Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 97: Wheeze Is Great

Chapter 97: Wheeze Is Great

Cary stared blankly at the gray fellow that’s even bigger than those red-and-black alien beasts. It looked a little like a leopard or a lion. Its skin glowed with a metallic luster, but for some reason it gave off the soft impression of liquid metal, plus it did not look as sinister as the red-and-black alien beasts.

But why did it sound like that gluttonous and lazy gray cat? Also, the roar just now was only aimed at the red-and-black alien beasts and not Cary, or with Cary’s current condition, he would’ve bled from all seven apertures and died.

The big metallic fellow had sent a red-and-black alien beast flying, and stepped on another under its paws. The alien beast that was stepped on appeared to have its skin shredded, and there were a lot of hardened red-and-black skin on the ground.

It was no more fearsome than the red-and-black alien beasts, and it was just a tad bigger than them. Yet, it was putting on a full show of aggression; its elegant appearance failing to conceal its arrogance or wantonness at all.

It applied strength to its claws.


The sound of breaking bones resounded from the red-and-black alien beast beneath its claws. Dark red blood poured continuously out of its mouth, dying its formidable white teeth completely in red.


A dreadful howl resounded throughout the forest; one that chilled even Cary’s heart. The flying birds circling in the air let out a series of rapid cries before flying away in panic.

The four red-and-black alien beasts bared their fangs and let out low growls.

The big metallic fellow looked at the now immobile red-and-black alien beast beneath its feet and scoffed once. Its sickle-like claws extended.

Cary thought that the big metallic fellow was laughing disdainfully when it looked at the four red-and-black alien beasts. Then, its claws swiped across the immobile red-and-black alien beast on the ground.

Cary was left completely flabbergasted when he saw the red-and-black alien beast that not even he could take out immediately with his wrist blade become split into several chunks of meat. It really was like cutting apart a fruit, and there was no blood stains the big fellow’s claws at all!

After it was finished, the big fellow glanced at the four red-and-black alien beasts in clear intimidation. There was no howls, no fang baring. It was only a simple glance, and all four red-and-black alien beasts immediately turned tails and ran away.

“Yo, you look pretty beat up.” Ever since he absorbed that white ball, the gray cat’s metal form had become even better than before. It no longer had the coarseness of a machine, and looked a lot more sleeker.

Hearing the familiar voice, Cary asked still somewhat disbelievingly, “Whe… Wheeze?”

“It’s Whebeze!” The gray cat’s body slowly shrank until it returned to its original cat appearance. However, even though it was now in the form of a little cat, its arrogance was unconcealed. It was a lot shorter than Cary, and yet Cary couldn’t help but feel that the little fellow was staring down at him from above.

Cary smiled and accidentally choked himself. He coughed twice before looking towards the gray cat who was licking its paws and wiping its face, “Wheeze, come over here and have a hug.”

“Hug yourself. I could’ve eaten all four of them, but because of you I have no choice but to forgive them for now.” The gray cat said in irritably. Cillin had specifically told it to put Cary’s comfort as top priority, and to stop thinking only about feeding.

“Ah? I beg your pardon for holding you back.” He said that, but there wasn’t much apology behind his words at all. Cary was very thankful that the gray cat had saved him at a critical time. At the same time, he finally understood what Cillin meant when he said, ‘Maybe it’ll repay your kindness today by saving your life when you’re in danger’.

“How about I treat you to a big meal when I’m free next time?”

“You have some tact in you after all.” The gray cat said with a tone that indicated that it was only saying this because it was giving Cary face.

“Oh right, how did you find me?” Cary asked.

“Cillin sent me a sound wave signal flare. It was only after I arrived that I knew that you’re the one who’s in danger. I should’ve known that with his abilities, Cillin wouldn’t have been done in this easily.”

“Where’s Cillin?”

“He’s coming soon.”

After Cillin dropped the task of finding Cary onto the gray cat, he himself had returned to Dias to check out their situation. The gray cat had a bigger advantage when it came to finding Cary, and Cillin believed in the gray cat’s abilities as well. Before he left, he even threw down the words, “Prove your worth other than your ability to eat and sleep. If you can’t even save a person, then you may as well stay here and live together with these alien beasts.” The gray cat was so furious back then that it nearly chopped off all the trees at its surrounding area.

It didn’t take long before Cillin came searching. He shared a special connection with the gray cat, which was why the gray cat had said that it was like they were of the same roots.

After investigating Cary’s health and finding no especially serious or fatal wounds, Cillin finally relaxed.

“The lieutenant and the others should be with the commander right now. Our reinforcements have also arrived; they flew here directly on an aircraft. I recorded a message and left a signal launcher along the way. This place is very strange, and disrupts signals quite a bit, but as long as they flew at this direction, they should be able to receive the signal within a small range.”

After learning that everyone was fine, Cary also relaxed quite a bit. “Wheeze is great.”

The gray cat narrowed its eyes and enjoyed Cary’s chin rubbing service. When it heard Cary’s words, it let out two purrs from its nose.

Cillin cast a glance at the two fellows and shook his head. Then, he arrived beside the red-and-black alien beast that was cut into several pieces by the gray cat.

“God knows how many there are of these things. Six of them popped out of nowhere just now, and if it wasn’t for Wheeze I would’ve been as dead as a dodo.” Cary said,

“No, that’s not right. These six beasts aren’t from the same group that we met just now.” Cillin frowned and said.


“Mm. These beasts are social animals. The ones we met in the jungle are all of the same group. There are many scents in the air, and one of them is the group’s territorial scent. However, the scent on this beast does not belong to that jungle’s.”

Cary’s face contorted uncontrollably. He considered his own sense of smell to be quite acute, but he did not smell any special scent in the air at all. Of course, that’s excluding the stench of blood.

“Their intelligence really is quite impressive. At the beginning, the horny skinned beasts were probably feeling out our strength, but it’s not that those horny skinned beasts were smart. The true masterminds behind all this are the beasts and those flying birds in the air.” While speaking, Cillin pointed above their head.

“It is those birds circling in the air who tossed down the snakes we encountered. The dense branches hid them from view, and the snakes wouldn’t die even if they thrown down from the air. These snakes should be pretty familiar with the scent of the horny skinned beasts, and they came after us by tracking their scent in the air. These snakes were also sent after us to measure our strength.”

Cary’s mouth opened wide. If what he said was true, then these red-and-black beasts were a little too treacherous, weren’t they?

“Then, during the third charge, they drove out even more horny skinned beasts after us in order to exhaust our ammunition. At the same time, they closed in on us in a pig’s head formation with the intent of forcing us to the back while they got ready to attack with the horny skinned beasts in front of them. They wanted to drive us to the ledge where there will be vines to obstruct our path. It’s like they’re hunting us. They watched their prey struggle and forced them to walk step by step towards the point of no return. Their objective wasn’t to feed, but to enjoy this pleasure and learn from the experience.”

Cary felt chilled from the bottom of his heart. This was the first time he was retaliated at by animals and turned into a prey after being a Hunter for such a long time.

Cillin looked towards the sky, turned around and lifted Cary to his feet. Extending a hoverboard, the two men and one cat slowly descended on the aircraft with an opening hatch.

Seeing that both Cary and Cillin were fine, Dias’ suspended heart finally relaxed, “We’ll be heading back to the starship for now. Things are a little complicated this time.”

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