Simplified Beast Evolution Path

Chapter 326 - 326 The Great News

326 The Great News

Gao Zhilong reacted and immediately adjusted his sitting posture, putting on a serious expression.

He looked like he was on television for the first time.

However, Su Bai heard the reporter’s words and smiled helplessly.

The dwarves were biased against humans. Su Bai experienced it in Heavencraft City, but it was slightly more bearable than that in First City.

Soon, Asack arrived in front of everyone.

After the broadcast sounded, it was also time for their entire batch to begin the elimination round.

Su Bai entered the single room. It was still an ordinary alchemy furnace and a dwarven judge.

The elimination round was not difficult. For Su Bai, it only took him a few minutes to pass.

Su Bai left the room and bumped into Hubala coincidentally.

The two of them had nothing to do, so they went to a restaurant and waited.

The restaurant was located at a higher position in the building, and it could take in the scenery around the square at a glance.

They looked down and it was easier to see than before that the dwarves had mobilized an astonishing number of troops this time.

“What’s that?”

Su Bai saw a group of guards moving towards the square through the glass.

“It seems to be an elder,” Hubala said without any interest. “Every Alchemy Festival has such a grand occasion. When the king comes, I’m afraid it will be even grander.”

“The king of the dwarves?”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows. He was quite interested to see what kind of person the king of dwarves was.

The king of the dwarves, the creator of Sky City.

There were at least two to three hours before the elimination round ended. Su Bai took advantage of his free time to walk around.

But because Su Bai was not native, many places were forbidden to him.

The dwarves had very strong industrial capabilities and were considered top-notch. That made them even more ambitious.

The underground world had developed to the extreme. They had expanded their territory and transformed the originally harsh underground world into the current world.

Now that there were no more problems underground, the dwarves set their sights on the sky of this world!

Coincidentally, a pair of eyes in the crowd also noticed Su Bai.

“What a coincidence.”

Su Bai smiled bitterly. It was a middle-aged dwarf from Paris’s family.

Enemies will clash inevitably.

Su Bai did not want to cause trouble, but the other party obviously did not want to let go of this opportunity. They came with five Gold-level Beastmasters.

“Su Bai, how have you been? You’ve already finished the elimination round.” The middle-aged dwarf sneered. “Why don’t we find a place to catch up?”

“Not interested.” Su Bai smiled.

“I didn’t say you could leave!”

The middle-aged dwarf waved his hand, and the Gold-level Beastmasters beside him immediately summoned their Beasts to block Su Bai’s way.

Su Bai would never compromise when trouble came knocking on his door.

“If you have anything to say, just say it,” said Su Bai.

“I just wanted to have some tea with you.” The middle-aged dwarf smiled sinisterly. “I just wanted to talk about something else.”

“Lead the way.” Su Bai glanced at the dwarf Beastmasters who were approaching him. “But not too far away.”

Obviously, the other party’s attitude was so unyielding.

It was obvious that they came with ill intentions. They said that they were treating Su Bai to tea, but in fact, they did not plan to hide their intentions.

The five dwarven Beastmasters were clearly trying to threaten Su Bai.

Since that was the case, it was better to cast a long line and catch a big fish.

“Not far, not far!”

The middle-aged dwarf led the way out of the complicated street and came to a relatively quiet alley.

Seeing that the time was right, he immediately stopped and turned around.

“Where’s the tea?” Su Bai asked.

“Still pretending to be ignorant! Attack!” The middle-aged dwarf snorted and shouted.

The voice was so loud that the passers-by nearby were shocked and turned their heads to look.

However, the voice may be loud but the actions were minimal. Nothing else happened other than the loud shout.

“What’s going on? Are you guys deaf?” The middle-aged dwarf roared at the five dwarven Beastmasters. “I told you to kill him. I’ll take all the responsibility!”

“Don’t waste your energy on repression.” Su Bai smiled coldly. ” You brought me here just for this little trick. Aren’t you being too polite?”

On the way earlier, Dream Wing had displayed its effect, trapping the five dwarf Beastmasters in an illusion.

Seeing that, the middle-aged dwarf did not hesitate. He reached into his pocket and took out a Beast-core Pistol!


In an instant, the bullet headed straight for Su Bai.

Facing such inferior methods, Su Bai did not even bother to dodge and Whitey bounced the bullet way from his pocket.

The passersby who were originally planning to watch the show were frightened by the gunshot and fled.

The middle-aged dwarf gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Nice, you’re really ruthless! What else can you do here? Sooner or later, I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

“What? You mean I won’t have a chance to leave First City?”

Su Bai could tolerate the middle-aged dwarf’s misbehavior until now because he wanted to know more.

For example, the current situation of First City, Anves’s uneasiness a few days ago, and the strange mobilization of troops in First City.


The middle-aged dwarf narrowed his eyes. He did not intend to answer Su Bai’s question, but turned around and prepared to leave.

But in the next moment, the middle-aged dwarf’s legs suddenly gave way and he knelt on the ground.

He turned his head in shock to find a white spider lying on his leg, which had broken his leg.

“How dare you!!!”

The middle-aged dwarf was furious.

But Su Bai walked towards the middle-aged dwarf with a smile and kicked him against the wall.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? You were the one who shed all pretense of cordiality first.”

Su Bai was still smiling.

These words made the middle-aged dwarf break out in cold sweat.

Because the middle-aged dwarf knew Su Bai was not afraid at all, even though he was in First City, the dwarves’ territory!

“You can’t kill me! If you kill me, you’ll be disqualified from the Alchemy Festival, and you’ll be…” the middle-aged dwarf shouted.

“Be what?”

Su Bai stepped on the wound on the middle-aged dwarf’s leg.

The howl of pain rang out

Su Bai was worried that he could not find out about the current situation in First City, but he did not expect the middle-aged dwarf to take the initiative to come to him. Moreover, he was not much smarter than Paris.

Otherwise, Su Bai really could not have the chance to make trouble.

“Tell me, who sent you to kill me?” Su Bai asked. “Is it Paris? How is he now?”

Anves’s method was to lock Paris up in prison.

But since this was the First City, Su Bai would not be surprised if anything happened.

For example, Paris’s family secretly arranged for his release through some channels. And it just so happened that Anves could not be contacted. This was too much of a coincidence.

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