Stealing Spree

Chapter 1876 Stay here with him

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Chapter 1876 Stay here with him

?Led by Juri, we crossed the bridge and started moving on a path leading to the camping area designated for the second-year students.

Looking around, the scenery here was mostly the same as the one we were staying at. While they opened up a path and clear landmarks for their guests, most of the nature was preserved. The woods. The grassy area leads to a stream or a natural pond and many other wonders of nature. Wildlife might not be that thriving considering they had to remove the aggressive ones that could endanger people but if you look hard enough, there would still be a lot of small creatures living in the hills. Not to mention, the birds that would make their nests inside.

Just like the day we scouted this place, it’s pretty much relaxing even if we only walk around these hills. There would already be a lot to take in. One would probably need at least three days before they finished sightseeing everything this place has to offer.

In any case, since the organizers of the camp had planned for our activities, there was no other choice but to follow it.

At the moment, we’ve only done some really basic things like scavenging the woods or completing simple tasks. Aside from setting up the tent or cooking which really needed actual cooperation, the other tasks weren’t that significant in the goal of this camp yet.

Later at night, we’d probably gather around a campfire, eating and talking in groups. And given the goal of this camp was to improve our interpersonal skills, there’s no doubt that even introverts would be forced to socialize.

Well, that’s not my problem. And my girls who weren’t great at socializing could just stay close to me or... I could accompany them. As they said, my presence alone was enough to boost their confidence and enthusiasm. I just hope we get to join up with the second years too. That way... I can also easily reach my girls there. I mean, there’s Mina and Himeko who weren't great in the crowd. Shizu was also kind of a lone wolf. They could gather together by themselves but wouldn’t it be better if I was also there with them?

Around three minutes of walking later, we arrived at a small clearing. We could already hear the rather noisy chattering not far from it. Most likely, it was coming from where the second years were also gathered for their lunch.

The clearing was made to look like a park or a simple relaxation place where guests could sit and pass the time while surrounded by nature. It was surrounded by trees and there was a path leading into the woods.

Flowers are planted at certain locations but none of them are blooming yet.

No one was around at the moment so it was the most ideal place for us to talk in private.

I mean, if we continue down that path, we’ll reach the second-year area. We won’t be able to sneak in without being spotted.

I still had no idea what they wanted us here for but considering they originally only needed Satsuki, it’s probably not something major. Juri just found it as an opportunity to bring me over. (f)reewe(b)novel

And yep, she’s enjoying every second of this.

With Satsuki having her older sister cling to her, Juri could easily get away with sticking close to me. At one point, she would even hold my hand whenever Setsuna-nee would look away.

This time, as we took a seat on one of the benches, all four of us squeezed into the space that was originally only for three. Due to that, I ended up being sandwiched between Satsuki and Juri. Setsuna-nee, on the other hand, was clinging on to her little sister at the edge of the bench.

Feeling the intense glare coming from her, she’s possibly thinking about whether to switch places with me or not.

I ignored that and focused my attention on both girls on my side.

I shouldn’t expect anything from Setsuna-nee anymore. At the moment, she only had one thing in her mind, or maybe two. To spoil her little sister and compete with me for her attention.

Unfortunately for her, even if I didn’t do anything, Satsuki was also using this opportunity to put on the shoes of being my girlfriend without acting sneaky at all. She grabbed my arm, hooking it around her waist for her to snuggle closer to me.

And because of her body blocking Setsuna’s view, it provided a blind spot for Juri to continue fiddling with my hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had my arms wrapped around her too.

This situation would be perfect if Setsuna-nee wasn’t around, no? But then again, it’s probably hard to separate her from Juri unless we could recreate the situation back during our scouting trip.

“Isn’t it about time you fill us in on what we’re for, Setsuna-

nee? Juri?”

While I don’t mind spending more time here with these girls, we don’t have the luxury of time on our hands. The quicker they tell us what we’re here for, the longer our time we can spare by either doing it right away or setting it aside for later.

We might’ve been able to sneak away from our hill but that didn’t erase the fact that we were still supposed to return to our cabin area for the next activity.

“Impatient, are we?” Juri teasingly replied, still sounding amused. I could feel her fingers moving across my palm and filling the gaps in my fingers. She didn’t want to hold hands, she just wanted to play with it while she still had this chance.

As satisfaction lit up on her face, she finally continued by explaining the reason why they called us here, “Let’s see. It is Setsu’s idea to bring Satsu-chan during her free time. You know how much of a doting older sister she is. However, she cannot do that without proper reasoning. Are you following me?”

“I see... It’s true. We were told not to stray off somewhere else even during our free time. Let me guess, you found a loophole? And... this very moment is an example of it.”

“Yes! As expected of you Ruki!” Sounding like she already prepared that answer, Juri immediately showered me with her praise along with a pat on my head.

Really, she’s doting on me as much as she could with this opportunity.

“With this, we proved it's possible to bring you over as long as we ask for permission first. We went to their cabin area and asked the professors. Remember how you’re not stopped? Later, we’ll pick you up. We have to send you back soon, after all. Oh. Right, Setsu, stop clinging to Satsuki-chan and explain things to them. This is your idea.”

Even though she already explained the reason why we were here and what they were trying to accomplish, Juri still handed the reins back to Setsuna-nee.

Most likely, to stop the woman from only obsessing over Satsuki.

Unfortunately, Setsuna-nee was already a lost cause. She’s probably going to act like this every time. Satsuki needed to scold her older sister to bring her back to how she usually was before their reconciliation.

“Psh. I told you, my idea only includes Satsu-chan. Not him. You explain to that guy and I’ll explain to my little sister. Come, Satsu-chan. Let’s move.”

Satsuki didn’t budge on that. Upon checking her current expression, she was definitely not amused at how Setsuna-nee was acting. She meaningfully stared at me.

I could somehow understand what she was trying to say but without proper words, it would just be my assumption.

Thankfully, she soon opened her mouth as she turned her gaze to Juri. But first, she grabbed her older sister’s arms and removed them from clinging to her. Following that, she also left my side as she stood in front of Juri.

“Nee-san, you promised me you’d get along with him. That's not how it looks today. Stay here with this idiot and settle your differences. Juri-nee, can you explain it to me instead?”

“Are you sure? You’re not worried about leaving Setsu with him?” Juri replied, sounding a little intrigued at the turn of events

Obviously, there’s a double meaning to Juri’s question. Since they both know my notoriety for making girls fall for me, Satsuki should also understand that there’s a chance for it if she leaves me alone with her sister.

Nevertheless, Satsuki readily nodded before her eyes fell on me, “I don’t care. I love them both. It’ll be tiring if it’s going to be like this every time... If anyone can solve this, I believe it’s only this idiot.”

This... She’s saying this without even trying it out herself first. Or maybe she already tried it? And the result is this. It didn’t work at all...

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