Remarried Empress

Chapter 431

Chapter 431. Look! Look Here! (2)

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‘How could this happen?’

I watched the tea being poured by a maid as I tried to keep my mind blank.

After the maid left, I looked ahead with the utmost serenity.

But no matter how much time passed and how calm I remained, the situation before me was bizarre. I was sitting at a table with four foolish men at lunchtime.

Across from me, Sovieshu repeatedly alternated between smiling and frowning. Sitting next to him, Marquis Karl awkwardly sipped on his tea.

Next to me, Heinley had a happy smile on his face… but I could tell that his jaw was tense. He would do better to relax, or else his jaw would hurt later.

On my other side, McKenna stared ahead without blinking. His gaze was fixed on the silk scarf tied around Marquis Karl’s neck.

When I recalled how we came to this, I sighed internally.

Last night, Heinley had come to my room to make an announcement.

“We’ve devised the perfect countermeasure so that the Eastern Empire can’t snoop into the phenomenon of mana decline.”

“What is it?”

I was a little nervous. What had he come up with that he qualified as a ‘perfect countermeasure’?

However, it was nothing special.

“Even if most of the Eastern Empire servants brought here are mages in disguise, there is no way to tell them apart, My Queen.”

“I know.”

“Therefore, we will take advantage of the fact that they are in our territory to keep a close eye on them.”


“It’s possible that mages are concealed among the knights, so we will keep a close eye on them as well.”


“Even on Emperor Sovieshu and his secretary, because they might try to snoop on their own.”

The swarm tactic… It was similar to a war tactic used to overwhelm the enemy with numbers.

If there was no way to tell the mages apart, it was undoubtedly the most effective method.

As Heinley had hinted, our biggest weapon was the number of people. This would make it easy to deal with our opponent.

If every person who came from the Eastern Empire was under watch, no one would be able to investigate or enter places they shouldn’t. Any suspicious behavior would be easily stopped.

“Knights will stay close to knights, and servants close to servants.”

“I see. So McKenna will stay close to Marquis Karl?”


“What about Sovieshu?”

“I’ll have to do it myself.”

After Heinley told me his plan, I gently patted his back, and told him that he would do well.

It was important to cheer him up.

However… that’s how I ended up at this lunch, sitting at a table with Heinley, McKenna, Marquis Karl, and Sovieshu.

Sovieshu wanted to see me, and Marquis Karl never wanted to part with Sovieshu. While Heinley and McKenna were executing their swarm tactic. As a result, the five of us were now sitting together.

It was very uncomfortable.

When I scoffed due to the situation, Sovieshu called my name with a smile.


Did he want me to smile back at him?

I maintained my cold and composed demeanor and replied nonchalantly.


At this time, Heinley suddenly intervened and called me.


‘What is this cunning eagle up to…?’


I couldn’t just ignore him, so when I called Heinley’s name, too, Sovieshu looked at him in disgust.

Then Heinley smiled broadly and spoke to Sovieshu.


As we absurdly called each other by name, Marquis Karl munched on a cookie with an expression that seemed to say, ‘stop it already’.

For my part, I stifled the sigh that was about to escape me and lifted my teacup.

I’ll pretend not to notice that Sovieshu and Heinley are looking at each other like they want to fight.

“My wife.”

Just as I decided to turn a blind eye, Heinley called me his wife.

It was strange to hear him call me his wife since he usually called me his Queen. Even McKenna seemed to choke.

When I turned my gaze to him, Heinley calmly reached out his hand and pretended to wipe something from the corner of my mouth.

“You have something here.”


I hadn’t eaten anything.

“My love.”


When Heinley kissed my lips, Marquis Karl coughed and his face reddened. He seemed to be choking on his food.

Sovieshu kept a smile on his face, but fireballs seemed about to shoot out of his eyes.

Judging by the way he grabbed and released the knife, it seemed like he wanted to use it as a weapon. It was probably Heinley’s neck that he wanted to stab.

I knew how Heinley felt, but did he really have to do something so embarrassing?

Heinley then ran his hand through his hair, looking absolutely charming.

“It’s hot here, isn’t it?”

I watched in confusion as he lifted his arms, allowing his jacket to slide off, exposing the white vest he wore underneath.

‘What’s that blue jewel that shines on Heinley’s chest? Is it Fairy Tear?’

It was simultaneously childish and amusing, so I shook my head. Just then, I heard a thud from across the table.

Sovieshu was clutching his head. He had an expression of deep pain.

His intention to fight Heinley had disappeared. It seemed like he was really suffering.

“Your Majesty? Your Majesty!”

Marquis Karl was panicking as he called out to Sovieshu.

“Bring the palace doctor.”

Heinley hurriedly issued the order.

I couldn’t help but swallow hard. While Sovieshu had made a promise to me regarding that jewel, it had been after the peaches incident. The ‘current’ Sovieshu wouldn’t be able to remember the promise.

Sovieshu, whose eyes were bloodshot, lost all strength and collapsed.

“Your Majesty!”

Marquis Karl’s shouts mixed with the bustle as the palace doctor arrived.

Suddenly, I recalled the legend. This jewel, called the ‘Fairy Tear’, came from a fairy who lost her husband and fell into an eternal sleep.

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