Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 779 - 779 – Er Ming And Di Tian

Chapter 779 - 779 – Er Ming And Di Tian

779 – Er Ming And Di Tian

Lan Xuanyu was a blacksmith and was extremely familiar with metals.

The density of rare metals in such a cave was very high, just how much was there ! It was no wonder that the Federation treated this place as an important resource reserve. If they really developed it, the amount of rare metals produced by Senluo Planet would be astronomical.

The group passed through a natural pathway and passed by a place with stalactites. Immediately, soul power fluctuations appeared in front of them. After turning a corner, Lan Xuanyu and his team’s breathing became rapid.

On top of the natural rocks were pieces of soul bones.


These soul bones emitted light, some strong and some weak.

The soul power undulations were emitted from these soul bones.

Xiao Qi followed by Lan Xuanyu’s side and couldn’t help but praise them. He could vaguely understand why the soul beasts had a whole new level of respect for his students.

Lan Xuanyu’s team’s performance during the sparring and Beast Battles was simply too eye-catching. Even the homeroom teacher was in disbelief.


These children were growing much faster than he imagined.

During the first three years in Shrek Academy’s Outer Court, the teachers played a huge role in imparting knowledge and guiding one’s cultivation. But starting from the Sky Fighter missions, the students mostly relied on themselves and their own strength to improve.

After graduating the sixth year, the gap between everyone would widen and only the most outstanding ones would have the qualifications to apply for the Inner Court.

And with the abilities displayed by Lan Xuanyu’s team of seven, they almost all had the chance to get into the Inner Court. Among the seven, only Liu Feng was slightly weaker, but this was in comparison to Lan Xuanyu’s team. In terms of strength and fighting spirit, Liu Feng was extremely outstanding in the class.

Er Ming did not stop and continued to lead them in. While everyone was dazzled by what they saw, they could also feel that the soul power fluctuation from those soul bones was not especially strong.

Generally speaking, the lower the cultivation of a soul beast, the lower the probability of producing a soul bone.

The number of 100-year soul bones was the least; 10-year soul bones didn’t exist at all. Relatively speaking, there were more 1,000-year soul bones and 10,000-year soul bones. But 100,000-year soul bones were extremely rare because 100,000-year soul beasts were too few.

Er Ming introduced the knowledge regarding soul bones to them as he walked. “Soul bones are naturally more powerful the higher the cultivation of the soul beast, but there are also some exceptions such as some growth type soul bones and external soul bones. These are extremely rare and are extremely powerful. However, a growth type soul bone only has one chance to grow. Once the host dies, its ability will be fixed. There are very few soul bones that can grow twice. As for external soul bones, they are very precious to us.

“100,000-year soul bones are too few; 10,000-year soul bones are the mainstream soul bones. If you guys aren’t looking forward to obtaining 100,000-year soul bones in the future, I suggest that you guys consider the torso bone when choosing.

“The torso bone is the connection between the six soul bones, and it is also the core. A good torso bone can almost determine the direction in which you will fuse with the soul bones in the future. More importantly, the torso bone has the largest influence on the body, and it has a very good nourishing and strengthening effect on all your internal organs. So, even if you only have the chance to fuse with one soul bone, the torso bone will have the greatest effect on your physical qualities.”

The knowledge that Er Ming had given them was undoubtedly very precious. As such, they knew that among soul bones, the most valuable were the torso and skull.

To soul masters who had a high requirement for spiritual power, the skull was the most important, and to soul masters who didn’t rely too much on spiritual power, the torso bone was the most important.

“You need a skull.” Er Ming pointed at Qian Lei. “You must maintain your spiritual power to a sufficiently strong level so that you can completely control the Dragon-Eating Beast that you’ve fused with. And with the protection of the skull, your emotions will not be easily affected by the tyrannical aura of the Dragon-Eating Beast.”

“Thank you for your guidance, senior,” Qian Lei said respectfully, his eyes filled with joy.

Their trip to Senluo Planet this time had truly benefited them greatly. Not only did they complete a Sky Fighter mission, the academy would reward them and each of them would obtain a soul bone. This would be of great help to their overall strength and future improvements, especially in the Inner Court exam two years later. With an additional soul bone, their chances of getting in would increase by at least 10%.

The deeper they went into the cave, the stronger the energy fluctuation from the soul bones around them. Everyone felt like their eyes weren’t enough as they looked around and almost drooled.

Finally, Er Ming stopped in his tracks and pointed to the front. “From here onwards, there will be 10,000-year soul bones further in. 100,000-year soul bones are not here, so all of you can choose whatever you want here. I will not interfere.”

Xiao Qi tactfully stood to the side and envied his student. He only had one soul bone and had spent a large amount of emblems to exchange for it in the academy. At that time, he became completely penniless.

Even with a discount, exchanging soul bones in the academy was extremely expensive.

Lan Xuanyu looked at so many soul bones and was really envious, but Er Ming said that the soul bones here were not suitable for him, so he didn’t say much.

Er Ming got the others to choose the soul bones while he pulled Lan Xuanyu to the side.

With a wave of his hand, he isolated himself from the outside world and asked Lan Xuanyu, “Beast God Di Tian, do you recognize me ?”

Lan Xuanyu was shocked.

Er Ming treated him well and was very close to him. He could clearly feel it. But according to what he knew, the relationship between the soul beasts of Senluo Planet and the soul beasts of the Elven Planet was not harmonious. He didn’t want to lie to Er Ming and didn’t know how to answer this question.

Er Ming looked at his expression and knew that his big brother’s guess was not far off. Di Tian was definitely not truly dead and should be related to Lan Xuanyu. They could sense Lan Xuanyu’s bloodline and Di Tian was the strongest dragon among the soul beasts, so how could they not sense his aura?

“Alright, you don’t have to answer me, we don’t have to make things difficult for you. What I want to tell you is that Di Tian will be helpful to you and will not harm you. Regardless of how he came to an agreement with you, you can just work with him without worry. If he is your Spirit Soul, he is very qualified, but you must have a high enough cultivation before you can fuse with him.”

“Gorilla, you don’t have to trick him.” A long sigh was heard before a voice came from Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu only felt his Spiritual Sea surging. Even when he was faced with Lin Mohua, who might bring danger, the Beast God Di Tian, who didn’t wake up no matter how he called, actually woke up at this moment.

“As expected, you’re not dead.” Er Ming looked at Lan Xuanyu and smiled.

“In terms of age, I’m older than you and Da Ming. Is this how you talk to your seniors? How rude.”

Er Ming spoke indifferently, “Age doesn’t matter if you have ambition. If you don’t, you’ll live a hundred years for naught. Who told you not to make the right choice at the crucial moment ?”

Di Tian smiled bitterly. “You guys were lucky to bump into Tang San. Furthermore, our dragon race is different. We have our own pride.”

Er Ming scoffed in disdain. “What’s there to be proud of? Aren’t you on the verge of becoming a Spirit Soul ?”

Di Tian replied indifferently, “I am not a Spirit Soul, I will never become a Spirit Soul, not even for my Young Lord. In fact, I am not qualified to be his Spirit Soul. In this world, no soul beast has the qualifications.”

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