Second World

Chapter 1765 Fast Heal

Chapter 1765 Chapter 1765. Fast Heal

?Despite displaying her disdain, there was a glint of surprise in Azzarilth's eyes. "Supreme dragon form… Hmph! I see, you must be Broidrireg's favorite outworlder. Good, this makes it worth it to slay you."

Azzarilth cast a spell after finishing her words. Thousands of dark darts carrying chaos energy burst forth from her completed spell formation. The darts were very fast.

Broidrireg let go of Azzarilth's spectral projection, slapping it with his tail to send it away before heading to Jack. He wanted to shield Jack. Unfortunately, he was not fast enough.

Jack didn't move away from the incoming darts. With the darts being so many and so fast, he didn't think he could flee. He first cast Magic Wall before brandishing his two weapons. The magic wall shattered with just a few hits. The darts continued toward Jack. Jack used his sword art. Flashes of sword lights covered his body as they clashed with the darts.

Jack moved back with each impact due to the force. He also lost HP. Broidrireg finally got close enough and cast Magic Wall. Broidrireg's magic wall was strong enough to stop the rest of the darts.

Azzarilth creased her forehead. The outworlder was thirteen levels lower. She expected her spell to easily kill that outworlder. For Jack to survive was a slap on her face. This caused her to pay more attention to Jack. She sensed a divine energy was covering Jack's body.

That divine energy was the Strength of Hope. Jack wasn't careless enough to approach before activating the divine skill. Still, he was shocked to find those brief exchanges had brought down his HP to less than half. If Broidrireg hadn't interfered, he probably would have died.

Jack hurriedly activated Life Elevating Art. The skill increased his HP recovery speed and also his stats.

"Still think you coming here isn't dumb?" Peniel asked. She cast Fast Heal on Jack and brought his HP back up instantly.

"Climb onto me!" Broidrireg told Jack.

Jack complied. He went to the back of Broidrireg's neck with the thick plates he could hold onto. Broidrireg moved once Jack secured his hold, Azzarilth's spectral projection was coming at them.

"Haha. This takes me back to my beast form trial," Jack said as he clung to Broidrireg who flew at high speed.

"You can still laugh?" Broidrireg asked with amazement.

"Watch out!" Jack cast Time Lock at the spectral projection whose claw was approaching. The spectral projection stopped in its tracks.

Broidrireg didn't let the chance go. His long body swirled and he delivered another tail slap at the spectral projection, sending it reeling. He did that while casting spells. The spells were cast soon. The spectral projection was locked by Space Lock as soon as it was released from Jack's Time Lock. While unable to move freely, it was hit by another restraining spell, the Oppressive Water Prison.

"Good job!" Broidrireg said to Jack.

"Hehe. Now, aren't you glad I came?" Jack said.

"It is still not the time to laugh!" Peniel scolded.

Broidrireg left the spectral projection and headed to the real Azzarilth. A spectral projection didn't last long. Azzarilth's one was already in its last minute.?It would be a waste of time to try killing it. That's why Broidrireg only used restraining spells instead of offensive ones.

"If you are staying for the fight, I need to warn you. Don't stare into Azzarilth's eyes," Broidrireg said to Jack.

"Eyes?" Jack asked.

"She has two very powerful eye skills, and they are off cooldown at the moment," Broidrireg informed.

Eoranth was busy with Azzarilth in the meantime. He had adopted a hit-and-run style to avoid being affected by her Aura of Madness. This was not his usual fighting style so he was rather clumsy in its application. Azzarilth was playing with him by only counterattacking when Eoranth came barging. This frustrated Eoranth a great deal.

Eoranth's fury was at a tipping point that he let go of caution. After lunging at Azzarilth, which she dodged, he unleashed his divine soul breath.

"Eoranth, no!" Broidrireg, who was on his way, shouted.

Azzarilth didn't make any attempt at dodging. She let the breath hit her square on the chest but she didn't receive any damage. Her body glowed after receiving the breath attack.

"Absorb energy?" Jack recognized the skill.

Azzarilth returned Eoranth's attack. Because Eoranth was very close, he couldn't completely dodge the counterattack. Half of his body was washed by the divine chaos breath. Eoranth was sent tumbling into the sky as he grunted from the pain. His HP was diminished a good deal.

Broidrireg fired his Water Wind Jet Breath. Now that Azzarilth's absorb energy was on cooldown, he didn't need to hold back. Azzarilth was aware of his attack, though. She easily dodged using Shadow Flash before flying away at high speed. Broidrireg's breath attack failed to hit her.

After fighting for so long, Azzarilth still had around seventy percent of her HP. While Eoranth's HP was down to fifty percent. Broidrireg was a little below sixty percent. Eoranth lost more HP despite him joining the battle later than Broidrireg due to his reckless fighting style. His fighting style might have been domineering against other opponents because most other opponents were weaker than him. But against Azzarilth, this style became a huge flaw.

"Get close to Eoranth!" Peniel told Broidrireg.

Broidrireg didn't bother asking for her reason. He was planning to use his body to block Azzarilth's attacks anyway, in case she went after Eoranth who was still balancing himself from Azzarilth's breath attack.

When Eoranth was close enough, Peniel used Group Fast Heal. Broidrireg and Eoranth's HP went instantly to full.

"What?" Both Broidrireg and Eoranth were taken aback by this healing.

Not only the two dragons, but Azzarilth was also surprised that her two opponents went back to full HP. This was the same as undoing all her effort.

"Nice one, Peniel!" Broidrireg exclaimed.

"You have a good familiar, outworlder," Eoranth grunted.

While the two praised Peniel, a pair of eyes were looking sharply at her. Azzarilth no longer displayed her usual playful expression.

Peniel didn't look at Azzarilth's eyes because she heard Broidrireg's warning, but she still felt her stare. "She is scary!" She said and disappeared into her hidden dimension.

"It's okay. I have the Life Elevating Art for natural HP recovery. You can just come out to use your healing skills when I ask you to," Jack said to her via their minds.

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