Second World

Chapter 44 - 44. Not Interested

Jack came towards Silverwing. He gave him a salute and said, "thank you to have helped us."

"It's no problem," Silverwing replied with a smile.

Jack looked at the people of Death Associates who were already in a distance. "I think making enemy with them is quite a big problem, if I may say."

Silverwing laughed. "It might be, but it could have been worth it."

"Oh, how so?"

"This place is not comfortable to have a discussion. How about you come to our place?" Silverwing gestured towards the City Hall. "You can wait out the remaining days with us there. It had a much better accommodation compared to sleeping on the grass here."

Jack was conflicted, he disliked going into a stranger's territory without knowing what he was getting into. But it would also be extremely rude to reject the guy after he just saved them. Jack finally said, "all right, my friends will come with me." Jack was worried that either Death Associates or Weary Wolf would find the opportunity to harm Bowler or Fierce Flame when he was not around.

"Of course," Silverwing agreed and directed them to the City Hall.

As they came closer to the City Hall, they could see the majestic building. It was built in a classical style with numerous large pillars as the building's main foundations. At the front part of the buildings was a wide staircase leading up to a large wooden double doors entrance. Rows of windows decorated the fa?ade with an extremely symmetrical look. It was completely opposite in feel compared to the modern abstract sculpture at the center of the park.

As Silverwing led them up the large staircase, they could see a large number of people were patrolling around the building. It was apparent that the sixty people that Silverwing had summoned were only a small fraction of his guild. They entered the building and into a massive main hall with a glass-covered domed ceiling. The glow from the light beam on the sky above created an ethereal beauty when looked through the building's glassed ceiling.

The white stucco walls were lined up with paintings and drawings of past mayors and past city projects. Four silver chandeliers hanged at the four corners where the ceiling glassed dome ended. Several members of the White Scarfs were seen lounging around the hall.

Silverwing took the three of his guests further inside and into the Mayor's office. The office was much more luxurious with wood panel floorings and decorated ceiling tiles. Two large leather sofas were positioned in the middle of the room facing each other with a square wooden coffee table between them. A large desk and an executive office chair were situated at the far end of the office entrance with a full glass wall behind it, exposing a nice view of a small garden with the background of the city landscape further away.

Silverwing took a seat at one of the sofas with one of the two women following him. The teenager stood beside the door entrance, while the old man and the other woman stood at each side of the sofa. Silverwing gestured for his three guests to take a seat on the other sofa opposite him. When they complied and sat down, a young girl went in bringing a tray with several glasses and two bottles of red liquid in it. She laid them down and pour the liquid into each glass and served them to each of the persons sitting on the sofas.

While the girl was serving the glasses. Silverwing introduced his people. "We haven't been formally introduced. As you had heard, I am Silverwing, I am the co-leader of White Scarfs. This is my second in command, Bluedaze," He nodded to the woman sitting beside him. "This two are the elders of our guild, Sinreaper and Honeycomb," he gestured to the old man and woman stood next to his sofa. "And that grumpy yet reliable boy over there is Dashrunner," he pointed to the teenager.

Jack nodded and took his turn, "I am Storm Wind, this is Star Bowler, and the lady here is Fierce Flame."

Silverwing nodded to the three of them, he then took the glass and took a sip, he motioned for the others to help themselves. "Our city's finest wine, courtesy of our hard-working taxpayers."

Bowler didn't bother to be polite, he took the glass and had a taste of the wine. "A fine wine this is," he said.

Flame left the glass alone, while Jack held the glass but didn't drink it. "You certainly make yourself at home," he commented.

Silverwing laughed. "The City Hall was meant for the city's leader. And the city leader was always from the party with the largest community, ain't it? With the population now reduced to those crowd outside, I currently hold the largest guild available, by right then this place should be mine."

"That was one twisted way to look at it," Jack said.

"Well, let's be honest then. This building is mine because I am strong enough to hold it. End of story."

Jack nodded. "So, can we get to the point of why you saved us?"

Silverwing grinned, "you are a direct person, so I will treat you the same way. What do you think of joining our guild?"

"Not interested," Jack answered without hesitation.

The teenager who stood by the door stomped his foot. "You ungrateful jerk! After we go through the trouble of bailing you out? Do you know It is an honor to receive an invitation from our guild? Many people would have begged for the opportunity to join."

Silverwing whose smile had never diminished, waved his hand to calm the teenager. "I do expect of the possibility of you declining, but I didn't expect you to straightforwardly decline it. May I know your reason?"

"It's nothing really, I just don't like getting tied up."

"I see, you are one of those independent players who had no interest in joining a faction."

"That's right," Jack nodded. "If I may ask, why your interest in me joining?"

"Well, every organization is always looking for the best asset. And its best asset most of the time are its members."

"But we don't know each other before this. What makes you think we are valuable assets?"

"Not we, Mr. Storm Wind, it's only you whom I'm interested in. As for the reason, it is a pretty common one. Every guild would want to recruit strong members."

"Oh? And how do you know I am strong?"

Silverwing's smile went wider. "I don't get to my position just because of my good look, you know. I have many eyes and ears. Even in such a chaotic situation where everyone doesn't know what exactly had happened and whether we can go back to the real world, I still find it important to know everything that happens in my surroundings. Your tussle with the Weary Wolf gang didn't go unnoticed. Especially the fact where you could easily defeat two level 9 and 10 players within seconds."

"I was just lucky," Jack said.

"Luck is an ability as well, otherwise it won't be included as one of our attribute stats."

"I suppose that's true."

"Well then, since you have rejected my offer. We are at an impasse here. You see, I have offended Death Associates for you, nasty people they are. I couldn't just go uncompensated, right?"

"Wait! We didn't ask for your help," Bowler suddenly piped in.

"Whether you asked it or not, you definitely need it at that time."

Jack signaled for Bowler to calm down. He said to Silverwing, "You came to save us could be considered as you being a busybody. But nevertheless, I am not the type to owe a favor. Let's make it this way, if you need any help or favor in the future, as long as it was not against my moral code, I will help you. This is the best I can offer. Otherwise, just throw us to those Death Associates people and let us fend for ourselves."


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