Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 4: The Three Spirits

Chapter 4: The Three Spirits

Truly, to die so miserably in the end, what kind if heaven-angering crimes did the youngster commit? To go as far as having the four overlords dispose of him and carry out such a bloody ending.

Seems to be because they wanted to take something away from him?

Today’s dream and the past dreams are completely different!

However, it was quite brilliant.

“Choose, the time has come.” Countless stars converged together to voice their anxious reminder to Yun Xi.

“Choose… choose what?” Still thinking that it was still all just a dream, Yun Xi was confused.

“Choose your spirit!”

“Choose, there isn’t any time left!” The voice that sounded in Yun Xi’s ears seemed to have the ancient memory of the stars, but one thing was made clear to him.

He was going to choose something important, something that will change his life. So much so, that it will even change the path of the stars.

There was no room for escape, he had to immediately make his choice.

Choosing three, the ancient heavenly river connected three different paths, indicating three different trials.

Every road represented a choice.

At the same time, there were three cocoons emerging in front of him, corresponding to three different roads.

Within every cocoon was a spirit, each emitting their respective attribute. Waiting for Yun Xi’s choice.

The first cocoon was pitch-black, it had the darkest colour, the same as the dark abyss.

You could faintly see tiny purple demon wings, as the spirit was emitting a demonic attribute.

“In there, the deepest abyss is waiting for you. It’s a boundless dark corridor. Once you choose it, you can never turn back and will become the dark lord, reigning the endless darkness.”

The second cocoon was misty-milky white. There were countless clouds and misty winds swirling around in it. A fairy was sleeping in a huge stone tablet while holding a lantern.

“Beyond the beginning of obscurity, at the first second of being born of the world, a being named Primordial was born. Here is the place where the stele of the heavens fell asleep. If you choose this path, you can lord over the universe, to be a free and unfettered immortal.”

Finally, there was the golden elf cocoon. It emitted a faint golden radiance and was the most beautiful cocoon.

“Like the sun that will rise from the ground every day, even if I’m surrounded by the relentless darkness, I will also break it by using my mutilated body.”

“Like the night that will come every day, even if I’m troubled due to the twisted fate today, I still believe that the world will never change. Only we will be changed. The truth that we are still alive is our strongest weapon.”

“Son of the stars. If you wish to continue to walk on this path and choose this road, it means that you will face the most awful and terrifying enemy.”

The three paths, three choices. There are no right or wrong, good or bad, just three kinds of destinies.

Demon Lord, Immortal, Starchild… Yun Xi hesitated for a long time until he ultimately placed his hands on the golden cocoon.

Maybe it was the endless starlights that surrounded and guided him, to make him move and wish for it.

He hoped that he could also obtain the light of the stars someday.

*Pop* The golden light cocoon broke open, as the other two trials disappeared before Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi could still feel their existence, perhaps there will be a fate. (TL: Can also be said as: a destiny between them.)

From the golden cocoon came a delicate, small, and tenderly attractive young girl. She had a pair of big timid eyes, with golden dog ears.

Her slender body didn’t match with her body’s fully developed chest. Plus with her pitying-like expression, it was hard for one to not reach out and console her. (TL: Pffff…. Perverts… lolicons…)

Especially those golden ears, possessing a magical quality that people would spend money to buy.

Taking a glance at Yun Xi, she expressed an indescribably joyful expression, while appearing like she wanted to cry.

“Boo hoo… master!”

“Don’t leave Mei’er, this time I will do my best.”

The crying young girl jumped into Yun Xi’s arms, stretched out her little tongue and licked his face.

He looked at her clear, lively, kind, and innocent eyes from a short distance. She gently shook her long and arched eyebrows, which was a hundred times cuter than he imagined.

Her petite pink, soft, and creamy body was rubbing up against his body. Especially, her rosy and soft small mouth. Yun Xi had a dizzy feeling when he tasted it.

She was like a puppy. This was the first impression Yun Xi had towards the star elf, “Mei’er”, he chose.

It was unlikely for him to say that his first encounter with Mei’er was an utter defeat. Her mouth’s sweet and unctuous saliva, caught by her entangling tongue, licking and sucking that could be felt all the way to this poor one’s soul.

“You are called Mei’er?” Mei’er licked his cheeks till they became dripping wet. After Yun Xi was taken away from the most fantastic kiss in his life, he embarrassedly grabbed the little girl’s shoulder.

She really did have a very petite body, she was only to Yun Xi’s chest. Those golden dog ears and tail, because she was excited, was unceasingly shaking in such an adorable way.

“Yes! I’m Mei’er, the star spirit.” Mei’er nestled in Yun Xi’s arms like a spoiled little child.

He felt as if she was another little dog he had to feed.

As for the first dog, of course, she was Hua Huo, who was always so lively, healthy, and hyperactive. She had to eat Yun Xi’s bread every day, otherwise, she would be listless all day, which made Yun Xi worry about her life after she went to the Sword Palace.

“Can you tell me, this is a dream, so how did I come here?” Up till now, Yun Xi had a kind feeling that this all didn’t feel real.

He, in accordance with his heart, made the choice, but he still didn’t understand why.

Perhaps because this was all just a dream, he could make a choice without considering the consequences.

“Ah, that’s because my past master died.” Mei’er held onto Yun Xi, enjoying the smell of his body, her happy facial expression was like that of someone who was high on drugs.

“Who’s dead?” Yun Xi felt that something was wrong in this crucial matter.

“Just now, did you not see it? You were the one being killed in the memory of the stars.” Mei’er astonishingly looked at Yun Xi.

Ah, yes, it seemed that it was memories of him being killed. No wonder he had a feeling of empathy.

Hold on… he was killed!

That unfortunate existence whom the four overlords joined hands to send to hell, who was then finally crushed and turned into pieces of jade, was him!

To die so tragically, simply a tragic ending, ah!

“This is not a joke, right?” Yun Xi began to increasingly doubt that the end was not a dream.

If this was a dream, it was a nightmare, the biggest nightmare.

“Why did I die so horribly?” First off, no matter if this was a dream or not, Yun Xi wanted to know.

If that youngster is him, what did he do to have provoked four overlords to join hands and kill him? (TL note: Btw if you haven’t picked it up yet, all 4 overlords, are female… ahaha).

What that youngster was holding should have been the small Mei’er. She was so innocent and kind, like a harmless little white rabbit.

“This… is actually because…” Mei’er suddenly became hesitant, apparently somewhat embarrassed:

“They, are your ex-girlfriends…”


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