She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1350 The Boastful Yu Huang

Chapter 1350 The Boastful Yu Huang

When the four of them returned to the Fox Immortal Palace together, She Ying was teasing Ye Qingyang.

"Brother Ye." After She Ying approached Ye Qingyang gracefully, she breathed at Ye Qingyang and smiled charmingly. "Your crow is quite cute and looks quite clean. Do you shower it? What shower gel do you use?"

Ye Qingyang was a ghostly cultivator, so everyone kept a distance from him. In all his life, no woman dared to approach him except Yu Huang.

Not to mention a flirtatious and dangerous woman like She Ying.

Ye Qingyang could kill the enemy without blinking, but he couldn't withstand a woman like She Ying. Ye Qingyang was at a loss and his entire body stiffened as he leaned against the stone pillar outside the palace. The crow on his shoulder didn't dare to move either.

She Ying was even more amused when she saw that Ye Qingyang and the little crow didn't even dare to move.

She Ying deliberately teased Ye Qingyang. "You're so handsome. Have you never made out with a woman before?" She Ying raised Ye Qingyang's chin and said, "Are these girls from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan beautiful? Look at Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang. They're younger than you, but they're already married and have children. Shouldn't you consider your marriage?"

"The women of the Fox Clan are all beautiful. If you like anyone, I'll introduce them to you."

Ye Qingyang was speechless.

When Zhan Wuya saw that Ye Qingyang was at a loss, he couldn't help but turn around and lower his head to snicker.

Being teased by a woman like this made Ye Qingyang's hair stand on end. With a stiff expression, he suddenly called out, "Auntie She Ying." He continued, "The Fox Clan's ladies are beautiful, but I'm not interested in romance. Thank you for your kind intentions."

She Ying's smile instantly froze and she was so angry that she laughed. "Why are you calling me Auntie? Do I look that old?" She Ying, who had just regained her human form, looked like a young lady in her twenties. She didn't know why Ye Qingyang called her Auntie.

Ye Qingyang explained solemnly, "I grew up listening to Prime Emperor Mo Xiao's legends. I heard that you grew up with Prime Emperor Mo Xiao and that you two were childhood sweethearts, so I called you Auntie out of respect."

Upon hearing this, She Ying felt relieved. "That's right. Prime Emperor Mo Xiao and I are indeed childhood sweethearts. It's not wrong for you to call me Auntie."

Seeing that Ye Qingyang was so stubborn, She Ying felt bored.

Noticing that Zhan Wuya was laughing, She Ying glanced at Zhan Wuya and said, "Brother Wuya, what are you laughing at? If I were you, I wouldn't be able to laugh."

When Zhan Wuya thought of his woes, he could no longer laugh.

She Ying said in a joking tone, "Loving someone should be done openly and with a clear conscience. If a person does something evil in the name of love, then this isn't love, but sin."

She Ying was talking about how Zhan Jianxue used the excuse of liking Zhan Wuya to hurt Zhan Xiaoya and cut off Yu Huang's arm.

"As a Mentor, one should set an example and teach one's disciples to take the right path and do things openly. If one coerces one's disciples into doing something that goes against morals, then that mentor probably has ulterior motives."

This was a hint to Zhan Wuya that he should figure out Zhan Jiuxiao's intentions.

After Zhan Wuya listened to She Ying's words seriously, he hurriedly stood up straight and bowed to She Ying with his spear as he thanked her. "Thank you for your guidance, Senior."

After She Ying sensed the auras of Mo Xiao and the others, she looked at the mountains outside the Fox Immortal City and suddenly said, "Those who are loyal to their friends will definitely be able to gain benefits from both sides. Those who betray their friends will eventually be despised. What do you think, is what I said right?"

Although She Ying didn't say any names, Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya understood what she meant. She Ying was warning Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya that they couldn't betray Sheng Xiao and the others even if they didn't join forces with them to fight the enemy.

If Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya betrayed them, she and Mo Xiao would take revenge on them.

As expected of a woman who dared to pull out the monument pillar of the Fox Immortal City. She was indeed bold.

Soon, Mo Xiao and the others arrived at the Fox Immortal Palace.

"Prepare to set off," Sheng Xiao said to Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya.

"Your cultivation level…" Zhan Wuya sensed that the spiritual energy fluctuations in Sheng Xiao's body were even more powerful than they were yesterday and that his cultivation level seemed to have broken through, so he was shocked." Are you about to break through to the Prime Master Realm? "

Sheng Xiao's spiritual power already had the aura of a Prime Master. How could Zhan Wuya not be surprised?

Ye Qingyang also sensed it.

He and Zhan Wuya were peerless geniuses who had broken through to the Prime Master Realm at a young age, so of course they were familiar with Sheng Xiao's changes.

Sheng Xiao didn't hide it from them. He nodded and explained, "I've reached the threshold of the Prime Master Realm, but it will still be a long time before I can really break through to the Prime Master Realm." Actually, he had deliberately dispersed his spiritual energy in order to advance steadily.


Zhan Wuya and Ye Qingyang were shocked when they heard Sheng Xiao's words.

It had only been a night since they last met, but Sheng Xiao had advanced from the early-stage Grand Master realm to the peak of the late-stage Grand Master realm. Did he swallow a rocket?

From the looks of it, he had gained a lot from this trip to the Soul Formation Mountain.

"Could it be that you saw that Dragon Race's crown prince?" Ye Qingyang asked bluntly.

"Yes." After a pause, Sheng Xiao said, "From now on, there will be no Dragon Race crown prince."

Ye Qingyang and Zhan Wuya immediately understood what Sheng Xiao meant.

Zhan Wuya was still in shock, but Ye Qingyang hugged the bone sword with both hands as he congratulated Sheng Xiao. "Congratulations, Sheng Xiao, for obtaining a complete soul and being reborn!" As a ghostly cultivator, Ye Qingyang had long discovered that Sheng Xiao's soul was disfigurement.

When he heard Sheng Xiao say that Yu Aofeng was no longer in the world, he realized that Sheng Xiao's incomplete soul had been repaired.

Sheng Xiao's soul was intact now, so his cultivation speed would be even faster in the future.

It was only a matter of time before he broke through to the Prime Master Realm and became a Prime Emperor.

Sheng Xiao wasn't surprised that Ye Qingyang knew about his situation. He accepted Ye Qingyang's congratulations and said, "Let's not talk about it anymore. We have to return to the Cang Lang Continent." Sheng Xiao looked at Zhan Wuya as he said with an unfathomable expression, "Before I return to the Cang Lang Academy, I want to visit the War God Clan."

Zhan Wuya's expression changed, but he didn't reject Sheng Xiao's suggestion.

He knew why Sheng Xiao was going to the War God Clan.

What Sheng Xiao wanted to do was also what Zhan Wuya wanted to do.

"The War God Clan welcomes everyone as guests."

Mo Xiao saw Sheng Xiao and Zhan Wuya's interaction. He understood, but he didn't say anything. "Ah Huang." Mo Xiao beckoned at Yu Huang. "Come here. I have something to tell you."

Yu Huang hurriedly followed Mo Xiao into the palace hall.

"Ah Huang, in two years, the Divination Continent will be holding a divination grand event. I hope you can participate. You have awakened the Eternal Eye and are a natural prophet. You also have Professor Song imparting knowledge to you. I think two years is enough for you to learn abundant divination knowledge."

"If you can achieve good results at the Divination Conference, you will have a chance to approach the Jing family and investigate your mother's whereabouts."

Upon hearing Mo Xiao's words, Yu Huang suddenly felt suspicious. "Godfather, are you hinting to me that my mother's disappearance might be related to the Jing family?"

Seeing that Yu Huang understood immediately, Mo Xiao was relieved. "This is just my guess." After Mo Xiao walked to the fox throne, he sat down and leaned against the throne as he said thoughtfully, "You told me that the girl called Jing Jiaren was the last person to see your mother. Then, why don't you find a chance to go to the Divination Continent to take a look?"

"Perhaps your mother didn't leave after returning to the Divination Continent?"

Yu Huang also felt that Mo Xiao's words made sense. "Jing Jiaren has a golden hairpin. It was a birthday gift from my mother. A few days ago, when I touched that golden hairpin, I accidentally entered and felt a trace of my mother's telepathic connection with the golden hairpin. Then, I found out that my mother had made a second golden hairpin back then and that golden hairpin was stored by her at an auction on the Divination Continent. I originally planned to go to the Divination Continent to participate in the Divination Conference and go to the auction house to redeem my mother's belongings."

"With that hairpin, I can sense my mother's existence."

"Then Godfather, I wish you all the best in the Divination Conference!" Mo Xiao was very confident in Yu Huang. His divination skills weren't considered superb.

But he knew very well how talented Yu Huang was, so he didn't want to see her talent go to waste.

She should make her mark on the Divination Continent.

"I was bullied like a stray dog on the Divination Continent. If you can get first place in the Divination Conference, I will be able to hold my head high." This was also Mo Xiao's personal motive.

Hearing Mo Xiao's words, Yu Huang became even more motivated. "Godfather, two years later, you must come and see how I'll make you proud!" After boasting in front of Mo Xiao, Yu Huang turned around and frowned.

She had not even caught a single star now and her divination skills had not improved at all. How could she have the cheek to say such a thing?

Who gave her the confidence?

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