be a match for the Holy Guard.

“I hadn’t told this to you two before, but I trust this information should reach the various powers soon.” Putting on a solemn expression, Nineteenth Sword said, “Two days ago, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce had sent four Divine Artifact wielders to the World Ark’s core area on a mission. However, all four of them ended up getting killed by the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard.”

“Four of Eternal’s Divine Artifact wielders were killed?! Impossible!” Milia exclaimed. “Did the Holy Guard mobilize in full force?

The Eternal Chamber of Commerce was an apex power of the human race. Although it had always operated mysteriously, no power would dare to underestimate it, especially not its Divine Artifact wielders. In terms of combat standards, these Divine Artifact wielders were definitely comparable to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Verdant Rainbow. So, Milia found it truly hard to imagine what kind of force was necessary to kill four of such individuals.

“Full force?” Nineteenth Sword cackled. “If the Holy Guard really did attack with all its members, do you think Eternal will bother to suppress the news? A 1,000-man team! The Holy Guard mobilized only a 1,000-man team! Furthermore, that 1,000-man team only sent four of its 100-man teams to deal with Eternal’s four Divine Artifact wielders…”

“Four 100-man teams? This… How is this possible?” Titan couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Had the Holy Guard mobilized all its members to kill four Taboo-level existences, although he would still be surprised, he wouldn’t find it unbelievable. However, killing four Divine Artifact wielders with only four hundred players sounded like a fantasy, no matter how he thought about it.

Just as Nineteenth Sword was about to say something in response, the Magic Mirror inside the tent suddenly fluctuated violently, numerous ripples spreading across the mirror’s surface.

“Powerful energy fluctuations are approaching the resurrection camp!”

“Has the Sun Dynasty arrived?”

Apart from the Skylight Association’s Magic Mirror, the other powers observing the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp from a distance also saw intense reactions coming from their Magic Mirrors.

Subsequently, a moment after these Magic Mirrors started to fluctuate, the image of a gigantic eighteen-headed serpent that measured several thousand meters tall appeared on them. Thousands of Holy Race players could also be seen standing atop the serpent’s eighteen heads, their standardized equipment and organized formations giving them the appearance of a well-trained army.

Apart from looking like disciplined soldiers, all these Holy Race players were at Level 182, Tier 6 or above. Among them, the team leaders were fully equipped with Legendary Equipment, and the auras they radiated could match that of Tier 6 Gods of the same level. Furthermore, standing at the forefront of each of the serpent’s eighteen heads were individuals with auras as strong as the eighteen-headed serpent itself.

Aside from wearing Guild Emblems shaped like the sun, the eighteen individuals also wore white capes imprinted with a similarly shaped holy pattern.

Meanwhile, when the various human powers’ experts saw these Holy Race players, a name automatically appeared in their minds.

The Holy Guard!

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