Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 807 - 807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

Chapter 807 - 807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

807 – Suspicions Towards Dragon Source Planet

TL : GoldenLung

Lan Xuanyu said, “He just bumped into me and took the initiative to attack me. As you all know, private fights are not allowed in the academy. He violated the academy’s rules, so I have to send him to the disciplinary office. “

“Senior, don’t! “The girl exclaimed, and the others immediately stepped forward and surrounded Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu was immediately amused. What was wrong with these juniors today? Were they going to rebel?

“What do you mean by this?” Lan Xuanyu asked with a smile.

The girl said softly, “Senior, I’m sorry. My classmate is in a bad mood today, so he accidentally bumped into you. Look, can you be magnanimous and not hold a grudge against him? “

Lan Xuanyu said indifferently, “Looking at your school emblems, you are fourth-year students. In your four years at Shrek Academy, the academy not only taught you knowledge and skills, but also character. You all should know that in Shrek Academy, character has always been the most important thing. Today, he took the initiative to attack me because he was in a bad mood. Then, after he graduates from Shrek Academy and meets with setbacks, will he vent his anger on others? If he doesn’t learn his lesson today, what will happen to him in the future? So, I can’t let him go, this is my responsibility to him. As for how to deal with him, that’s the disciplinary office’s business.”

The girl’s face suddenly became a little ugly, and the others around her looked very angry. They actually had the intention to attack, but the girl raised her hand to stop them.


She said, “Senior, I’m sorry. I apologize to you on his behalf. Today’s situation is really special. All of us are in a bad mood. You are experienced, so you should know about the Sky Fighter Mission. We just came back from a Sky Fighter Mission. Another classmate from Heaven Dou Planet like him was seriously injured and died, so his mood is especially bad. That classmate died in order to protect him. He especially blamed himself, so he couldn’t control his emotions. Please forgive him. “As she said this, she bowed deeply to Lan Xuanyu.

The smile on Lan Xuanyu’s face disappeared, and he said seriously, “His feelings are pitiful. I understand your feelings, and I also understand his feelings. However, as soul masters, we have abilities that ordinary people don’t have. If our actions are influenced by our emotions, then what if we hurt the innocent? We can’t vent our emotions on strangers just because of what happened to us, right? I still have to go to the teaching office, but I will plead for him. Now, please move aside. “

The girl’s face suddenly turned cold. A boy next to her said angrily, “How can you be so unreasonable? Haven’t you ever seen a classmate get hurt while carrying out a mission?

Lan Xuanyu said indifferently, “No.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the surrounding people were instantly enraged. In their eyes, this was simply Lan Xuanyu provoking them. The four of them couldn’t control their emotions and released their Martial Souls.

“Stop! Don’t do anything!” the girl in the lead shouted.

The others seemed to be more convinced by her and did not take any further action.

The girl bit her lower lip and looked at Lan Xuanyu, then looked at the boy in Lan Xuanyu’s hands.

She stomped her foot and said, “All of you go back and quickly tell the teacher about this. Ask the teacher to come to the teaching office. Senior, can I go with you to the teaching office? “

Lan Xuanyu said, “Of course you can. Junior brothers and sisters, I advise you to calm down. The Sky Fighter mission is an important test for everyone. Not only does it test one’s strength and adaptability, but it also tests one’s temperament. If you can’t pass this test, then you won’t have the qualifications to graduate from Shrek Academy. “

How could the surrounding fourth years listen to his words? Instead, they looked like they wanted to step forward and make a move. The girl stood in front of Lan Xuanyu and pushed her classmates away one by one. She pulled Lan Xuanyu’s arm and walked away. Lan Xuanyu sighed in his heart. He really sympathized with the experiences of these juniors.

In the process of carrying out the Sky Fighter mission, there weren’t many situations where the students met with mishaps. Generally speaking, the academy would send teachers to secretly protect them during the initial stages of the mission. These fourth years must have encountered some special circumstances that caused some of them to die. The girl pulled Lan Xuanyu to the teaching office. After walking for a few minutes, she realized that she was still pulling Lan Xuanyu. She turned her head to look at Lan Xuanyu. Only now did she notice that this senior was actually so good-looking. She froze for a moment, then hurriedly let go of his arm and said, “Senior, I’m Li Xueying. I haven’t asked who you are.

Lan Xuanyu smiled and said, “Sixth year, Lan Xuanyu. Junior sister, you’re very calm and didn’t let the situation escalate. Not bad.”

This senior who clearly didn’t look much older than her actually spoke like an elder.

Li Xueying couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “What if we had assaulted you back then ?”

Lan Xuanyu said without hesitation, “Of course I would have taken you all to the teaching office together. Because they can’t control their emotions, they’re not qualified students and need to be educated again.”

Li Xueying couldn’t help but complain, “Senior, you’re really impartial. Are you planning to enter the teaching office after graduation?”

Lan Xuanyu laughed and said, “Of course not. I just want to change my school uniform from green to red.”

The red uniform is the exclusive uniform of the Inner Court disciples.

Li Xueying’s heart skipped a beat. Naturally, she understood what Lan Xuanyu meant. One had to know that this was the goal of almost all the Outer Court students of Shrek Academy.

“Can you tell me what happened to you guys? There were actually students who died while carrying out the Sky Fighter mission? “Lan Xuanyu asked, puzzled.

Li Xueying’s eyes instantly turned red when she heard his question.

“We were carrying out a mission to kill a Proto Dragon on the Dragon Source Planet. Everything was fine until we found a cave. At that time, Wu Zhiqian and Wang Xiaoyi entered the cave to investigate. I don’t know why an accident happened.”

Lan Xuanyu was a little surprised when he heard her mention this name. When they carried out the Sky Fighter mission, it was the first one they chose.

The mission was to go to Dragon Source Planet to kill a Proto Dragon.

He didn’t expect this group of juniors to also choose this mission.

“Back then, we started from the Dragon Source Planet mission. At that time, we even encountered a Proto Dragon beast tide. What happened to you guys in the cave? “Lan Xuanyu put down the boy he was carrying.

There was no doubt that this should be either Wu Zhiqian or Wang Xiaoyi. The golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass was withdrawn. Due to his weak body, the boy squatted on the ground and panted for a while before standing up. At that moment, his eyes were no longer red, but his expression was still ugly.

He muttered, “I don’t know. I don’t know what happened either. After that, my mind went blank. I seemed to have forgotten a lot of things. Wang Xiaoyi was in front, and I was behind. We seemed to have seen something, but we were quickly attacked. “

“A Proto Dragon attacked you guys?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

Wu Zhiqian shook his head and said, “I don’t remember. I don’t know why, but I don’t remember.”

Li Xueying continued, “We waited for them outside. After waiting for more than ten minutes, they were suddenly blasted out. Wang Xiaoyi asked everyone to run. He seemed to have seen something particularly terrifying. His eyes widened, and then he fainted. We realized that it was dangerous there, so we quickly ran back to the base with the two of them. “

Lan Xuanyu frowned slightly and looked at Wu Zhiqian. “You don’t remember anything at all?”

Wu Zhiqian said blankly, “Red, a lot of red. That’s all I remember.”

Lan Xuanyu released his spiritual power and felt the changes in Wu Zhiqian. This Wu Zhiqian seemed to have been mentally stimulated. He didn’t attack him out of his own will.

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