Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 16: Hua Huo Arrives at the Door

Chapter 16: Hua Huo Arrives at the Door

“So, that’s how it is… then I’ll look forward to when you grow up.” He was somewhat slightly disappointed. But Mei’er in her Golden Retriever form was also very cute, so it was very easy for Yun Xi to accept the present situation

Compared to it, his body had an even bigger problem.


Countless electrical currents rapidly flowed in Yun Xi’s body. The exhaustions, fatigues, and side effects, as the aftermath after he fought a hundred and twenty-one rounds with the Green Hippo, followed with the deathmatch and fleeing from Hua Huo, finally bursted out in one breath.

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

From his fingertips to the tip of his toe, from the top of his head to the furthest part of his spinal bone, all of his muscles and nerves were howling, wailing, twisting, and convulsing.

“Master, take a deep breath quickly.” Mei’er’s small paw reluctantly carved a fainter and hollow character; it was as if using this ability would consume her spiritual force greatly.

“Huuff… haa…”

“Huuff… haa…”

Following Mei’er’s guidance, Yun Xi began to apply the Sword Art’s Seed and using the breathing method he learned from Hua Huo.

At first, merely keeping his breathing rhythm like this was extremely difficult.

Had Yun Xi only relied on his half-completed breathing rhythm his eyes and ears learned from Hua Huo’s breathing method, he would definitely have failed halfway.

Fortunately, what Yun Xi learned now was the true and genuine Sword Art’s Seed that carried along with it other methods of which he didn’t know how many levels higher compared to his half-completed breathing method was. It was maybe close to a secret and perfect Mortal Grade breathing method.

“Huuff… haa… haa…”

“Huuff… haa… haa…”

The rhythm was that for each breath he inhaled, he must exhale twice. Due to every part of his body being in pain, along with each breath taken, his organs absorbed his body fluids, which will then be dissolved in his chest and abdomen.

Afterward, a strand of warm heat slowly flowed and spread out from his stomach and chest, healing the distorted nerve network and muscles in Yun Xi’s body.

For each breath he took in, Yun Xi could feel that the balance in his body became more splendid. Even his life force was strengthening.

This was, without a doubt, the highest Mortal Grade breathing method and the most secretive amongst them, too. In the trial, he had tempered himself and experienced a hundred and twenty deaths before he was finally able to fully adapt to the situation. Had it been Hua Huo, she would have fully adapted within several breaths.

The huge disparity in natural talent between people could sometimes really make a person despair.

However, after receiving the star seed from Hua Huo, he had, at the very least, about one-tenth of Hua Huo’s talent right now.

Even if it was only one tenth, it cannot be underestimated, since the talent condensed in this star seed was Hua Huo’s sensibility toward the sword arts, her mastery over combat skill, as well as that unfathomable God’s Sword Skill: Heavenly Flying Sword (Beginner Level).

After he had swallowed the Green Hippo’s soul, his physical strength was enhanced to the 1st Rank swordsman stage. And Hua Huo’s seed was absolutely a giant treasure trove that was momentarily waiting for his growth.

If he could completely fuse with this Sword Art’s Seed from Hua Huo, it would be equivalent to being in the same sword realm as her.

He only needed to absorb enough physical attributed souls to improve, then his battle efficiency would have a tremendous leap after one year.

Hua Huo was a 3rd Ranked swordmaiden. However, she was not your ordinary 3rd Rank. She was like the most invincible and tyrannical 3rd Rank swordmaiden to have ever existed. Even though the Green Hippo was also a 3rd rank beast; even if Hua Huo was alone, she could kill ten of them!

“Amazing… it’s truly worthy of being Hua Huo’s seed…” After a hundred breaths and having adjusted his body, Yun Xi felt that he was finally able to move.

Even though he could only stand creakily and was quickly drenched with his own sweat, but Yun Xi felt like he just obtained a new life.

1st Rank Swordsman Level. Should he be enlisted for the army, he would have jumped over a recruit rank and directly became a platoon leader rank.

Wherever it was in the God’s Domain, a promotion was extremely difficult for people who took a professional soldier’s career.

Just take the Sword God Domain for example. Most male martial artists/cultivators/swordsman are always practicing sword arts all year round and sometimes, out of 100 people, only one person is able to become a 1st Rank swordsman before they turn 30-years-old and become an officially ranked swordsman.

And now, take The White Lotus Sword Domain where Yun Xi lived. The first requirement when recruiting disciples to enter the Sword Palace was that one must enter the 1st Rank before they reach 18. The disciples who cannot achieve this threshold will be expelled from the Sword Palace directly.

A 16-years-old 1st Rank swordsman, although Yun Xi was not on par with such a peerless genius like Hua Huo, if he were to be compared to other mortals, he could also be called as a genius. At least in this small town, only a few youths could achieve this standard in the same generation.

As for the 2nd Rank swordsman, they were the ones who took the leadership in the army. They were the core of the military force, and it was certain that they would at least be ranked as a captain.

If one was still young and had great potential, he could even directly become a regiment commander. After gaining sufficient experience and skills in strategy and tactics, the General’s position would not be a dream anymore.

And the last rank of the Mortal Grade, which meant 3rd Rank swordsman like Hua Huo, they could even fight a thousand enemies.

No, if it was Hua Huo, she could definitely battle against enemies numbering in the tens of thousands.

Even if she were to be surrounded by such a mighty force, she could fly out using that Heavenly Flying Sword (Beginner Level) and then strike back and forth to kill and kill again. She could advance and strike seven times and then escape easily like there was no one on the battlefield.

Even the strongest person in the Mortal Grade Level probably cannot be compared to a Hero Rank and a peerless genius such as Hua Huo.

Yun Xi was standing in the bathroom and receiving massive information from Hua Huo’s seed while cleaning the filth on his body.

It seemed that because Yun Xi had absorbed the Green Hippo’s spirit and used it as a shortcut to enhance his physical fitness, strength and toughness, the phenomenon when he was breaking through into the 1st Rank was much more violent than normal. Complete muscles in his body were twitching and suffering under extreme convulsions.

After washing and cleaning his body, Yun Xi carried the star spirit—Mei’er—in his bosom and washed her body from top to bottom.

“Aaah… Woof…” Mei’er, who was being touched and brushed by Yun Xi’s hands, voiced out shy and happy voices. Her smooth golden fur was unlike that of ordinary dogs which became unsightly after being soaked, but instead became more bright and shiny.

“It’s truly a Star Spirit…” Looking at the water dripping from Mei’ers’ golden hairs, Yun Xi was somewhat dazed.

Yes, this was not a dream.

The occasionally twitching muscles he had, as well as the feeling of embracing this cute little golden retriever, clearly told him that this was not a dream.

Ever since the night that he dreamt of that falling star, his life changed and became completely different from the past.

He had inherited the legacy left by his previous reincarnation. But he, at the same time, also had to bear the consequences of his past lives’ pack of lies. There was a dreadful 7th Rank Apostle that had already descended to the Sword God Domain and might have started to search him all over its territory.

Once he was to be discovered by that 7th Rank Apostle, he would fall into a situation beyond redemption.

This was absolutely not the same as tempering himself in that simple trial, of which he could resurrect again. Just thinking about what he saw in his dream, those four powerful ex-girlfriends in the starry sky, made him shiver. He didn’t dare to imagine how miserable he would be if he were to fall in their hands.

“Mei’er… I… what will happen in the future?” As he lifted the star spirit with his hands, Yun Xi sighed deeply.

“Woof!” Mei’er, who was unable to speak, stretched out her small tongue and licked Yun Xi’s wrist and let out a crying voice.

“Well… since you believe in me, so I must believe in you too.”

“If I truly am the Starchild…”

“Then, I’m the only who can change my own destiny.” While looking at Mei’er’s bright-pure big eyes, Yun Xi set firm his resolve and embraced the puppy star spirit, wrapping it with the bath towel and then went out of the bathroom.

“Good, I will start practicing! Upgrading…” Yun Xi had not even started to practice when his bedroom’s door sounded with a “Bang” sound from being kicked.

“Little Xi, get up quickly!” A Sword qi flashed and Yun Xi’s blanket flew into midair.

This move was the perfect fusion between the speed and the motion trajectory of the sword blade. Had Yun Xi still been under the blanket, he wouldn’t even find out that this was done by a sword.

For someone who practices sword arts, this move had already reached the peak and gone beyond the limit of an ordinary person.

Well, it was very obvious. To be the one who can produce such a move, that would be none other than his childhood sweetheart—Hua Huo.

“Err… Hua Huo, what make you visit my home so early this morning?” Speaking while embracing Mei’er, Yun Xi spoke with a trace of guilt at his childhood sweetheart, who was standing at his door.

Mei’er didn’t say anything about this. The trial was guided by the stars and the scenes in that special dream world were unlikely to be related to the outside world, right?

As long as the trial was over, the people that were involved in the trial would naturally get out of that dreamland, and like spring dreams, there should be no traces left, right?

Then again, seeing the menacing looks from his childhood sweetheart; could it be that she was aware of it?

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