Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 33: Love of the Stars

Chapter 33: Love of the Stars

Inside the pervasive water mist, White Lotus carefully, as if she was afraid of walking up the sleeping body, walked toward Yun Xi, who was mistakened as a “turtle” by Red Lotus.

“My… prince.”

“My destined… lover!”

No, you are mistaken!

Yun Xi tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear. He looked at the saintess, who reached her hands towards his body, with a bad feeling rising up in his heart.

Why? We just touched once in the star’s trial, perhaps it was only a few seconds, why is it that you can recognize me?!

“Eh?” As his sleeping body felt his soul’s emotional turmoil, it slightly moved.

This is bad, he was waking up! Though his soul was still inside Mei’er’s body, but he could clearly feel that his integration with the gold dog would face the end.

This time, his enlightenment had already perfectly finished. Even if the twin witches didn’t come here, it wouldn’t have been long before his self-awakening.

This timing was extremely bad!

Dimly, the bright light of the stars softly stroked Yun Xi’s soul to take him back to his own body.

Yun Xi woke up.

Soon after, he opened his eyes and before he could do anything, his lips were gently blocked by some soft stuff.

The taste of white lotus was a familiar one. However, this time, it wasn’t the prince waking up the sleeping beauty with a kiss, but the younger sister of the twin witches waking her prince by her kiss.

Everything was reversed.

The girl kissed Yun Xi’s lips. Inside the diffused water mist, Yun Xi clearly felt the fragrance of White Lotus’s lips and her virgin breath. (PR: Do breaths have virginity?)

“Eh…” Though this was the first time she did this kind of thing, but White Lotus had read hundreds of romantic novels from the Western God’s Domains. Naturally, she made it to the next step.

Her soft small tongue easily broke through Yun Xi’s teeth. She sucked his tongue, tightly tangling their tongues together.

Yun Xi just finished his state of integration with nature; his body was in its most sensitive state. White Lotus’s teasing immediately made him fall into a passionate kiss.

Compared to their kiss in the dark forest, the kiss now was hotter. She didn’t seem shy at all; such an impassioned girl.

“Gee…” When White Lotus found that Yun Xi had woken up, remembering what a shameless thing she was doing, her entire small face turned to red.

No, that wasn’t the worst, because she finally recognized her appearance in Yun Xi’s eyes.

“Eeeh!” With her snow-white small hands, she hurriedly waved. Thousands of silver silk threads flew in the air, weaving into her holy and inviolable White Lotus Vestment.

However, White Lotus forgot to weave her sister’s vestment. Red Lotus was still silently floating beside her sister, nude like a newborn baby, not knowing that her wonderful body had been seen by Yun Xi from top to bottom.

“Ah… well…” After been awakened by White Lotus’s kiss, Yun Xi felt as if there was heat flowing through his entire body. It was absolutely not the heat from the hot spring.

“Prince… ah… sister!” White Lotus covered her small lips with surprise and happiness on her face, then realized that her sister was still naked. She hurriedly helped her sister put on her Red Lotus Vestment.

You saw it? You saw it! White Lotus gazed at Yun Xi with a crying-like pitiful look. She had no more words.

“In fact… I came here first.” Yun Xi guiltily raised up his hands. He wasn’t a pervert who would peep on girls bathing.

“I… I know… prince…” White Lotus shyly pinched her fingers, not daring to look at Yun Xi’s face.

Just now, she gathered all her nerve to kiss her prince.

She didn’t expect that the sleeping prince woke up due that, just like the fairy tales said!

It must be decreed by fate!

In her dream, the prince’s kiss woke her up. However, in the real world, her kiss woke up the prince.

Right now, what should her expression be?

In fairy tales, after being awakened by the prince’s kiss, the princess would fall in love with the prince.

In the real world, after awakened by her kiss, would it be the same for the prince?

Too much anxiety made her heart almost jump out from her chest.

Was this the so-called love?

Shyness, anxiety, excitement, and thrill. Various emotions mixed together, her head almost broke.

She could even measure the orbit of stars, but couldn’t even find a date or formula to deduce her current mood.

What should she do? What expression should she show?!

Now, her expression must be very, very ugly. Wee-wee-wee-wee!

“Eh, sorry, I’m not a prince.” Yun Xi sighed and shook his head. He felt lucky that it was the younger sister of the twins that found him.

If the terrible elder sister found him, Yun Xi slightly imagined the scene and couldn’t stop himself from trembling.

The elder sister Red Lotus hated love and didn’t mind anything. If she were to find him, the “turtle”…

After mincing the turtle, would she steam, braise, or stew him?

“No, you’re my prince!” White Lotus raised up her head as persistent lights shined inside of her eyes.

“You don’t know this, but I have seen you in my dream before.”

“It was you, kissing us to awake us from the infinite darkness.”

“Even though I know nothing of true love, I know it’s our fate.”

“You’re the prince of my sister and me.”

Yun Xi dumbly looked at the White Lotus Saint, who was so innocent to believe that the dream meant destiny.

He couldn’t say the truth. He couldn’t force it out of his mouth!

The dream was the trial the stars arranged for him. You, the green hippo, and his childhood sweetheart—Hua Huo—were involved in his dream by the stars. How was it possible to tell her this truth!

Should he tell her, the young sister of the twin witches, one of the apostles’ candidate, that he was the starchild who was wanted by the four overlords?

Even if he wanted to die, it wasn’t an acceptable choice.

So, he couldn’t explain, couldn’t say, that the girl’s dream of a lover was just a by-product of a trial.

The great stars, why?!?!

“I- I’m just an ordinary person. It’s true.”

“Look, I live here, a small town. I’m a 3rd Rank Baker and 1st Rank Swordsman.”

“You must be mistaken. I’m not your prince.” Now, Yun Xi had to firmly deny her words.

“Ah, you live in this small town! I knew it was fate!” White Lotus’s eyes sparkled as if there were stars shining in them.

They must be the lovely stars named “love”.

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