Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1158: Mount Deity

Chapter 1158: Mount Deity

“There is only one entrance to Aquamoon.” Shangguan Mingqian said.

“Then we will kill our way in.” Feng Feiyun turned his weapon essence into a spear.

Ximen Chuixiao jumped on top of a boulder and chose to play a sad tune for the dead while the others sat on the dragon and followed Feiyun.

His tune also mesmerized the demons for a second. It took them some time to realize that there were intruders.

“Humans! They got reinforcement!” A demon shouted.

“It’s just one guy!” A demon monarch with two black horns said with disdain, being protected by a fourteenth-ranked spirit armor.

“Whoosh!” A spear broke through the armor and turned the demon monarch into a pile of flesh.

Feiyun showed himself from the clouds and started rampaging. His saint energy attacked all directions, killing several hundred demons in the blink of an eye.

The dragon caught up and the group saw the carnage. However, Feiyun was nowhere in sight now.

“Brother Feng is so strong.” Ximen Chuixiao’s mouth opened wide enough to fit an egg.n).0In

“This is the largest pass in the mountain with the name, Sword-down, meaning that no one is allowed to bring weapons past this point. I’m sure there are more powerful demons ahead.” Shangguan Mingqian said.

As they tried to catch up, they didn’t meet a single enemy. Everything had been slaughtered by Feiyun. Even the tyrannical blood dragon was in shock at Feiyun’s decisiveness.

Once they came to the portal, they finally saw powerful demons.

A kun peng blotted out the sky. Each flap of its wings could blow away mountains. Massive centipedes with sharp claws could be seen. It had miasma capable of reducing everything into pus.

Tens of thousands of disciples from Aquamoon stood on the other side, the majority being women. They returned after hearing the assault on their home.

Unfortunately, they lacked skills and numbers, unable to break through the demons.

“Ancestor!” Shangguan Mingqian rushed forward and cut down a centipede, saving a fourth-level Heaven’s Emergence cultivator in the process.

The centipede didn’t die; its two halves turned into two centipedes. However, the dragon swallowed both.

“Now that’s delicious!” The dragon and its allies began attacking the demons.

In terms of seniority, the ancestor saved just now was eight generations above Shangguan Mingqian. Her name was Ji Jing’an.

She was wounded with one missing arm, eaten by a centipede demon. She used her spirit energy to create a new arm and looked disappointed: “Mingqian, why did you return? You need to run to an immemorial Buddhist shrine to ask for help, there are too many demons. This is an unprecedented disaster for us.”

“Ancestor, I’ve already sent four white-robed priestesses to gather reinforcement from Spirit World, Buddha World, Chaos City, and Radiance World. I’m sure they will come soon, we will be just fine.” Mingqian said.

“I see, you did great then, Mingqian.” Jing’an looked less dejected after hearing this.

“Retreat!” Meanwhile, Feiyun summoned his Trinity Cauldron and commanded it to grow in size.

“Shit!” The blood dragon’s tail was burned by the inferno so it listened.

The turtle understood that Feiyun was about to go all-out. Thus, it placed the fruit on its head and started running.

The cauldron sucked in all the demons nearby and refined them. When Feiyun opened it, he obtained more than two hundred blood pills of the Heaven’s Emergence level. Weaker demons were reduced to ashes; their vitality and essence were added to these pills.

Each was as bright as a star so two hundred illuminated the sky.

“Trinity Cauldron… each pill is comparable to an ancient alchemy root. How did it refine two hundred pills in such a short time?” The blood dragon swallowed its saliva.

Feiyun put away the pills and sent out the cauldron again to slaughter the demons.

Cultivators from Aquamoon couldn’t believe their eyes, thinking that he was an unbeatable general from heaven.

Jing’an herself didn’t expect a mighty ally to show up so soon.

“Ancestor, Young Noble Feng is a good friend of mine. I asked for his assistance.” Mingqian said.

The kun peng noticed the disturbance and entered the battlefield. Its wings spanned seventy miles; its scales were massive.

“Trinity Cauldron? Are you a messenger sent by a phoenix queen?” This demon was at the fifth level and had the title of Wavebreaker.

Feiyun immediately sent the cauldron to smash the kun peng, breaking down three scales and leaving behind a bloody wound.

Its flames began to incinerate the great demon.

“Damn you!” It stopped caring about Feiyun’s background and opened its mouth to spew hundreds of spirit weapons, the weakest being at the tenth rank.

“I won’t say no to gifts.” Feiyun said before putting on his dragon-phoenix armor. He waved his hand and seized all the weapons into a spatial stone.

Tenth-ranked and above weapons were rare in the human dynasties and only available in ancient clans.

Since Feiyun wanted to grow his power, he needed resources. This was the best possible method.

The grand monarchs had boundless territories and resources. Each of them was in charge of several hundred demon monarchs or even more.

Demons only cared about power, not logic and reason. Thus, powerful demons had no problem gathering resources after taking down their enemies.

The human equivalence of grand monarchs was the sages. However, they didn’t possess the same level of wealth.

Feiyun summoned his ten thousand beast souls and unleashed a mighty palm strike on the kun peng’s forehead. It broke through the scales and left a serious wound.

“Suicidal fool!” The kun peng turned into a slightly overweight old man.

He ignored the bleeding wound on his forehead and grabbed Feiyun’s arm. The latter pulled back in time but was still left with three bloody marks.

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