Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother

Chapter 341 - Scared

Chapter 341 – Scared

“As long as you give us 200,000 yuan, we guarantee that we won’t pester you during this period of time! We’re quite humane. On the account that we’re all workers, give us the money obediently! If you can’t hand it over no matter what, don’t blame us for using unconventional methods! You don’t want to experience being beaten up repeatedly, right?”

This was an ultimatum from Brother Ma. How could Lu Yaohua not understand? In an instant, his face was as pale as wallpaper, and his lips and limbs were trembling. He was beaten up the last time, and he did not want to experience that again. But now, the money in his card was going to be used to rebuild his career!

If his last bit of confidence was taken away, he would be trapped in Shanghai for the rest of his life. Moreover, he would be tortured by debtors all day long! At the very least, he would have to work for this loan company for free in the next few years! Just thinking about it made him feel like he was better off dead. He was clearly… clearly just shy of turning things around!

If the debt collectors had come later, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a dilemma.

“W-Why don’t we discuss it again? 200,000 yuan is too much. Recently, I’ve been working overtime at the construction site. My body can’t take it anymore. My lungs hurt every night when I lie in bed! Just going to the hospital to get prescribed medicine costs a lot of money. How can there be money left?”

Just as he was about to continue, he was ruthlessly interrupted by Brother Ma. “Alright! Stop playing the emotional card with us. Why are you acting pitiful with us? Our goal this time is to get money! Are you going to pay up or not? Give us an answer! Anyway, our fists are already hungry and thirsty. You have nothing to fear!”

They did not hold back the last time. Lu Yaohua deserved a beating.

Relying on the fact that they didn’t know the details, he fooled them into thinking that he faked his divorce with Tang Wenyi so that they could avoid the limelight. Also, he pretended that his relationship with Lu Ming was actually quite good but the media’s defamation had stunned them! Tricked by Lu Yaohua, they even called him ‘big brother’!

In the end, when they returned without collecting the debt, their boss had asked for the details. Then they found out the truth from the boss’s complicated expression! Lu Yaohua was really bold and almost fooled them! They would fall for it the first time, but not the second time! No matter what, they would definitely collect the debt this time!

“W-why don’t you give me some more time? In the future…”

Lu Yaohua tried to stall for time and asked carefully.

“Why don’t you let me give you a few more slaps? You know how to drag things out, right? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. After losing your last job, where will you get the money to pay us back? Now is definitely the time when you can give us the most money! Don’t talk to me about the future. I’m not going to live with you!”

Brother Ma said bluntly, “Give it to us yourself, or shall we beat you up and snatch it away? Choose! Let me remind you out of kindness. Your delay has completely angered us. This time, we plan to leave you half alive. Anyway, as long as you don’t die, we can keep squeezing you. Although your heart is not healthy, your other internal organs can still be sold for a lot of money!”

With these few words, he did not hide his motive at all.

Lu Yaohua trembled even more. He looked at these people in front of him and hesitated for a long time before saying, “I only have 50,000 now. Can I give you 50,000 first? I’ll think of a way to gather the rest.”

They looked at each other. The burly man on the left said, “At least you know what’s good for you! Then are you planning to give us cash or transfer the money? We can’t wait too long. If you’re fooling us again, don’t blame us for being rude! Do you understand?”

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“Understood, understood. I guarantee that I’m telling the truth this time! I’ll transfer the money to you immediately!”

Lu Yaohua lowered his head and took out his phone. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he thought to himself, These people are really easy to deceive. I can send them away with just 50,000 yuan. Although the start-up capital was a little low, with the remaining money, he could still make a name for himself in other places! This money would buy his freedom!

However, before he could be smug for long, the sharp Brother Ma sensed that something was wrong. In the next second, he grabbed Lu Yaohua’s collar and said fiercely, “You’re playing tricks on me again?! Do you still have a lot of money left? If you don’t give me 200,000 yuan today, I’ll break one of your legs!”

Brother Ma realized that this person was really pushing his luck. Isn’t he just bullying me because I’m kind-hearted? No wonder the boss told me to be careful. Should I say that he’s indeed an old fox who has been in the business world for many years? He’s indeed scheming. If I’m not careful, I’d fall into the pit! He became even more enraged!

The sweat on Lu Yaohua’s face began to fall uncontrollably. In the blinding sunlight, he was unable to see the other party’s face clearly, but he could feel that terrifying aura! Brother Ma was serious. If he couldn’t give him the 200,000 yuan that he had painstakingly saved, it was a question if he would live to see the sun tomorrow!

Money or life?

This was an answer that could be chosen without much hesitation. If the money was gone, he could still earn more, but if he lost his life, he was really gone!

Hence, he immediately took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to the other party. He said, “I’m, I’m sorry! It’s mainly because my condition is recurring, so I want to leave some money for treatment. Since, since Brother Ma has already said so, how can I have the cheek to dance in your mine? The password is the last few digits of the bank card!”

How could being obedient be considered cowardly?

Brother Ma had seen this kind of person many times. He was always scheming, but when he encountered a tough opponent, he couldn’t wait to pretend to be dead. “Oh? You have quite a lot of excuses. If you’re stubborn, I won’t hold back my fists! Tell me, how much do you have?”

“1—no, 2—200,000!”

Lu Yaohua originally wanted to fabricate the amount he had, but on second thought, since this card was handed to the other party, wouldn’t he know how much money was in his bank sooner or later? What was the use of lying now? He might as well tell him everything. He might even be able to gain the other party’s favor.


Brother Ma’s smile turned even colder. He said to his lackey, “Go to a nearby bank and see if the password is wrong. See if there’s really 200,000 in his account.”


After the lackey left, Brother Ma continued, “You just said that you only had 50,000 yuan. The remaining 150,000 yuan was swallowed by you? What bullsh*t about leaving some money for treatment! I think it’s just an excuse! You call this a little? It’s not 100 million yuan, right? Let me guess, why did you keep so much money?”

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