Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 39: Limit Practice

Chapter 39: Limit Practice

Two days. Within just two days, the peaceful small town had completely changed in appearance.

One after another, temporary bamboo houses raised straight from the ground, with writings of each aristocratic family’s name on each of them. Geniuses came from all directions. They gave up their opportunity to take the exam in their hometowns, but took part in the exam of the Sword Palace in this small town.

For a time, clouds gathered, driven by the wind. The history of the small town opened onto a new page.

However, it had temporarily no relationship to Yun Xi.

After getting the premonition that some big trouble would happen in the small town, he had no hesitation in directly picking up camping tools and food, hiding with Mei’er in a secret location of the hill.

Here was also a location he had found once when he was playing games with his childhood sweetheart. It was a hiding spot in the small secret valley.

In the end of the valley, there was a big beautiful tree. On the tree, there was a clumsy, but cute umbrella-shaped mark. On one side, it was Yun Xi’s name, and on another side, it was Hua Huo’s name.

“Yun Xi and Hua Huo will stay together forever.” Looking at the handwriting he wrote when he and Hua Huo both were still young, Yun Xi wasn’t able to stifle a laugh.

At that time, Hua Huo and he were still naive. They never realized how wide was the gap between their identities.

Children’s feelings were always so pure and innocent.

“Ok, let me start limit practice from now on!” After putting up the tent under the tree, Yun Xi drew out his long sword, which he specially bought from the blacksmith’s shop in the town.

By imitating the sword Hua Huo used, this sword was as much as possible like the elite-level longsword of the White Lotus Sword Palace. However, it was just a good product sold in the blacksmith’s shop, after all. It wasn’t possible for it to be as sharp as Hua Huo’s sword.

However, it didn’t matter. Because Yun Xi wasn’t going to use the sword to fight.

He wanted to train in the Limit Practice that he learned from Hua Huo’s seed.

Push-ups for 1000 times, sit-ups for 1000 times, squat for 1000 times, run a hundred miles, and brandish his sword for 10,000 times.

Based on this, it was a circle. Over and over!

It was totally a challenge to the limit of the human body. You could even say that the human physique itself had made it clear that it was an impossible practice.

It was said that long ago, a man kept practicing himself like this for three years and became an invincible warrior. However, as the price, he became a baldy… (The baldy -> Saitama, from One Punch Man)

Ok, Yun Xi didn’t think that he could overdraw his life to keep practicing this limit practice for three years. The man who could do it must have a monster-like physique.

He was just a 1st Ranked swordsman. Even the three basic trainings were impossible for him. The Mortal-rank swordsmen were just flesh and blood, even if they had all sorts of magic-like methods just like Hero-rank warriors.

Now, Yun Xi had only come into contact with two Hero-rank warriors. However, the twin witches weren’t at the same level as ordinary Hero-rank warriors.

Because Yun Xi chose the wrong referents, he had a great misunderstanding about the gap between mortals and Hero-rank warriors, and had an illusion that his strength was extremely insignificant.

That was the reason why he was here, preparing to challenge the limit practice. Which in his memory, Hua Huo didn’t even finish when she was still at the 1st Rank.

“The first, is push-ups for 1000 times.” Sticking the long sword in front of himself, and standing under the tree he made the promise with Hua Huo, Yun Xi started to challenge the inhuman limit practice.

One, two, three, four… relying on his 1st rank limit of physical fitness after absorbing the green hippo’s soul, Yun Xi kept to it, doing 500 push-ups. Then, he couldn’t hold up and laid on the ground.

“Sure enough, my 1st rank body can’t handle this.” Yun Xi’s eyes were covered by his own sweat. It was his strong will that supported him to hold on to his limit.

And the fact also proved that as just a 1st Ranked swordsman, no matter how strong willed he was and how perfect he could save his physical strength, it was impossible to finish 1000 push-ups.

It wasn’t like common push-ups. No matter the posture, height, or the position to support the body, it had a extremely high demand on all aspects. Ordinary people would go into convulsions, toppling down to the ground before they did a hundred push-ups.

“Release the seed’s power.” At the beginning, when Yun Xi just obtained the green hippo’s blood seed, he had a guess. And now it was the time to verify it.

He wasn’t going to release all the blood power from the seed just like what he did in the battle, but slowly released out the blood power from the seed, using it to help his practice.

With the help of the tremendous blood power of the green hippo’s seed, he could do what he wasn’t able to do in the past, and successfully finished the seemingly impossible limit practice.

A little warmness appeared inside Yun Xi’s body, and then spread to his four limbs.

Yes, this was the feeling!

Like this, he could go beyond the limit of his mortal body!

It was deserving to be the fierce green hippo’s seed. Yun Xi even felt a little pity.

Ashen, do you have more hippos?

By using the green hippo’s blood seed, Yun Xi broke through his body limit. He did 1000 push-ups, 1000 sit-ups, 1000 squats, and run for a hundred kilometers.

“Heee!” With the flashing light of his sword, he started to practice the last part, and it was also the part that needed the most attention —brandishing his sword ten thousand times.

Keeping the speed steady, brandishing his sword stably and powerfully. Making sure that it wasn’t beyond his limit. This was the most important and core part, he had to do this after he finished the previous part of the limit practice.

As he kept his eyes and heart focused on the same line, Yun Xi stood under the big tree, brandishing his sword methodically and focusedly.

Sweat continuously flowed down from his forehead, but it couldn’t affect his concentration.

Again, Hua Huo’s sword seed grew slowly.

In this nameless small valley, Yun Xi took the first and most important step in his life.



In the encampment of the twin witches, White Lotus happily lifted up the Star and Moon Ring.

Around her, there were the craftsmen who were hurriedly called from the White Lotus Sword Palace. They looked at the artifact’s shining golden-red light of sun, silvery-white light of full moon, and the bright light of stars in White Lotus’s hands, showing a relieved expression.

After working hard for three days and nights, she finally made the perfect fruit.

From now on, the White Lotus Sword Palace had another legendary artifact.

The Star and Moon Ring, the secret artifact which was forged by the White Lotus Holy Virgin personally.

Look! Its golden-red halo was so bright and as holy as the sun.

“It’s beautiful.” Red Lotus looked at the finished artifact, the Star and Moon Ring, in surprise. If she didn’t know its origin, she wouldn’t believe that it was made of a micalex.

“Because this is the miracle of love.” White Lotus put the Star and Moon Ring on her finger and smiled sweetly.

“He’s my sun.”

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