Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 938

Chapter 938: The Sword Transforms into Spirit

"Great, my brother has completed his mission," Xia Ling eagerly exclaimed when she saw a large swarm of crystal bees chasing after Xia Jie, along with Crystal Big Grass Spirits mixed among them.

The insanely difficult trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure did not deter the princess from the Great Xia. If anything, it ignited her competitive spirit even more.

If she couldn't surpass such a trial, how could she have the qualifications to pursue the footsteps of the Sky Sword?

In order to defeat the monstrous Hua Huo, Xia Ling must obtain the White Lotus Secret Treasure and not let anyone else have it.

The Twin Dragon Sword was unsheathed, and with a mighty swing, the colossal sword unleashed Xia Ling's burning fighting spirit.

This was the first time that Yun Xi had a close encounter with the legendary technique of transforming a sword into a spirit. It was said that Xia Ling, the only princess of the Great Xia, had mastered this secret technique in the entire kingdom.

From drawing her sword to gathering her strength, Xia Ling seemed to have entered another world. Her whole body was surrounded by emerald-colored dots of light.

While being chased by a large group of crystal bees, Xia Jie looked up and saw Xia Ling preparing to unleash her power. Without hesitation, he waved his hand, causing the Black Cavalry to split into two and revealing the army of crystal monsters chasing from behind.

"Capture count: three thousand!" Xia Ling exclaimed with excitement, gripping her sword with both hands. She swiftly turned around and leaped high into the air.

In that instant, numerous green dots of light gathered around her, causing her to hover in mid-air, as if she were floating like a fairy.

"Dragon God's Sword, devour my enemies!" The Twin Dragon Sword, covered in countless green light spots, released a pleasant dragon roar. It soared high up, transforming into a green dragon in the sky, diving down towards the crystal monster army.

With its long and sinuous body, intelligent eyes, and vivid dragon claws, this green true dragon was fundamentally different from the Black Flame Dragon created by Xia Jie's Black Flame Dragon Armor.

Through the eyes of this green true dragon, one could see its wisdom and dignity, like a manifestation of Xia Ling herself.

Xia Jie's Black Flame Dragon, a dragon soul revived by harnessing the power of the Great Xia's dragon veins to forge the Black Flame Dragon Armor, was wild and difficult to control. Until now, Xia Jie has not been able to fully control the power of this Black Flame Dragon soul.

As for Xia Ling's green dragon shadow, it was completely cultivated by her own efforts and possessed infinite potential.

The green dragon spirit transformed by the Twin Dragon Sword has a perfect affinity with Xia Ling, as if it is a part of her.

As the green dragon spirit charges into the army of crystal monsters, dozens of crystal bees explode with a single claw strike, and a single tail swipe can crush more than ten crystal Grass Spirits. Even the rare Crystal Big Grass Spirit is no match for this green dragon spirit, as it easily shatters with a gentle bite.

In about ten seconds, half of the army of over three thousand monsters is annihilated by this green dragon shadow. However, the green dragon shadow has also exhausted most of its power and starts to gradually become transparent.

"Boom!" Xia Ling, descending from the sky, extends her five fingers and tightens her grip suddenly.

The now transparent green dragon shadow lets out a long howl towards the sky, before its entire body explodes.

A green wave of light swept across the land, turning almost half of the remaining monster army into dust. A vivid green circle appeared on the ground, with only a few stray cats left at the edges.

Leading his Black Cavalry, Xia Jie made a swift attack, eliminating the remaining crystal monsters.

This was the first time Yun Xi had seen the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, fight with all her might on the battlefield.

It was no wonder she was once ranked first in the White Lotus Sword Palace. Her attack power, attack range, and ability to control sword spirits far surpassed that of normal heroes.

Her talent in swordsmanship was second only to Yun Xi's childhood friend. Her technique of turning the sword into spirit had reached an astounding level of mastery.

The God Weapon she possessed, the Twin Dragon Sword, was tailor-made just for her and perfectly matched her.

This is a princess who is very close to being perfect. She didn't have her talents until she made a contract with a mysterious being called the Killing Princess Elise .

By judging her based on the normal hero-ranked fourth rank, she is also an extraordinary existence.

Xia Ling is like a genius among geniuses, an unparalleled talent.

Unfortunately, in Yun Xi's perspective, his childhood friend Hua Huo is the standard, and even below that is the ability to communicate with spirits, which is the ultimate boss of this trial called White Lotus, the twin witches.

Hmm, as long as he doesn't compare her to his childhood friend Hua Huo , this person must be very outstanding. Yun Xi thought this after witnessing Xia Ling's performance.

"You noticed it, didn't you, Yun Que ?" Xia Ling only became slightly happy after using her sword technique to eliminate three thousand crystal monsters, and then she discovered the problem.

Her technique of turning a sword into a spirit is a powerful attack that unleashes the strength of the God Weapon. In a normal world, this attack would create a deep hole in the ground, reaching tens of meters deep and covering a distance of over a hundred meters.

The power of the true dragon is incredibly terrifying.

But in the Crystal Creek Valley, the power of the dragon spirit that she ignited only created a circle of green light on the ground. This means that the ground in Crystal Creek Valley is incredibly strong and cannot be destroyed.

"Well, it's probably impossible to leave here without completing the trial or destroying the terrain," Yun Xi knew this style of trial very well.

Even if the terrain is partially destroyed, the map will reset as long as the mission objective is not completed. Yun Xi learned this lesson after dying time and time again.

The monsters that appear through the "refresh" mechanism do not get tired, they do not need food. They simply exist as "enemies" within the trial.

They do not feel fear and there is no thought of "escaping."

If you want to pass this kind of trial, you can only kill your way through, there are no other choices.

Just like the trial in the dark forest, the only way to pass is to "wake up the sleeping beauty in the forest with a kiss".

The condition to pass Crystal Creek Valley is to "kill ten million crystal bees, one million Crystal Grass Spirits, and five hundred thousand Crystal Big Grass Spirits".

If even one is missing, you won't receive a passing evaluation, just like how Yun Xi didn't kiss the sleeping princess in the dark forest, the Water God didn't become the new bride of the Water God world, and the original dragon world didn't defeat the original dragon, the trial will never end.

Compared to the task goals that Yun Xi needs to achieve, the trial goals in Crystal Creek Valley are actually very simple and easy to understand.

However, there is no bonfire here for revival, if you die, you're probably really dead.

Just as Yun Xi was thinking this, he suddenly saw something very familiar in a corner of the battlefield in Crystal Creek Valley.

Warm firelight, a sword stuck upside down, and an everlasting firewood.

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