Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 50: Dragon Battle-Maiden

Chapter 50: Dragon Battle-Maiden

That was too powerful!

Yun Xi blankly looked at the both sides that were fighting each other violently, feeling Hua Huo’s powerful talent again.

No, it already couldn’t be described as “powerful”. It was incredible!

Everyone in every God’s Domain admitted that a Mortal rank couldn’t defeat a Hero rank.

Mortal’s 3rd rank of white-leaf meant the limit of flesh and blood. Even inhuman monsters like the green hippo were still at this rank.

Only Hero rank of silver-leaf were entitled to step in a higher realm. You could say that in essence, Mortal rank creatures and Hero rank creatures were already two different living beings.

Taking the male Fiery Dragon and the Green Hippo as an example, an adult male Fiery Dragon could easily spit out flame at thousands of degrees and his Dragon Aura field could shock and awe all creatures under the 3rd rank.

If this kind of monsters appeared on the battlefield of Mortals, it wasn’t as simple as an invincible enemy, but a nightmare who was going to exterminate all living beings!

3rd rank and 4rd rank. Mortals and Heroes. This was a natural chasm.

“Ding!” The cold sword light pierced the air, chopping at the angry male Fiery Dragon again.

One, two, three, four… Yun Xi exhausted his sight, finally barely seeing traces of Hua Huo’s sword clearly.

It was the Flying Swallow Sword, but way stronger than the common Flying Swallow Sword.

Yun Xi had to force all his strength to use the Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack, but any of Hua Huo’s casual attacks easily reached fourteen slashes!

Not only that, they were all forced on one limb, there was no deviation.

“Hong!” The male Fiery Dragon trampled the ground. All its scales suddenly emitted light, and then, a wall of fire shot up to the sky.

The human Mortal body certainly couldn’t master this kind of ability. Flame Control was a proof that the male Fiery Dragon was at Hero rank.

However, the wall of fire couldn’t even ignite the corner of Hua Huo’s clothes.

Hua Huo stepped forward. Comparing to her use of the skill Quicksilver Motion, Yun Xi blushingly felt that he himself was nothing. A moment later, she appeared behind the male Fiery Dragon.

This time, it was her twenty-four times continuous attacks that were at lightning speed, and the position she chopped on was the male Fiery Dragon’s tail, which was already a little broken.

“Roar” The angry male Fiery Dragon used its ultimate skill, which could kill all creatures whose rank was lower than 3rd rank —Dragon’s Roar.

Terrible sound waves spread away. Even Yun Xi, who was hundreds of meters away from there, was also involved in the skill. His eardrums nearly broke.

Hua Huo flexibly brandished her sword, drawing traces in the air in a way that Yun Xi was unable to understand, cutting and splitting the male Fiery Dragon from all directions.

“Hoo!” The dragon’s roar, which was able to kill the Five Tiger Generals at the same moment, just blew up a gust of wind, making her pretty horsetail flap in the air.

After breaking the dragon’s roar down, Hua Huo took a backward step and then jumped up in the next second.

“Gahu!” The male Fiery Dragon saw that Hua Huo was jumping up, then its next actions made Yun Xi feel inconceivable.

Holding claws, protecting its eyes and head. Its body curled up with wings folded. Looked that it was very proficient.

Hua Huo jumped up. She dragged her simple long sword, stroking her fingertip on the blade of the sword. Then, she dropped a few blood drops down on the sharp blade, adding the light, long sword a few blood-red colour.

The next moment, with a flash, a line in the air appeared in front of Yun Xi’s eyes. The male Fiery Dragon roared sadly and shrilly as one of its wings was chopped off from the middle.

It was Sky Flying Sword!

It was Yun Xi’s first time seeing Hua Huo’s strongest sword skill, God’s Sword Skill, with his own eyes.

Only this kind of sword skill could chop off the defiant male Fiery Dragon’s wing with one hit. After all, if it was Yun Xi, his attack couldn’t do any harm to the dragon’s scales.

By analogy, half of the dragon’s tail and its wing on the other side were also chopped off by Hua Huo’s God’s Sword Skill.

No wonder that it was Hua Huo’s strongest hidden sword skill. It could even chop off the Hero rank dragon’s wings and tail.

However, after using this skill, Hua Huo did not look happy at all. She didn’t keep fighting with the male Fiery Dragon. Using her skill Quicksilver Motion continuously, she ran to a corner in the middle of the volcano area.

Then, she took out a black stone to sharpen her sword.

Ah, her sword was turned, the weapon was lacking sharpness. When Yun Xi fought with the Green Hippo, he was also facing this trouble, so he understood Hua Huo’s action immediately.

The male Fiery Dragon’s scales were too hard. Even though Hua Huo’s sword was made of stainless steel, an excellent weapon from White Lotus Sword Palace, but it was still not good enough to cut through dragon scales.

Perhaps that was the only reason that Hua Huo hadn’t killed the male Fiery Dragon yet.

Her weapon wasn’t sharp enough.

If so, maybe…

Yun Xi checked his Armoury, finding a weapon which he regarded as a waste before…

The standard two-handed sword of the Thunderbolt Army in the Western God’s Domain. Its weight a hundred-and-eight kilograms. It could be used as a siege weapon.

“Hua Huo, use it!” Yun Xi took out the sword, which was too heavy for Mortals, and threw it to Hua Huo.

“Ah, Little Xi, you’re here!” Hua Huo looked at Yun Xi in surprise and happiness. She hurriedly stood up, tidying her little-burnt dress.

Because she had fought with the male Fiery Dragon for a long while, her clothes had been burnt a little apart. However, none of the parts were burned by the male Fiery Dragon’s flames. It was burnt due to the igneous magma.

“Don’t look at me. Little Xi, ah!” After realizing how embarrassing her dress was, Hua Huo’s face turned red.

“You stupid dragon, it’s all your fault!”

“Gahu!” The male Fiery Dragon didn’t think so. It was just staying in the volcano, but Hua Huo came to it, chopping off its wings and tail. The male Fiery Dragon stared at them with tears welled up. Did I bother you?

I just ate several humans, why must you chased after me till my nest?!

“Hua Huo, sword.” Yun Xi never saw Hua Huo use two-handed swords, but he thought that Hua Huo should know how to use it.

“Oh, you’re coming to give me a weapon! Not bad, this dream.” Hua Huo looked very happy to see the two-handed sword which Yun Xi threw to the ground.

“I needed this kind of weapon!”

“In that case, this stupid dragon is just dead meat!”

“Woohu!” Though it didn’t understand what Hua Huo was saying, the male Fiery Dragon still noticed the two-handed sword that Yun Xi threw to Hua Huo. Suddenly, it shivered.

The next moment, Yun Xi saw the three steps that Hua Huo used to kill the male Fiery Dragon.

The first step, Hua Huo moved to the heavy sword, picking it up by using only one hand.

The second step, Hua Huo jumped up. The blood that slipped from her fingers stained the heavy sword, which was able to kill the dragon.

The third step, a giant “V” crack appeared in the air. It tore the male Fiery Dragon into two pieces.

That was how the heroine killed the evil dragon.

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