Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 600 - Standpoint

Chapter 600 Standpoint

Cheng Che looked at Jiang Jin and could help but break out in cold sweat. He called out softly, “Grandma…”

Jiang Jin nodded in response. Cheng Che rubbed his face as he said, “Grandma, I was wrong.” Jiang Jin shook her head. “There’s no right or wrong. Cheng Che, you’re a descendant of the Yin family. There’s no doubt about that. As for whether you want to return to the Yin family or not, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons yourself. You can’t act impulsively. You can treat it like a business. If you don’t put your feelings into it, it won’t be difficult to handle.”

Cheng Che looked at Jiang Jin in a daze.

“I’ve taught you not to run away from your problems. You have to think of a way to solve your problems. You knew you’d have to deal with the Yin family so you subconsciously wanted to run away. You thought about avoiding them completely, right? You want to marry Jiahui as soon as possible and leave for your honeymoon far away, right?” Cheng Che nodded shyly.

Jiang Jin knew her grandson best.

“Grandma, I really don’t want to know or care about the Yin family. It’s been 28 tears, and they’ve always treated me as though I didn’t exist. Why can’t they continue doing so? I’m not interested in them. Can’t they just leave me alone?” Cheng Che finally admitted that he really did not want to face this problem.

Jiang Jin naturally did not blame him. “Cheng Che, you’ve been considerate since you were young. You always consider other people’s feelings. This is your strength and also your weakness. Sometimes, your kindness can be used against you.”

Jiang Jin continued to say, “I just want to tell you clearly that you’re my grandson no matter what. Nothing can change our relationship. You have to believe me. I won’t betray you or abandon you. It’s just like how I believe in you. Next time, don’t let other people’s words affect you to the point that you even got into a car accident. Otherwise, I’ll be worried.”

Cheng Che’s eyes reddened. He was moved by Jiang Jin’s words.

Jiang Jin held his hands and said, “Find out about the Yin family. Don’t go into a war unprepared.”

The Yin family met late at night. The main purpose of their meeting was to discuss how to persuade Cheng Che to return to the Yin family.

Despite staying up late, Yin Jia woke up rather early. When she went downstairs, she ran into Guan Tang, who had also woken up early.

Guan Tang smiled sweetly. “Good morning, sister.”

Yin Jia nodded slightly.

Guan Tang walked next to Yin Jia and said in a soft voice, “I heard Aunty say that Cheng Che is in the hospital.”

Yin Jia stopped in her tracks and looked at Guan Tang sharply.

Guan Tang was unaffected by Yin Jia’s piercing gaze as she continued to say, “I heard that he ran a red light and was hospitalized. Sister, why don’t you go and have a look? I think Aunty and Uncle will be going to the hospital after breakfast.”

Yin Jia did not say anything and continued walking forward.

Guan Tang continued to say, “Uncle reported to the old man yesterday. The old man was very excited and asked Uncle to bring Cheng Che home. Sister, what do you think will happen to the old lady if she finds out?”

Guan Tang looked at Yin Jia with a fawning smile on her face. However, that smile did not reach her eyes.

Yin Jia said coldly, “Just see what happens if you dare to touch my brother!”

Guan Tang immediately made her stand clear. “Sister, I’m on your side.”

Yin Jia said bluntly, “My side? I still don’t know which side I’m on.” Guan Tang smiled. “I’ll stand on whichever side that Sister stands on.”


Yin Jia’s expression softened a little. However, her voice contained a trace of mockery as she said, “I’m not against my brother marrying you because the Guan family is indeed a good backer. It’s been hard on you. After all, you’ve never even met him.”

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