Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

Chapter 808 - Chapter 808: Grudge

Chapter 808: Grudge

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Qiao Xuan inwardly seethed, “Of course, you expect them for free? How shameless!”

Qiao Xuan was well aware that Madame Qiao had no intention of paying for the goods. She was attempting to take advantage of being Qiao Xuan’s parents, expecting free items. But if she refused to provide anything in return, what options did they have? Steal from her?

Officer Qiao chimed in, “These are exquisite and sought-after items. The noble ladies in the capital are knowledgeable and eager for something new. Giving us 300 or 500 units for New Year presents delivered to the capital is nothing, right?”

“Xuan, son-in-law, it’s just a gift. You can surely produce them, can’t you?”

Officer Qiao always found ways to justify Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan, trying to help them escape from difficult situations. However, there was a limit to his patience.


He had also heard that the lipsticks were incredibly popular among the ladies in the province, and even noble and wealthy women were craving them. So if they could use them as gifts for their trip to the capital, it would be a wonderful thing, wouldn’t it?

“Oh, yes,” he suddenly recalled something and added, “Young Master

Yuezheng also has some limited editions, right? Get me two sets!”

Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan. ‘

“Father-in-law, I apologize if it seemed like I was intentionally provoking you. However, the limited versions of the lipsticks have already been reserved by noble ladies. The remaining ones are ordinary ones, and we don’t have the authority to sell them. Everything regarding the distribution and contracts is managed by Brother Yuezheng.”

Qiao Xuan smiled, observing her father’s pale face. “My husband is correct. The Yuezheng Family is a prominent business family, and they ensure there are no loopholes for unauthorized access. While we maintain a good relationship with them, we maintain a clear distinction between personal matters and business affairs.’

Officer Qiao couldn’t contain his anger any longer. “How dare you!” he snapped. “You’re purposely trying to provoke me! What if I insist on obtaining them no matter what?”

“I’m sorry, Father-in-law, but I can’t provide them for you. It’s already quite cold, and the lipstick production is not suitable during this season. Besides, there won’t be many available in any case.”

“You!” Officer Qiao was fuming.

Madame Qiao chimed in, fueling the conversation in a seemingly gentle manner. “Old Master, please don’t be angry. Xuan and our son-in-law are honest individuals who uphold their promises.”

Officer Qiao’s anger intensified. “But I am their father and father-in-law! Am I inferior to an outsider?”

“Xuan, apologize to your father. You are father and daughter, and we can discuss everything together!” Madame Qiao urged, trying to mediate the situation.

Madame Qiao turned to Qiao Xuan.

Officer Qiao sneered. “Discussing everything? Bah!”

Since when would a father need to discuss anything? A daughter should always obey her father’s words, or she was considered unruly!

Qiao Xuan remained composed, unaffected by her father’s anger. Whether the couple was putting on a show or genuinely expressing their stance, it didn’t matter to her. She simply didn’t care.

She wished her father would become so angry that he would disown her. She felt that she had nothing to lose and was not afraid of any consequences.

Qiao Xuan responded firmly, “We have already explained the situation to you.

We cannot keep any lipsticks, and the few we have are reserved for our immediate family members. It would be completely unfair for us to do otherwise, and we will never engage in such actions.”

Officer Qiao’s anger reached its peak.. “Fine, fine, girl! You still hold a grudge against us, don’t you?”

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