Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 9: Vanguard Sixth B Squadron

Chapter 9: Vanguard Sixth B Squadron

Cary would not be as courteous as Dias. Meanwhile, Dias cheerfully stood at a side to watch the show.

Cillin smiled and extended a hand, “Hello.”

Neither of them introduced themselves. Then, the cold war began.

He used thirty percent power, forty percent power… all the way until eighty percent power. Cary had the nagging suspicion that the hand he’s holding was made of special alloy. It was really damn hard. Not only did he not make his opponent suffer, his own hands were painful from the hold. What hit him even harder was the fact that his opponent did not use any strength at all; he had allowed him to exert as much force as he wanted to.

Cillin himself was caught by surprise on the inside. Another A rank genotype! Since when are A rank genotypes as common as cabbages?! The top four Hunter regiments truly are the top four!

Cary was caught in a dilemma.

Dammit, I won’t believe this! Cary dumped the five boxes on one hand aside and put both hands to work.

This shameless bastard!

Inside the starship’s main control room, a group of people criticized Cary repeatedly as they watched the scene on the display. Cary’s shamelessness had long since rooted itself inside everyone’s hearts.

From the moment Cillin was warped into the starship there were already people conducting the relevant analyses on him. The result of the calculation was that there was a ninety percent chance that this young man brought over by Dias was a B rank genotype.

Not only was he bullying the weak; oppressing a lower rank gene with his higher rank gene, he even used both hands instead of one!

Dias could only cough embarrassedly at Cary’s shameless actions, but at the same time he was also incredibly shocked by Cillin’s abilities. Not every man could force out Cary’s shamelessness.

“You are too passionate.” Cillin smiled and extended his other hand.

Two hands versus two hands.

Cary’s face twisted a little.

“Look – Ow ow ow I give! I give!”

Cary pulled away. He stared at his swollen hands and felt like weeping.

“Lieutenant, just who is this boy? This is insane!”

That Cary would change the way he addressed Cillin to ‘boy’ meant that he had already acknowledged his abilities.

“Got taught a lesson, didn’t you? Let’s see you flaunt about some more!” Dias kicked Cary to aside before pointing at the five boxes on the ground, “Get to work already.”

“Yessir!” Cary picked up the boxes, swaggered a few steps before turning around again and asked Cillin, “I’m called Cary; A rank combat personnel of the Sixth Squad. Who are you, boy?”

“I am Cillin, a freelancer.”

Cary’s mouth took on an ‘O’ shape as he winked towards Dias: Lieutenant, dude’s a freelancer man, what are you waiting for!?

“Move! Or do you need me to help you?” Dias scolded with a smile.

“I’m going, I’m going! Hehe!” Cary instantly ran out of sight.

The number one reason Dias had brought Cillin over was to figure out the kid’s background. He thought he looked familiar but couldn’t remember who he was. Number two – also the most important point – was to absorb Cillin into the team if he hadn’t joined into any forces yet. The Sixth Squadron was just lacking manpower right now. Dias trusted Cillin’s character, and he trusted his own insight even more.

In order to get Cillin used to the situation even faster, Dias began to explain the whole matter from the beginning to the end.

The Sixth Squad had a business meeting at a neutral zone between Sector X and Sector R. Since Dias was bored of doing nothing and heard that there was an underground deal about a rare energy ore on a certain planet at Sector X, he went over and stole it while those men were busy betraying each other. At the same time, he had let out some false news on another planet saying that he had acquired a huge precious stone that was worth a few billion credits to attract the robbers’ attention. That was how the series of events unfolded, and Dias was even able to screw some money out of X-C100’s government and spaceliner company because he ‘helped’ taking down the robbers.

Although Dias had explained it in a very casual manner, Cillin knew that many of these details were actually quite difficult to manage. It also proved that Dias’ true strength and ability to plan and control. He really was worthy of his title as the Lieutenant Commander of the Sixth B Squadron.

Dias introduced Cillin to the ship as he led him along the passageway.

“That is the warehouse; the place used to store supplies, and a right turn at the front is… Hey, Dough, why are you sleeping around here?” Dias called out towards a particular section on the wall of the passageway.

At first glance it would’ve been easy to miss it, but if someone was alert enough or had very acute senses, then they would realize that there was actually a life form right there. It’s just that it seemed to have merged with its surroundings into one, and it was impossible to see it judging just from the color of its body.

Dias walked over and pulled that thing down. It was about thirty centimeters long, and when it separated from the passage wall its color immediately faded and turned invisible. However its two little eyes were rather obvious; milling about in circles; and when it saw Dias it made a slurping sound; seemingly greeting the guy.

An iguana?

Cillin stared curiously at the little fellow in Dias’ hands.

“Stop pretending. What kind of bad things did you do to make Eudy throw you out again?” Dias flicked Dough, the iguana’s head.

Dough curled his tail and waved it about looking pitiful.

Dias tsked once before kneading the small iguana into a ball just like an actual dough and Pak! flung it against the other side of the wall. It stuck on it and quickly changed its body color to match its surroundings, and on the surface it appeared to have become one with its environment.

“That fellow’s called Dough. He’s a variant Eudy picked up on a mission five years ago. Little bastard quite often causes trouble.” Dias did not elaborate on the personnel named Eudy.

Dias brought Cillin to the main control room and introduced him to a few more personnel.

While allowing Cillin to interact with the others, Dias called Beaver over, “Beaver, come with me for a moment.”

“Yes, Lieutenant.”

Cillin had seen the personnel Beaver before; he was the one who had appeared on the spaceliner display. What surprised Cillin was that everyone on this starship was fairly young. Many of them were around Dias’ age or younger, although none of them were as young as Cillin.

Taking heed from Cary’s lesson, the people on this starship treated Cillin fairly well. Although they weren’t really cordial, at least they were neither distant nor indifferent towards him.

After Dias had called over Beaver, they arrived at Beaver’s workplace. He turned the silver ring on his hand and popped out a connector before connecting it to an instrument.

“Give this footage a runthrough.”

The footage running on the screen was the one captured by Dias while he was fighting the robbers inside the spaceliner’s control room. There was infrared processing so the darkness at the time was nothing. However the footage grew a little confusing as it followed Dias’ movements fighting the robbers.

Beaver did not say anything. His ten fingers danced across the instrument as he manipulated the programs, and after the screen’s footage was cut, put through three-dimensional arrangement, bit rate adjustments and other workings, it soon became a clear and smooth footage that didn’t dazzle the eyes.

“Analyze that Cillin kid.” right now Dias had lost his usual casualness and flippant attitude. In fact he even looked somewhat serious.

Beaver adjusted the images on the screen to display Cillin’s every move in slow motion. The more he watched the more shocked Beaver was, “Lieutenant, are you sure this guy’s a human and not some other races that look like a human?”

On the screen, Cillin had easily dodged away from where the guns were pointed at as if he had predicted the robbers’ every next move. And he had done it while every light source inside the control room was cut.

“I can confirm that he did not wear any kind of auxiliary lens and that he is definitely human.” Dias said solemnly while staring at the display.

Beaver’s eyebrows were close to forming knots already, “There’s one more thing, Lieutenant. When the two of you warped over I conducted a genetic rank analysis on Cillin. Normally speaking, if he was just a B rank genotype, the reliability of the calculated results of the MFA (Multiple Factor Analysis) should be above 95%. But this time the result was only at 90%. Why is there a 5% of uncertainty?”

After a pause, Beaver probed Dias’ thoughts, “Should we, acquire the kid’s DNA? Body fluids, hair or even fingerprints should work.”

“There’s no need. We should give due respect to our future comrade.”

“Alright. But that kid is seriously incredible.”

“But of course; your Lieutenant Commander has incredible insight you know. Right, one more thing, do you think Cillin looks very familiar, Beaver?” Dias was caught in the dilemma again.

Beaver gave it a thought, but he really couldn’t figure out where he had seen him before, “The galaxy is huge and there are countless people who looked similar to each other. You want me to enter the computer database and get a match?”

“Never mind, put it on hold.” He would need the B Squadron Commander’s passcode to enter the archives. Too troublesome.

Dias let out a sigh and gave up.

“Oh right, lieutenant, the Commander has urged us to join them as quickly as possible. It seems that the deal isn’t going too well.”

“Got it. Get ready to depart then.” Dias waved his hands and walked out of the door.

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