Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 58: Act

Chapter 58: Act

There was a reason why so many people paid much attention to this match.

Firstly, the team Shadow X and Knight was about to face wielded weapons. One of them wielded dual swords, and the other wielded dual guns.

Secondly – also the reason why many people were excited – both of the combatants wielding dual swords and dual guns were females, and the two famous beauties of Sector B’s Billy University no less. Since they’re both beauties, the two guys Shadow X and Knight would probably be more tactful when fighting against them. Moreover, these two women were extremely lethal. They would definitely force out Shadow X’s hands.

In truth, there were even some people who were guessing if Shadow X and Knight would be toppled this match. After all, someone spread out the news prior to the match that Shadow X and Knight had given the consent to their opponents to wield weapons, but still chose to fight bare handed themselves. This narrow-minded gentlemanly demeanor would become their fatal weakness. As the saying goes, even the strongest warrior would fall in the hands of a beautiful woman if he does not exercise self-restraint*.

*The above saying is actually two sayings in one: A fickle man would get no true love even if he has a thousand choices, and capsize in a gutter. After some thoughts I combined them into one sentence above plus this explanation here for better understanding.

Thirdly and the most important point was that this sword and gun combination, Liu Yewu and One Smile Kill (T/N: Just a reminder, but I will literally translate any names that doesn’t sound like proper names since these are virtual IDs) were runner-ups of last term’s double combat tournament, and just one rank below the Visby brothers. Last term’s runner should be able to force Shadow X’s hands no matter what, right? It would be somewhat unrealistic for Knight to hang on on his own.

There were even more viewers on the Sector Championship platform watching this match than the first. The amount of viewers of those matches that started at the same time as this one was pitifully small, and even if there were teams that enjoyed some small reputation of their own, their viewership was absolutely eclipsed by Shadow X and Knight’s.

“Boss Boer, do you think that Shadow X will act this match?” Faradin asked Boer in front of the microcomputer.

Boer thought for a moment before saying, “If Knight still does not use his Thunderstorm Fist this match, then Shadow X will act. This is because both of their opponents wielded weapons. One Smile Kill’s marksmanship is pretty good, and although it’s a little unorthodox to use a gun in a double combat tournament, she would not reduce her offensive power just because of it. There were more than a hundred people who were killed by One Smile Kill’s gun in close combat during the pre-match training. One Smile Kill’s gun could also be used as a blade, so her close combat skills would not be weaker than Liu Yewu’s.”

Although Boer was a military academy student, he had never looked down on the people of Sector B. He had done some research on the veterans of Sector B as well.

Faradin and Boer weren’t the only ones who were watching. Comos, Feng Haicao, Ryan, Bonn and more were also sitting in front of their microcomputers and watching this match. They really did want to know exactly how strong Shadow X was! If his abilities weren’t up to par, then they would no longer join in this little game and head straight for the throne of the single combat tournament. That was why they had registered for both contests.

Under everyone’s gazes, the duo One Smile Kill and Liu Yewu walked into the ring. Pretty faces, tight midriff-baring dresses, and fantastic waistlines. Even though they were just virtual avatars, it was enough to strongly attract the audience’s attention. However, in the next moment, the other duo who appeared later pulled the spotlight onto themselves.

His appearance was still the look of a generic robot just like before, but it drew the gazes of the viewers in front of their microcomputers directly away from the two ladies.

Shadow X!

This time you will fight, won’t you?

Shadow X and Knight continued to walk leisurely onto the ring just like usual. What was different was that this time, it was Knight was the one who was folding his arms at the edge of the ring looking like he would enjoy a good show, and Shadow X walking step by step towards the center.

The people in front of the microcomputer instantly turned frenzied.

OHHHHHHHH~~ Shadow X is going to fight, Shadow X is seriously going to fight!!

Boer, Faradin and the rest subconsciously straightened themselves and stared closely at the generic robot on the computer display.

As Shadow X walked closer, the pair One Smile Kill and Liu Yewu who were standing side by side split up. One headed towards the back, and the other headed towards the front.

One Smile Kill’s thin fingers hooked the guns at both side of her thighs into her hands and twirled them once skillfully between her fingers. Judging from her practiced motion, he could see that One Smile Kill had been toying around with guns for quite some time already. But that was all. In Cillin’s eyes, she really was just ‘toying’ with guns.

Liu Yewu also brought out her twin Liu Ye swords. There were very few people who could wield such an ancient weapon well in this era. Those who wielded such weapons were usually the offsprings of some ancient legacy.

Watching Shadow X stepping slowly and coolly towards her direction, Liu Yewu suddenly experienced an inexplicable sense of oppression and urgency. His expressionless generic face, his excessively calm movements; they all gave off an unfathomable feeling. In that case…

Liu Yewu leaped into the air, unleashed her silver white blades and rushed towards Shadow X with the sounds of swords cutting through the air.

It was strange, however. Shadow X seemed unperturbed as he continued on his seemingly careless way. It’s just that when Liu Yewu’s twin swords slashed at his direction, his figure blurred.


Liu Yewu was jarred so fiercely that she flew all the way back to where One Smile Kill stood. Her sword dance fell into shambles.

In that instant, when Liu Yewu was confident that she would be able to cut down her enemy, Shadow X’s instantaneous high speed movement and a sudden force had caused the edge of the swords to shift away from its original spot. At the same time, Shadow X’s palm had slipped through the gap between the two swords and chopped towards Liu Yewu, forcing her to block it with her swords.

Although Shadow X’s movements when dodging the sword edges were incredibly fast, the attack he threw at her was not. It’s just that Liu Yewu could sense the strength behind this palm, and as expected, it had blown her all the way to the back. While she was flying backwards, Liu Yewu was still thinking why One Smile Kill had not opened fire.

It wasn’t that One Smile Kill didn’t want to open fire in that instant, but that she could not find the chance to open fire at all. Shadow X was nearly completely covered up by Liu Yewu. Previously, there were many people who tried using similar methods to avoid One Smile Kill’s gunshot, but they were all blown up by her without fail. In that instant, One Smile Kill had wanted to smile (T/N: and kill Shadow X, as her ID suggests), but she still couldn’t catch a glimpse of his outline even after she shifted to another angle!

Shadow X was just a few paces away from Liu Yewu’s figure. As Liu Yewu was thrown backwards, he too moved along with her and used her as his shield at every moment, preventing One Smile Kill from discovering the perfect opportunity to kill him. If One Smile Kill opened fire carelessly, there was an extremely high chance that she would hurt Liu Yewu instead.

Liu Yewu sensed Shadow X’s thoughts and swung her swords towards the floor, leveraging the force to twist her waist and slash her other sword at Shadow X. Even if she could not hit Shadow X, she would still be able to force him out of that angle and allow One Smile Kill to shoot him.



Liu Yewu eyes widened as she watched her opponent catching the tip of her sword with two fingers. Her eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

At the same time, a pulling force came from the tip of her sword, to which Liu Yewu responded with a tight grasp to stop her opponent from pulling her sword away from her. In the next moment, a tremendous shockwave spread to her thenar space, causing her to feel as if her entire wrist was about to shatter from the shock.

Liu Yewu felt both her hands turned numb. Her swords left her.


A sound rang from the gun in One Smile Kill’s hands, but it wasn’t the sound of a bullet exiting its chamber.

What followed after was silence.

There were two swords. One was pointed at Liu Yewu’s forehead, and the other placed beside One Smile Kill’s neck artery.

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