Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 46: Forging

Chapter 46: Forging

Sure enough, the formal trial was unlike the newbie trial.

Though it was difficult, in the first level of the trial, the first group of stone soldiers had killed Yun Xi three hundred times, but Yun Xi had also obtained equal rewards from them.

Yun Xi only obtained the hippo’s soul from the green hippo. However, besides the stone soldier’s souls, the stone soldier army Yun Xi killed also provided him four spoils.

Three of the spoils made Yun Xi feel the importance of weapons and the equipment Yun Xi obtained in the formal trial.

The two cranes swords — they were two famous swords owned by the second Childe of the Yun He family, and forged by the seventeenth successor of God Craftsman Ou Yezi.

They were two swords specially made for supporting the Yun He Sword Skill. They had the property that could be thrown out to attack enemies by itself and then fly back to its master.

“The Yun He Sword Skill…” Yun Xi couldn’t stop himself from remembering the several people who were living in the highest bamboo houses in the small town. Childe Yun He was one of them.

The next was the two-handed sword that the Number Two Stone Soldier used.

It was a standard two-handed sword of the Thunder Army in the Western God’s Domains — the walking sword of Childe Si Nian, and was made by the Western God Artisan’s Guild.

It was 108 kg, and only a person with superhuman strength could use it. It could even be used as a siege weapon!

The last one was the weirdest sword, which brought Yun Xi the biggest trouble.

Snake Bones Soft Sword — it was the heritage spirit weapon of the White Lotus Sword Domain’s Snake Bones Family. It was held by the current Childe Snake Bones, and no one knew who its maker was. People only knew that it was probably forged from some Hero rank spirit snakes’ remnant parts.

It was specially made for supporting the Snake Bones Sword Skill. After reaching the Hero rank, its user could summon the shadow of the spirit snake out of the sword to fight for him.

Spirit Weapon. It was the first spirit weapon Yun Xi obtained.

Mortals couldn’t display the true power of weapons at this level. They could only use them as the best Mortal rank weapons.

No wonder Childe Snake Bones’s attacks were so weird — the Snake Bones Soft Sword was a true Spirit Weapon! It was a great waste to be used by a Mortal.

“But I can’t use them at all!” Looking at the spoils he obtained in his first formal trial, Yun Xi was a little annoyed.

No matter if it was the two Cranes Swords or Snake Bones Soft Sword, they were all specially made for supporting sword skills. Especially the Snake Bones Soft Sword, it needed a special bloodline to match with it. In that case, Yun Xi couldn’t even use it.

Now, Yun Xi could only use the standard two-handed sword of the Thunder Army from the Western God’s Domain.

However, Yun Xi’s power was from Hua Huo’s seed; his strongest sword skill was the lightweight and flexible Flying Swallow Sword. It wasn’t something that matched with the super giant sword which weighed 108 kilograms.

Yun Xi twisted the corner of his mouth slightly after he imagined his slender Hua Huo waving the two-handed giant sword to attack someone.

No, no, he couldn’t use them. After picking and choosing, Yun Xi found that now, the newbie iron sword was still the optimal choice for him.

Fortunately, the fourth spoil gave Yun Xi a hint, that even though these weapons didn’t fit him, they could still offer him their power.

The last spoils were ten small crystals that emitted teeny green lights.

These fragments of green crystals were the Essence of Weapon Enhancement. They could be used to forge and enhance low-level weapons. (The fragments could be obtained after randomly defeating enemies or by disassembling low-level weapons.)

“Disassemble them.” Yun Xi decided to dissemble the Snake Bones Soft Sword and the flying two Crane Swords, leaving only the two-handed giant sword, because he thought that maybe he could use it.

The method to disassembling weapons was simple, he had only to throw the weapon he couldn’t use into the campfire.

“Ding!” After a while, dozens of the fragments of green crystals flew out from the campfire and fell into Yun Xi’s hands.

“Well, the two Crane Swords gave me four fragments.”

“The Snake Bones Soft Sword is worthy of being called a Spirit Weapon, it gave me thirty-one fragments!” After counting out all the fragments of green crystals he had, Yun Xi moved his eyes to the four pieces of equipment in his armory.

The newbie iron sword, the newbie cloth armor, the newbie wooden shield, and the standard two-handed sword of the Thunder Army from the Western God’s Domain.

At first glance, it would be best to use all the fragments of green crystals to forge and enhance the last spoil, because it could improve his combat capabilities immediately.

The problem was that the strongest choice was not always the optimal choice. After hesitating for a while, Yun Xi chose the newbie iron sword — because it was the most suitable one for him.

Up to now, he had the highest proficiency with the newbie iron sword among all the weapons he had used. He decided to change for a better sword after obtaining more spoils after the trial.

As for the uncommon standard two-handed sword of the Thunder Army, oh, maybe he could learn how to use it in the future.

“Enhance the newbie iron sword.” After putting the newbie iron sword in front of the campfire, Yun Xi sent out the “Enhancing” order.

Three green crystals immediately turned into ashes and began to enhance the newbie iron sword for the first time.

The green light points infiltrated the newbie iron sword and engraved new grooves on the common newbie iron sword.

Every groove would use three green crystals. After using up nine green crystals, the newbie iron sword had three beautiful ancient-style grooves on it, which made it look better.

However, the green crystals gave no response at all after that.

“Could it only be enhanced three times?” Yun Xi knew that this was the newbie iron sword’s limit. It was limited by its material quality, and couldn’t be engraved with any more grooves in it.

To be honest, even the three grooves had surprised Yun Xi. He didn’t know how it was made, it was a superlative craftsmanship.

After enhancing three times, it didn’t change anything, no matter its centre of gravity or quality of balance. However, its material quality and sharpness had been improved to a higher level.

Perhaps the newbie iron sword couldn’t compare to the two-handed sword of Thunder Army now, but it was already a fine sword. It could at least be regarded as a top grade weapon among all Mortal weapons.

Especially, when it had the special property — ”Never wear”, which was the only property of the newbie weapon.

“Well, then, it’s your turn now.” After successfully enhancing the newbie iron sword, Yun Xi enhanced the newbie cloth armor and the newbie wooden shield to their limit without hesitation.

As the same as the newbie iron sword, the enhancing limit of the newbie cloth armor and the newbie wooden shield was three times. However, the cloth armor needed three times more green crystals than the iron sword, which meant that it used nine fragments of green crystals to engrave a single groove.

After that, Yun Xi had used all the fragments of green crystals he obtained in the first level.

However, the expensive enhancement brought Yun Xi power. After putting the three pieces of newbie equipment on his body, Yun Xi could clearly feel the power the pieces of equipment brought him.

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