Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 22: If Life Was Just Like First Meeting

Chapter 22: If Life Was Just Like First Meeting

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“I came now didn’t I? Jia Jia is here too,” this youth had a calm tone and didn’t have that impetuous temperament youth usually had.

“I thought Brother Xu didn’t recognize me,” the yellow-haired girl pretended to be angry. Ye Mo saw them and thought that, although this man looked very gentlemanly, there was a sense of ferociousness in his temperament, even a faint sense of a “Killer’s Qi”.

Ordinary people would be unable to discern this Killer’s Qi, but Ye Mo killed many people and monsters in his past life. He could tell with one glance that this youth definitely killed before, and he killed blatantly. He should be even proud of doing it; otherwise, he wouldn’t have this type of Killer’s Qi. However, Ye Mo didn’t have any business here, so just as he turned to leave, this youth turned his head and extended his hand saying: “I’m Wang Xu, you are?”

Ye Mo saw this youth extend his hand with a face full of mockery and immediately knew what he was trying to do. He extended his right hand slowly and casually said: “Ye Mo.”

Seeing Ye Mo and Wang Shu shake hands together, the happiest person was Su Mei because she knew Wang Xu had a quirky habit. Whenever he met a man for the first time, he would test their strength through a handshake. Once, her classmate shook hands with Wang Xu and screamed in agony. Afterward, that guy didn’t have the face to come after her again.

Now, Ye Mo and Wang Xu were shaking hands, what would the result be? Su Mei was even looking forward to hearing Ye Mo scream.

“Crack!” just a few sounds resounded. Wang Xu felt he crushed Ye Mo’s hands and even heard the sound of bones breaking. He didn’t even know when Ye Mo took his hands away; he was shocked and regretted his actions. He thought that he used too much power and couldn’t control it. He actually broke someone’s hand!

Su Mei and that yellow haired girl called Jia Jia were also shocked. They didn’t think Wang Xu was cruel enough to actually break Ye Mo’s hands. The uncomfortable sound of bones cracking gave them goosebumps.

“Ah, Wang Xu brother, why did you break his hand? He was invited by Sister Jingwen, uh, hmm, where’s Ye Mo?” When Su Mei said this, she just realized Ye Mo had disappeared. Wang Xu also knew things had grown serious; he didn’t think Ye Mo was so fragile. He just shook his hand and didn’t even use his full power, yet Ye Mo’s hands broke! What was this?

Hearing Su Mei’s exclaim, only then did he see that Ye Mo had disappeared, but none of them actually saw when Ye Mo left. “He’s just a deprecated student, give him some money and tell him to go to the hospital himself. What a useless thing,” the girl called Jia Jia said immediately.

This valiant youth smiled bitterly: “Now Sister Jingwen is going to tell me off. He definitely went in, I’ll go and check up on him. Sigh, I didn’t think his hand was so frail.”

Ye Mo really didn’t want to waste his time talking to these people who had nothing better to do. He came for Su Jingwen’s birthday party and having a conflict with the people here would only give Su Jingwen a hard time. However, he was also very satisfied with his bone retraction technique. Although his cultivation didn’t progress much and was still only in the first stage of Chi Gathering, his mortal martial arts improved a lot. Ye Mo didn’t know what degree the strongest person in this world was, but since he couldn’t cultivate normally, he might as well practice mortal martial arts to make himself stronger and safer. However, he knew that even if his martial arts were trained to the absolute limit, there were still all sorts of weapons from which he would not be safe.

While the trio of Su Mei, Wang Xu, and the other girl was still discussing Ye Mo’s injuries, Ye Mo had already entered the building. There was still a waiter at the entrance to the door. He glanced at Ye Mo’s invitation and let him inside.

There was already a lot of people; Su Jingwen made the event huge. It was probably to celebrate her mother’s recovery as well while meeting up with friends she hadn’t been with for a long time.

“Ye Mo, thanks for coming to my birthday! Come, sit over here,” Su Jingwen saw Ye Mo as soon as he came in and hurried to take Ye Mo to a table.

“Of course, I said I would be coming, didn’t I?” Ye Mo smiled and was ready to take out his present when he heard someone say: “Ah, Jingwen, who is this handsome man? Is he your boyfriend?”

But when he saw Ye Mo’s normal vans and Ye Mo’s apparels, he stopped his latter half of the sentence and stuttered to say: “Uh, his dressing is really unique…”

Su Jingwen was afraid that Ye Mo would feel bad and hurried to say: “He is my friend, Ye Mo…” Su Jingwen then realized that Ye Mo was staring straight behind her back and didn’t seem to hear what she said. She hurried to turn around, it was Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei walking over. Su Jingwen groaned to herself and thought, how could they have met so early? She didn’t have the chance to explain things clearly to Ye Mo yet.

Ye Mo looked as Ning Qingxue made her way over. This woman wore a faint yellow petticoat which struck him in his heart. Her silky black hair fell casually on her shoulders, rendering a sense of soft beauty, and her almond-shaped face didn’t even have the slightest trace of makeup. She wore a deer-shaped hairpin in her hair, and a few strands of hair fell casually at the corner of her eye.

Despite her sheer beauty, her eyes held an indescribable glimpse of worry and loss and, when she walked over, it was as if a goddess was walking on the cloud. He was wondering why those searing eyes were so familiar to him.

“Those eyes filled with worry and loss, could it be? Luo Ying?” Yes, her eyes look too similar to his master Luo Ying, Ye Mo exhaled a long breath and came back to his senses. He knew this girl wasn’t his master Luo Ying, but yet her eyes drew him in, just like Luo Ying’s eyes.

Ye Mo’s complexion returned to the calm he normally had. He didn’t know Ning Qingxue. Meanwhile, Ning Qingxue had noticed this young man’s looking at her. Although he had, like many other bachelors, lost himself in her appearance, he was different from other people. He carefully examined her but returned to his original calm. He wasn’t like other people, removing their eyes from her with great difficulty and still taking peeks at her.

“Qingxue, Mumei, you guys came. Let me introduce—” Su Jingwen wanted to introduce them to each other, but Li Mumei walked up to Su Jingwen and whispered: “Don’t introduce us here because Qingxue has never met Ye Mo before!” Su Jingwen immediately reacted. If Ning Qingxue didn’t know Ye Mo, then it really wasn’t suitable to introduce them here.

“Sister Jingwen, something happened. Wang Xu accidently crushed Ye Mo’s hands, and we don’t know where Ye Mo is, I —” Su Mei rushed in and said worriedly.

But when she just said the first half of her sentence she realized something was wrong since quite a few people were looking at her in astonishment. Just when she didn’t understand what was happening, she saw Ye Mo.

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