Release that Witch

Chapter 50 Wall of Flames

“Do you feel better now?”

Anna patted Nana on her back to comfort her. Anna’s stomach was also turned upside down, but in the end she was still able to swallow it down.

When the wounded man was carried in, he was still conscious and was constantly repeating, “Help me, help me …” seeing the expression of despair and begging within his eyes left the people around him feeling heartbroken. Seeing the man’s intestines hanging outside from his belly, Nana couldn’t hold back and threw up.

Even so, she still insisted on treating him. After placing the intestines back into the belly of the patient, Nana laid her hands above the wound, closed her eyes and began to heal the patient’s wounds.

“Ah …” After the healing Nana let out an exhausted sigh, leaned against Anna’s shoulder and whispered, “Today was the first time that the horn was blown, do you think that His Highness is alright?”

“I do not know,” Anna shook her head, she wanted to go over there to see the situation at the walls with her own eyes, afraid that Roland could be in trouble. She was even a little envious of Nightingale, her ability to act without being noticed was very convenient.

At this moment, a booming sound could be heard from the direction of the wall and everyone could feel the earth slightly trembling.

Brian jumped off from the bed he was sitting on and began walking somewhat restlessly through the room.

“Young man, you have to relax.” said Sir Pine, while calmly wiping his sword, “A knight isn’t allowed to lose his cool before he enters a battle, this will only make bad things worse. Moreover, this situation is still far from bad.”

“I’m very sorry, Sir,” replied Brian, ashamed, “I just thought that there had to be a desperate battle on the wall, but I’m here, wasting my time, so I find it difficult to feel at ease. After all, it is my duty to defend the town.”

“Perhaps.” Sir Pine shrugged his shoulders, “But it’s not your responsibility to guard the town. After you heard that His Highness will canonize you as a knight after winter, you should first understand that the first principle of the Knight is allegiance. Now, he needs you to protect Anna, so now your responsibility is here. “

“You … when you put it like this,” for a moment Brian hesitated but then he seated himself on the bed again again.

But soon they heard the horn blow a second time – it was even more rapid than the first time. It just felt like thunder would roll over everyone’s heart.

Sir Pine frowned.

“Anna!” Exclaimed Nana, shocked.

Sir Pine turned around and saw that the witch was running directly toward the door. Brian immediately went to catch up with her, placing himself in front of her.

“You said you want to guard the walls? Now is your time,” said Anna in a calm and autocratic voice, “as long as you follow me on my way to the wall, you will not be contradicting His Royal Highness’ command.”

Hearing this, Brian was really shocked, but he raised his head to look quizzically toward Sir Pine.

What an amazing girl, thought the Baron, there was nothing wrong with what she said. In addition, His Highness does not require her to stay in the medical school. He had also heard from Nana that Anna could summon flames. So if the current situation was really tight, letting a witch join the battle would maybe be the deciding factor in reversing the situation.

Coming to this conclusion, he nodded, “Protect her well!”

“Yes Sir!” Brian yelled loudly and suddenly felt his blood burning.

Seeing the two leave, Nana asked, “Father, will you not go with them?”

“My battle is here, at your side, my good girl,” said the Baron with a smile, “Whether it be the demonic beasts or the devil himself, I will never let any of them hurt you!”

The distance between the Medical Center and the wall wasn’t far, so Anna and Brian could trot all the way along the stone path toward the east wall. When the two were finally close enough to see the outline of the wall around the central watchtower, they saw that the situation has become very problematic.

A great hole was opened within the wall. Roland was being shielded by his personal guards, but several people were still on their way down. A demonic beast shaped like a bear came sprinting towards the militia. It was unstoppable, and when it hit the soldiers stationed at the front they were all sent flying.

When someone saw Anna with her strange attire running towards them the person yelled at her, “Hey, it’s dangerous here, you have to leave immediately!”

Anna turned a deaf ear towards him and went directly towards the hole instead. After the demonic beast had fought its way through the militia, it turned around and rushed towards Anna. Brian stepped beside Anna, ready to protect her. He lowered his body and slashed out with his sword – but the crazy demonic beast had no intention to dodge, and hit the edge of the sword with its front legs. The sword was immediately sent flying, but at the same time, the momentum was so strong that the beast’s front legs were cut open, and were even broken.

It rolled around on the ground, screaming and looking like a dehydrated fish that was struggling to breathe. No one dared to come near it because they were afraid of getting hit. However, Anna walked beside the demonic beast, put both of her hands on the ground, and suddenly the demonic beast burst into flames. The beast turned into a ball of coal.

When flames suddenly erupted within the crowd, Roland saw that Anna personally had come. He was immediately bathed in cold sweat.

I hadn’t planned for you to show yourself like this!

He had originally intended to let Nana lay down the groundwork. After most people had accepted the presence of a witch, he had planned to announce Anna’s presence in public.

However, now every previously made plan was destroyed, so he immediately turned and said, “Don’t worry about me, go and protect her!”

Anna must not be lost. She was an important figure in the industrial development of his town, so if she were injured it would bring an immeasurable loss.

“I know,” said Nightingale, “But please also pay attention to your own safety.”

Anna went to the front walls with the fracture. When Roland’s guards saw the girl in strange clothes coming towards them, they immediately stepped aside and let her through. Now, she stood among the soldiers, and spread her arms wide to shield them. Sending vines of flame from her hands, she let them climb up the wall along the destroyed section.

Everyone’s mouths were gaping open when they saw this scene. They dared not to believe their eyes when they saw a wall of flames rising up and slowly filling the gap in the wall. This wasn’t an illusion. All of the guards had to step back because of the high temperature. The surrounding snow was rapidly melting, and formed clouds of white mist which then rose up.

The demonic beasts also feared the flames. They immediately fled to the sides, and only occasionally one or two of them would try to break through the wall of fire, but no demonic beasts could step through the wall of flames.

“Everyone get back on the walls!” Roland loudly shouted, trying to grasp the opportunity, “Get back into the formation! Hunter squad, fire at will!”

Then, he himself grabbed Carter’s gun, laid it on the wall, and began to shoot down the demonic beasts.

Seeing the Prince himself attack motivated all the people present. After all, in this age, seeing nobility or the Royal Family taking the lead role and fighting alongside the militia was seldom seen, so seeing this greatly enhanced the morale.

The crowd began to chant the slogan, “Guard Border Town! Fight for the Prince!” while at the same time maintaining the line of the defense and holding their formation.

The fighting continued until the sky begun to get dark. Only then were all the demonic beasts in front of the wall killed.

Slowly, the wall of flames began to disperse and Anna, totally exhausted, wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Then, Roland saw an incredible scene.

Roland’s personal guards laid their fists on their heart, and bowed in the direction of Anna. Then the militia, as if they were infected by the mood of the guards, also gave their salute. Incredibly, no one shouted or cursed her with evil words, they only watched her silently. After the war, all of Border Town was quiet.

Seeing a kind of incredible power which was never seen before for the first time was indeed terrifying, but this power was used in their favor. When seeing it used for the confrontation with their greatest enemies, their fear gradually disappeared, replaced by trust and gratitude.

Roland’s heart went crazy while walking towards Anna, but when he was by her side he found her totally pale. She was walking unsteadily, and was on the verge of collapsing.

“Are you okay?” He worriedly asked her and held her by her shoulder. Anna saw the Prince safe, gave him a forced smile, and then fell down in his arms.

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