Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 35: Love Letters

Chapter 35: Love Letters

You wanted to marry me just because of a kiss? Your Honorable White Lotus Holy Virgin, how pure and naive you are!

Please don’t confuse fairy tale stories with reality!

Let’s suppose that you were the pure, innocent, and beautiful princess in the fairy tale story. However,I wasn’t the prince who rode on a white horse to greet you!

You and I were natural enemies!

“I… I can’t accept your love…” At any rate, Yun Xi had to refuse the exalted White Lotus Holy Virgin’s love.

Even though he felt a little regret in his heart, but as a boy who was born in a small town, Yun Xi knew that it was impossible to accept White Lotus’s love.

For them, the gap between their identities and strengths made it impossible to go on.

In Yun Xi’s dream about his future, maybe he would marry one of those girls in his town. He even slightly imagined the possibility of marrying Hua Huo.

However, a female like White Lotus wasn’t within his choice.

Illusion should have its limits. Moreover, the pair of twin witches were two terrible presences. Like his natural enemies.

“You can’t? Why?” White Lotus seemed very shocked. Her innocent eyes almost welled up in tears.

“No means no. We are two different people.

“Besides, today I just meet you for the first time.”

If before he awakened his blood as the starchild, if such a beautiful, cute, and pure girl said that she liked him, maybe he couldn’t wait to accept her.

“Ah… but… you’re my prince!” White Lotus’s eyes were filled with love. It seemed that even if Yun Xi refused her, she had no intention to give up.

“Tell me, prince. What should I do to stay with you?

“No matter what I have to do, I will try my best.”

“Except you, no one can obtain my love.”

Pressure. It was a great pressure. Yun Xi’s forehead began to drop with big beads of sweat.

She was a perfect girlfriend! She only cared about him; she didn’t even want any other male except him. She was like the most tender and beautiful flower in the greenhouse.

Dammit! How nice would it be if she wasn’t the White Lotus Holy Virgin and the terrible apostle alternate, but a ordinary girl in the town.

It wasn’t easy to meet such a girl who would show her true heart to him, but she was his natural enemy. Stars, are you mocking me?

“Then… then… let’s first be friends, ok?”

It was just a plot to gain more time because there was no other way. No matter if it was Hua Huo or White Lotus, soon after they would leave this small town. By that time, the problem would be solved naturally.

“It’s too weird to begin with a wedding. You’re still young, you need time to teach you what true love is.” After wiping the sweat away from his forehead, Yun Xi tried to give her advice by using the best euphemistic method.

“Ah… so that…” White Lotus understood.

“We need time to brew our love, and the marriage contract also needs time to be prepared. Prince, you considered our future well.”

“So, give me a love token!”

“You don’t understand it at all, my Honorable Holy Virgin!”

Yun Xi looked at White Lotus, who smiled innocently, with an expression of “Why are you so naive?”.

There was actually a girl who was like the princesses in the fairy tales.

She smiled at him just because of his one kiss. She didn’t mind the identity and strength of the person she loved, but reached her hand to him without hesitation.

Compared to her innocence, Yun Xi felt like he was a mortal who had sank into the dirty world. How could he deserve such a fairytale princess!

“Gift… gift…” Yun Xi looked around, but unfortunately, he came here to take a bath. He didn’t bring anything that could be used as a gift to the girl.

Luckily, it was a hot springs area. Yun Xi remembered that there was a speciality here. It was the associated product of the volcano, and many people came to to pick some to make ornaments.

Yun Xi saw one. He took several steps forward, put his hand into one of the stone wall’s corner, and drew out a fiery-red stone.

Yun Xi slightly pinched, then found a irregularly shaped micalex.

It was a very common mineral in the mountain areas, especially at a hot spring. You could find them anywhere on the cliff.

In this hot springs area, there was a kind of beautiful micalex. Yun Xi found them by accident in his childhood while playing here with Hua Huo.

Unlike most of micalexs that looked green, white, or red, the micalexs in this hot spring had a rare golden-red colour. It was a beautiful colour, just like the setting sun ensanguined behind the clouds.

“I hope you are worth of my choice.” After carefully wiping off the stone chips from the surface of the micalex, bit by bit, Yun Xi predictably saw the beautiful golden-red colour.

He was so poor that he could only present White Lotus such a crummy gift.

As the future master of the White Lotus Sword Domain and the highest witch, White Lotus probably wouldn’t take a fancy in this kind of common rough stone.

Gold, treasure, pearls, or corals were nothing to her. She was like a beautiful princess in the fairy tale story, naturally having everything.

As an ordinary person, the semitransparent golden-red micalex was the only gift he could find here for her.

“This… I can only find this…” Yun Xi looked at the irregular shaped stone in his hand and felt embarrassed because it was just a rough stone, good for nothing except for its good-looking colour.

“What a beautiful gem…” White Lotus’s eyes sparkled, behaving like she was a little girl who had just first tasted the sweetness of candy.

“Eh… but… It’s just a common micalex.” Yun Xi looked at the delighted White Lotus in surprise.

As the White Lotus Holy Virgin, you should have seen countless more valuable and beautiful gems, right? Even if you wanted to build a gem palace, it wouldn’t be any more difficult than overturning your palm, right?

“I know it’s a micalex. But it’s your love token, the proof of our love.” White Lotus blissfully took the golden-red micalex from Yun Xi’s hand, though it hadn’t been sanded yet and looked rough.

“Today, this micalex is just a common stone in the eyes of other people.

“But from now on, it’s the first gift my lover gave me.

“In the future, it will be the gift my husband first presented to me, and gradually will become a priceless and irreplaceable treasure in my life.

“I don’t mind other people’s ideas, but for me, it’s the most beautiful and glitzy gem from my prince.

“I witness it here, your present is the most valuable gift to me, to complete our eternal contract.

“Maybe I indeed don’t know what true love is, but I swear to this gem.

“I will love you forever.”

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