Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 942

Chapter 942: The Angry Leader Bee

Anger! Anger! Endless anger!

At the moment when Xia Jie and Xia Ling's Killing value broke the barrier of "one hundred thousand," countless specks of light began to gather at a specific spot in the deepest part of the crystal bee hive.

From a previously empty position, a special individual, much smaller than the regular crystal bees but with dreamy red and blue spikes on its tail, started to appear.

If we consider the regular crystal bees as the lowest-ranking "worker bees" in the hive, then the one being born in the crystal bee hive at this moment is the leader who commands all the worker bees.

Listening to the commands coming from deep within the crystal bee hive, the newly-born leader bee spread its transparent wings and swiftly blended in with the swarm of ordinary bees that were continuously setting off.

The leader bee, with its hidden special stinger, looked no different from the other crystal bees, except for being slightly smaller in size.

Xia Jie and Xia Ling, who were engaged in a fierce battle, were completely unaware of the birth of the leader bee in the crystal hive.

Only Yun Xi , with keen observation, noticed the change in the crystal bee swarm surrounding Xia Jie and Xia Ling.

It was a beautiful change, imbued with an artistic quality.

Originally flying in disarray, attacking bees began forming magnificent formations as if they were receiving commands from a conductor.

From different directions and angles, their stingers locked onto Xia Jie and Xia Ling, who were engaged in constant combat.

Different from all the attacks so far, even though they were ready to shoot, none of the crystal bees launched an attack in advance.

All the crystal bees' actions became synchronized, as if there was a magical conductor arranging them.

Now even Xia Jie, who was not very perceptive, noticed that something was wrong.

Unfortunately, it was too late!




An incredibly dazzling, magnificent, and wild storm of bee stingers began!

Each bee stinger carried sparkling red and blue lights, interweaving and overlapping, forming a barrage that no one could avoid.

It was a never-ending barrage, like a swirling galaxy, composed of over one hundred thousand stingers per second, creating a deadly storm.

Xia Jie's pride in his agility and impact force.

Xia Ling's extraordinary talent in swordsmanship and spatial awareness.

The twelve Black Cavalry, tireless and possessing an iron-like will.

All meaningless!

This is a beautiful barrage of music played by the angry leader bee.

This is the deadly rhythm bestowed upon these hardworking crystal bees by a higher existence. The power unleashed by the crystal bees at this moment is beyond what humans can imagine.

No matter how powerful the human army is, they cannot match the attacking rhythm of the crystal bee army, releasing such magnificent and frenzied barrage attacks.

Whether it's Xia Jie's dragon soul or Xia Ling's sword-spirit transformation technique, they appear pale in the face of this ever-changing barrage, resembling the twinkling of stars.

This attack is comparable to a divine sword technique!

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!" The first to bear the brunt of this attack, killing the most and the most ferocious, is the Great Xia's prince, Xia Jie. His Black Flame Dragon Armor has withstood more than half of the bee stinger attacks.

Facing this unavoidable barrage of bullets, even Xia Jie, who had activated his ten times faster neural reaction, couldn't defend himself in time and was continuously tossed around like a drowning dog.

The multi-level sting barrage struck the Black Flame Dragon Armor, causing a transformation. The human army could never concentrate the attacks of over tens of thousands of third-tier elites onto a single target, but the crystal bees could.

What controls them is the mysterious power from the highest [Field], the power of invaders from beyond the endless god's domains!

Fifty percent of the remaining attacks were borne by the twelve Black Cavalry guarding Xia Jie, and the other half mercilessly struck the princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling.

The more Killing value one has, the more severe the targeted storm of bee stings becomes. It was evident that the mysterious being who launched this wave of attacks had targeted its victim from the very beginning.

"Oh no... I hope there's still time..."

Yun Xi rushed forward at the fastest speed and grabbed Xia Ling, who was bleeding heavily.

As for Xia Jie, he couldn't be saved. However, judging from the fact that the twelve Black Cavalry were still able to move, his injuries weren't fatal.

The tide of battle changed so quickly that not even Yun Xi, who was prepared, could react in time.

The endless barrage of bullets was terrifying.

If he only relied on his sword skills, Yun Xi knew that he would need to use Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword to have a chance.

Even the powerful princess of the Great Xia, Xia Ling, was instantly hit by this wave of bullets and left in a critical state.




The crystal swarm launched a magnificent barrage attack and showed no signs of stopping, continuing to fly and gather power.

"Run!" Holding the severely injured princess of the Great Xia, Yun Xi appeared with more than one mist spirit girl behind him, obscuring the crystal swarm's line of sight, and they ran in different directions.

In the next moment, thousands of bee stingers shot towards Yun Xi , almost engulfing him in a never-ending barrage of death.

On the other side, the twelve Black Cavalry, their armor pierced by countless bee stingers, revealed their dark gray bodies and encased the unconscious Xia Jie, forming a strange large ball.




The twelve Black Cavalry, forming a black sphere, started their escape with Xia Jie, heading towards Dragon Palace City.

At this moment, the crystal bees had gained the power to annihilate the entire Great Xia team.

The leader bee, hidden among the crystal bees, hesitated for a moment before choosing Xia Jie as the target of pursuit, as he had a higher Killing value.


Beside a warm bonfire, Yun Xi looked at the princess of the Great Xia beside him, who was in a state of heavy blood loss, breathing heavily, and wore a distressed expression.

"Am... I still alive?" Perhaps it was the light of hope brought by the bonfire that illuminated the darkness of death. With great effort, the weak Xia Ling opened her eyes and looked at Yun Xi .

"Well, is there a way?" Yun Xi knew that there was no need for words. The princess of the Great Xia wouldn't die so easily.

"The third pocket, pills one and two."

"Bee sting, please." Struggling, Xia Ling managed to say the numbers of the life-saving pills before fainting again.

The barrage attack, resembling a divine sword technique, made the princess of the Great Xia sense death for the first time.

"Pills one, two." Yun Xi took out the small pills hidden in Xia Ling's clothes. These were the life-saving pills, truly invaluable strategic resources.

However, as Xia Ling had mentioned, before using these pills, they had to deal with the terrifying bee stings.

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