Stealing Spree

1484 Apology

1484 Apology

As always, when the club hours ended, I fell into my usual routine of escorting the girls who I wouldn’t be able to walk home to their bus stops or the station first.

Apart from that, I also made it a task to check on Marika. With the photo we took already sent to Ichihara Jun, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that he might direct his anger at the girl.

Also, I found it strange that he or his followers didn't bother me today.

He might be already afraid of me but I also couldn’t dismiss the possibility that he’s smart enough to select the fight where he’d win unconditionally. For example, against Marika who had nothing but herself.

That made my worry about the ringlet girl's well-being multiply.

With the weekend looming on us and how busy I would be, there was no way I would be able to rest easily without doing something, no matter how little, to make sure that she’d be fine.

I’m responsible for giving her the idea of freedom so... if worst comes to worst, it’s also my responsibility to see her through it.

I know that my worry will still be useless if that spoiled brat decides to borrow his father’s authority again. If I’m by my lonesome, I will be powerless but... the same as last Sunday when I borrowed someone else’s authority to save Juri, I won’t mind doing it again.

However, with no other advanced favors to use, calling the eccentric old man wasn’t possible again so... I would be turning to my parents for help.

Of course, I’m not expecting them to be as powerful as the noble house of Kaneko. That’s pushing it no matter how mysterious they appeared to be. At the very least, I am hoping for them to make it an even battleground – for example... not letting the older generation interfere with the younger generation’s affairs.

That way, I can step in and protect the girl from Ichihara Jun. And at the same time, steal her away.



When Rae and I arrived at their mansion, the sky was already tinted black. The same as before, the huge gate opened from inside, and Yoko-san was standing there to welcome us.

However, unlike the first two times I appeared before her, Yoko-san couldn’t hide her displeasure upon seeing me. She only managed to maintain a straight face for Rae’s sake.

“Welcome back Mirae-ojousama.”

The woman bowed respectfully. Looks like she reverted back to just being her maid. Or the woman just didn’t want to give me the impression that she already opened up to Rae and started calling the girl by the nickname she created for her; Hon-chan.

Also, it’s too noticeable that she dropped my name out of that greeting. Well, she also didn’t greet me last week so I guess that’s fine.

On another note, I could feel the disdain in her eyes when our gazes met. Yep. She now found me repulsive because of what I did.

In any case, Rae managed to pick up on that. She looked at me in apology. Even if we both expected it, she couldn’t help but be saddened that the two people very important to her were not on good terms.

I shook my head, wordlessly telling her not to feel that way. I also squeezed her hand, calming her down.

I mean, our reason for being here was to clear the stain I made the last time I was here. Or at the very least, accept me for the girl.

The initial plan to continue becoming a villain to the girl was already thrown out the window. While it was proven effective to crack her defenses open for Rae to exploit, my girl would probably not be able to rest easy tonight with the thought that Yoko-san is worrying about her.

Realistically speaking, her opinion of me didn’t really matter but for the sake of Rae, this was necessary to clear her head of any anxiety.

Without saying anything else, the three of us continued to the mansion with Yoko-san stiffly walking ahead of us.

Observing her from behind, I could make out her slight hesitation to ask a fundamental question.

Earlier, Rae told me that she already informed the woman about coming home with me. But now that we showed up here, she’s probably wondering whether Rae listened to her suggestion of staying here instead rather than bringing the girl back to my house.

And so, as soon as we reached the wide hall, I opened my mouth, tearing away her expectation.

“Yoko-san. I’ll be bringing Rae to my house and have her stay the night.”

The woman flinched in response and then turned around. With narrowed eyes, she looked like she was about to stab me with invisible blades before gently and worriedly shifting her eyes to Rae, asking for confirmation.

At the moment, along with hugging my arm close to her chest, Rae locked our hands together, fully showing the woman that no matter what happens, she’ll be coming home with me.

“Yes. I... No. Ruki suggested meeting you first, Yoko-nee. He believes that he has to assure you that I’m in good hands.”

Although she stuttered at first, Rae managed to deliver it. I guess she’s really not used to acting like this in front of her.

“Is... is that so?” Despite not showing it to her face, I could imagine the woman sneering contemptuously at me. She’s not believing that I had it in me. That’s how bad my image in her mind is because of what I did.

In any case, even though she’s not convinced, the woman forced herself to bow one more time, acting out her role as a loyal maid instead of Rae’s close friend. “Onoda-sama... Please take care of Mirae-ojousama.”

The way she said that was nothing short of a robotic monotone, accepting things even if she has a different opinion.

Watching that, Rae couldn’t help but release a helpless sigh.

Yoko-san naturally understood why she did that. She guiltily looked down, avoiding Rae’s gaze.

“It’s fine, Rae.” I started as I tightened my grip on her hand to appear like I’m comforting her. I was about to start with another script that we made for this very moment.

Although it’s probably easy to just tell her that I intentionally acted like a ruffian last week to make her open up to Rae, I doubt it would help in this situation. While she could accept it, that’s not going to erase that experience in her mind. 𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗰𝐨𝗺

I mean, she almost broke down in tears because of what I did.

Whether that was related to why she became a maid here or not, we still have no idea. Her past was still shrouded in mystery. After all, Rae had just started repairing or rebuilding their relationship.

Also, this could be another chance to make her open up to Rae. When I send her home tomorrow, my girl can once again dig into what Yoko-san is hiding regarding her past.

“Yoko-san here is only worried about you. I deserve getting seen as untrustworthy...” I patted the glasses girl’s head, seemingly trying to make her understand that Yoko-san’s reaction was justifiable. Then, as soon as the woman in front of us raised her head again to check on Rae, I continued, “Uhm... I would like to make a formal apology to you, Yoko-san. That is if you’ll allow me.”

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