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Chapter 48: Theresa Kiara

Chapter 48: Theresa Kiara

“Careful, watch out for the legs – hey! Be gentler…”

At Seven Lights’ Technology Development Zone, Research Division Hospital, Mo Heng was commanding someone while they were transferring Cillin from his wheelchair to the sick bed.

Cillin already said that he could move on his own, but Mo Heng wouldn’t listen to him at all. The old man wore a look of disgust as if Cillin couldn’t be any more troublesome, and yet his hands wouldn’t stop ordering the person lifting Cillin about, for fear that Cillin would bump or knock into anything.

Cillin’s expression could only be described as one of absolute anguish. In truth, he could kill ten black mice with his bare hands right now and not be hurt in the slightest, but what could he do when he was the one who had chosen to feign sickness himself? Feigning sickness was such a terribly excruciating act; oh, the sins we bring upon ourselves!

Although the medical test reports indicated that Cillin could absolutely be discharged right now, Mo Heng had still forcefully requested that Cillin recuperate for another ten days, and during these ten days, no one was allowed to visit him.

In reality, this was his punishment for suddenly taking off and participating in a dangerous training division mission, wasn’t it!

Every day, the microcomputer was Cillin’s only method of communication with others. Seven Lights had their own internal communication platform, and there were only five people in Cillin’s friendlist: Knight, Lung, Ci Jincheng, Hard and Sird. That being said, the chat box pinged non-stop every day even though there were only five.

This morning, Cillin woke up, opened the microcomputer and immediately saw a few messages pop up on the display. They were all talking about the same thing – the mice extermination mission the five of them had participated in.

The troubles at the bio-station were resolved, so there was no longer any need to keep it under wraps. Moreover, even if every student in the training division had kept a tight lip about the matter, for certain students in Seven Lights who did not belong to the training division, it was something they could inquire one way or another if they really wanted to.

Since the incident at the station was exposed, naturally the five students who participated in said mission were exposed as well. Someone had even built them a power ranking.

Cillin opened the ‘Seven Lights Forum’ using the URL left behind by Knight, and as expected, the hot threads leading at the front was about them. There were even images of the black mice on top of the thread, and there were many people who replied to it. There were both positives and negative replies, and of course, some people who visited purely to check out some mice.

As for their ranking, in descending order from first to fifth, they were: Knight, Pride, Sird, Hard and Cillin. Naturally, there was a reason as to why they were ranked in this order.

Why were Hard and Sird ranked last on the list? This was because they were seated on wheelchairs when they descended from the aircraft that day, and Hard was discharged the next day while Cillin had to wait several more. That was how he was ranked at the last place of the list. Pride should thank his own good fortune for insisting against sitting on a wheelchair that day, or he would have definitely been depressed to death to rank behind Sird.

But the more Cillin read, the more he discovered that the discussion was getting off rails.

Since when did things start to go awry? (T/N: you poor backwater child, it’s the first. It’s always the FRIST)

The story should begin from the 1626th poster on the thread, ‘Sasa’. The moment this person replied, everything below her began to go crazy and disconnect from the thread’s original contents completely. This should also be the stuff Knight and the others had really wanted him to see.

That ‘Sasa’ had said this:

“Actually, I think the fifth person on the list is better.”

Then the replies began to pour it from the bottom, and looking at the time the masses’ replying speed was so quick that more than five pages were filled up in less than a minute.

“A wild Beauty Sa has appeared!”

“Beauty Sa, have you seen the love oath I wrote to you fifty seven days twelve hours thirty eight minutes and three seconds ago?”

“Is this the legendary Beauty Sa?”

“Could it be that Beauty Sa is interested in the guy that ranked fifth?”

“What? Beauty Sa is interested in the guy ranked fifth!”

“Beauty Sa, have you left your heart with the guy ranked fifth already?”

“Shocking news, Beauty Sa has a crush on a grade one student!”

“Who is that bastard at fifth rank; let’s drag him out to the open and strip him bare!”

Cillin was practically speechless reading the replies. He was truly impressed by their ability to distort one’s words. He had witnessed their ability to turn a grape into a durian, and each one of them was only more self-righteous than the next.

While Cillin was staring in speechlessness at the replies, the chat box flashed yet again. Both Lung and Knight’s avatars were blinking rapidly.

What now?

After clicking it open, he discovered that the duo had sent him a large picture. The picture was of a girl dressed in refreshing light-colored casual wear. She had a ponytail tied to the back of her head and wore a pair of sunglasses. She was holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands. The focus of the picture was that the background was the hospital Cillin stayed in.

“Cillin, go take a look at the home page of Seven Lights forum.” Ci Jincheng sent him a message.

Returning to the home page, he saw many glaring red highlighted threads that were all about that ‘Beauty Sa’, and the number of messages denouncing Cillin, Beauty Sa’s scandalous boyfriend were countless. There was even a top thread that was titled, ‘Live Stream of Beauty Sa Visiting Scandal Boyfriend’.

The more Cillin read the dizzier he felt. He didn’t even know who Beauty Sa was so where the fuck did this scandal come from?!

The little trumpet beneath the chat box rang non-stop. Cillin clicked the simultaneous call button right away.

“Hey Cillin, have you seen Beaut Sa yet?”

“Cillin, how dare you raise a wildflower, correction, a house flower outside and not tell us! Something smells fishy. We demand the truth!”

While noise poured out of Lung and Knight’s big mouths, The door of Cillin’s sick ward slid open with a beep!, and the person following behind the entered robotic nurse was non other than the ‘Beauty Sa’ he had seen on the picture.

“Hi, Cillin Douance!” The visitor let out a cheerful smile and greeted him generously.

“Oh~~ It’s Beauty Sa beep ——”

The voice from the other side of the comm was cut off since Cillin had turned off the microcomputer straight away. He then looked at the visitor.

Meanwhile, both Lung at the Trade Zone and Knight at the training division were hopping mad. How dare Cillin turned off the computer at such a critical time! Could it be, that they were going to make love or something? The duo’s thoughts were already roaming wildly.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Theresa Kiara, Grade Five, from the Research Division’s Institute of Design.”

She carried with her a refreshing beauty that was not seductive. Every one of her movements gave off a dignified feeling that was easily approachable. This was the people’s first impression of Theresa.

Cillin didn’t know who this ‘Beauty Sa’ everyone was talking about, but he did know the name ‘Theresa’. There was an introduction to the university’s celebrities in the Seven Lights Handbook, and Theresa was among them.

Theresa was the famous talented girl of the Research Division’s Institute of Design. She was a specially recruited student who had risen to Grade Five in just three years of studies. She was also the disciple of Seven Lights’ famous ‘Queen’ and headmaster’s wife; Professor and Mrs. Lin. Professor Lin and Mo Heng were old acquaintances, so it was no wonder that Mo Heng would have given her special permission to come in.

“You’re done with Professor Lin’s project?” Cillin asked. He heard a long time ago from Ling Long that Queen Lin was about heading out to Sector A to work on a project, and from the looks of things, Theresa had probably gone along with her as well.

Theresa placed the flowers she held at a vase nearby, “Yeah, we just came back today actually. Professor Mo had praised you quite a bit at the dining table today, and there weren’t many people who received such high praise from Professor Mo.”

Cillin shrugged noncommittally.

Theresa casted a glance at the microcomputer beside Cillin and smiled, “I’ve been away for a while, so I made a casual reply after seeing that thread on Seven Lights Forum today. I didn’t think there would be such a big reaction through.”

“You don’t look apologetic in the least though, senior-sister-in-learning.”

“Hehe.” Theresa did not deny it either.

After chatting casually for a while, Theresa then stood up and bid him goodbye. She had left Seven Lights for a period of time to work on the project, and Mrs. Lin was still waiting for her to deal with some of the trivial matters in Seven Lights. She could not afford to stay here for long.

“Thank you the the visit, senior-sister-in-learning. Allow me to treat you after I am discharged from the hospital.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting.”

The total amount of time Theresa had spent in the hospital was no more than five minutes, but in Seven Lights Forum, the people had exploded into gossip already. Even though they only saw Theresa’s pictures entering and leaving the hospital, it was enough for the masses to conjure all kinds of imaginations in their heads. Then, someone used their god-knows-what means to confirm that Theresa had indeed visited Cillin’s backroom, and the entire Seven Lights Forum boiled into total chaos.

Cillin did not pay heed to those things, however. After Theresa left, Cillin turned his palm around to reveal a memory card in his hand. Theresa had slapped his hand once before she left, and it was It was at that moment that she passed the card to Cillin.

No wonder he kept feeling that something was a bit off. So she’s the middlewoman. This was also why Cillin had offered to treat her after he was discharged from the hospital when she left. Cillin let out a meaningful smile. Other than knowing the fact that she was the middlewoman, Cillin had also discovered an additional secret.

Aiflon was truly a powerful contender of the position of heir of the Douance Family. His depths were deep!

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