Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 887 – The Challenge From Sweet Dream

Chapter 887: The Challenge From Sweet Dream

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Victory! Victory! Victory!

Sweet Dream left no chance for the opponent, and with each game, the unstoppable and lethal swordlight was certain to appear.

Although it was a game of chess, Sweet Dream's movements resembled that of a swordsman, with each strike hitting the opponent's vital points, causing real damage beyond any defense.

Inevitable and unavoidable, even in the vast expanse of the starry sky, once Sweet Dream's sword-light appeared, it dealt a severe blow to the opponent.

Several legends of the rank suffered a crushing defeat, with even their steps faltering.

Playing against Sweet Dream not only consumed one's mental energy, but also damaged one's soul with every move!

As a newcomer to the Stardust Zone, Sweet Dream has already won thirty consecutive games, and no one has been able to last until the middle or endgame on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Her attacks are always swift, ruthless, and effective.

Among a thousand troops and ten thousand horses, the head is taken straight away!

"Such a remarkable move." Even Yun Xi couldn't help but applaud her brilliance. This style of play had never before been seen on the Starry Sky Chess board, a visible gift.

Her game was like a legendary sword, unparalleled.

At that moment, the sword had already been unsheathed, seeking challengers to duel with and rise to the top of the starry sky.

"My lord, would you like to play a game?"

"Another challenger has arrived. As customary, it is your turn to play."

"If now isn't the time to act, then when is?!" The elders of the Heaven's Path Palace encouraged and stirred Immortal in the Pot to take the challenge.

"Go! Go! Go! I've had too much to drink. I won't pick on a little girl today." Immortal in the Pot huffed, looking at his group of drinking buddies.

Going up now would be like lambs to the slaughter. Several players at the legend-ranked who could spar with him evenly have already been beat until their faces turned blue.

Each move played resulted in a surprising development, this young lady from the Dark Abyss God's Domain is already unmatched!

He just finished a game with "Little Cloud" and was completely exhausted. Going up now meant surrendering immediately!

"Oh, isn't it true that you always boasts of being able to drink a thousand cups without getting drunk?"

"So even the fairy in the wine pot can really get drunk?"

"This little girl seems to be about to dominate the Stardust Zone."

The elders of Heaven's Path Palace around had a smile on their faces, which made Immortal in the Pot blush.

Previously, most people avoided the legend-ranked of the Dark Abyss God's Domain, but it is different here.

The Starry Sky Chessboard is one of the few trials in the endless god's domains that is completely forbidden from fighting.

Whoever comes here, even if it's a demon god or a powerful fantasy species like the king of feathered snakes, cannot break the rules of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The only way to fight here is to play chess and each using chess pieces that represent stars on the endless star map.

It is because of this that Stardust Zone is so popular, as it has attracted so many newcomers to the Starry Sky Chess after its official opening.

The enchantment of Starry Sky Chess is spreading at a speed surpassing thousands of times.

One can safely comprehend the mysteries of the stars and communicate with fellow The Legend Rank players in Stardust Zone without any fear, playing chess, chatting, and simply enjoying oneself. This portion of the Endless God's Domains is a haven.

As Starry Sky Chess gains popularity, Stardust Zone will undoubtedly become more vibrant. It is virtually impossible to find as many The Legend Rank players anywhere else.

"She won, she won again!"

"The wise men of Western God's Domain were all defeated. This person's chess skills should not belong in Stardust Zone!"

"I think we should conduct a star rating test right now. Her chances of passing it are hundred percent."

"Even the Dark Abyss God's Domain will produce an extraordinary chess player."

"Sweet Dream, she might become the top player of Starry Sky Chess in the future."

Looking at Sweet Dream from the Dark Abyss God's Domain mercilessly annihilating all the big shots who had been mingling in Stardust Zone, everyone had this feeling that they were witnessing something historic.

Today, they would bear witness to history.

"I surrender." With the final defeat of the last expert in Stardust Zone, Sweet Dream successfully achieved the feat of "ruling Stardust Zone" and the silence spread among the surrounding people.

"Are there no stronger opponents?" Sweet Dream curiously looked around, as it was her first time at the Starry Sky Chessboard and she was still unsure of the level of Stardust Zone.

"Go take the Star Position Test, your chess skills surpass everyone here."

"Star Zone is where you ought to stay, my friend from the Dark Abyss God's Domain."

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"I believe no one here can match your skills anymore."

The Starry Sky Chess players who fell under the attack of the Sweet Dream's sword qi shook their heads, feeling hopeless at the disparity of their talents.

As fellow players of the Legend Rank, they were initially stunned by Sweet Dream's strength, but now, they were even more impressed.

"Wait, there is still one person who might be able to fight back."

"Earlier, he also revealed the Star Summoning vision."

"Yes, we also have this newcomer!"

It was unclear who initiated it, perhaps one of the many elders of Heaven's Path Palace, but suddenly everyone's focus shifted to "Little Cloud."

Indeed, as a new player here, there is also a chess player who has produced the Star Summoning phenomenon.

Equally visible talents. Perhaps he may not match up to "Sweet Dream" from the Dark Abyss God's Domain, but he undoubtedly possesses immense potential.

Within a day, two such talented newcomers have arrived in the Stardust Zone. The endless god's domains truly possess infinite possibilities.

The world of Starry Sky Chess will become more and more exciting with the emergence of these terrifying newcomers.

The stage representing the highest wisdom of the endless god's domains is so exciting and full of unknowns.

"You...are strong?" Sweet Dream approached Yun Xi's face and looked at him with a bewildered expression.

Originally just a spectator, Yun Xi instantly became the focus of everyone.

This is what they call being in a dilemma, with no escape route.

"Only in playing chess..." Yun Xi felt that he only had this one advantage in this Stardust Zone where legend-ranked experts gathered.

Compared to the cultivation base, this person in front of him can probably kill him with just one finger. He felt immense pressure when the king of feather snakes looked at him.

"I have no quarrel with you." Yun Xi felt the cold gaze of the feather snake and had an innocent look on his face.

"Very well, let's play chess." Sweet Dream smiled slightly, and the figure shrouded in clouds released a gentle aura.

"I find this game very intriguing."

"It's simple yet fun, perfect for unwinding."

"Hmm, that's Starry Sky Chess for us." Yun Xi also thought so. It's such an easy game to understand and always brings him joy.

"Hiss!" The feather snake wrapped around Sweet Dream's skin spread its three pairs of wings and released intense hostility towards Yun Xi.

If this weren't a non-combat trial on the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi felt he might have been eaten by this terrifying feather snake.

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