Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 34: Young Master of The Song Family

Chapter 34: Young Master of The Song Family

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Ning Qingxue sighed. Although 500,000 dollars wasn’t much for her, it should be quite a lot for Ye Mo. Yet he still wasn’t satisfied as he had to come out to cheat people and actually proclaimed that he could cure any disease? If he were so powerful, the world wouldn’t need hospitals anymore!

“City management is here!” someone called out. Many stall owners immediately started packing up their things and left. Ning Qingxue stared at Ye Mo, and as expected, Ye Mo packed up his things helplessly. However, he didn’t run away hastily like the other stall owners. Instead, he packed up his things slowly and left.

Although she didn’t get to see Ye Mo scrambling away, she still got to see Ye Mo leave dejectedly, and this gave Ning Qingxue a sense of satisfaction. “This is what you get for cheating people,” she thought to herself.

When Ning Qingxue returned to the yard, Ye Mo had already come back. He looked once at Ning Qingxue and didn’t say anything. Ning Qingxue would of course not bother to talk to him either. She was wondering whether she should tell Xu Wei what sort of person he was before she left.

His business didn’t succeed, and he was kicked away by city management. Ye Mo was already sick of the days in Ning Hai and wanted to leave. As for Ning Qingxue’s business, he had already helped her enough. He would say goodbye to her tomorrow and leave. He didn’t need to go to Ning Hai University, but he still had to leave a letter behind for Shi Xiu.

When Xu Wei had already gone to sleep, Ye Mo started to cultivate.


“Young master Wen, there is half an hour remaining before we arrive at Ning Hai. Where shall we go first?” A BMW was heading towards Ning Feng Highway at high speed while the driver was asking a youth that was younger than 30 in the back seat.

The youth had a pale face and a pair of eagle eyes, his face was rather long and his hair perfectly combed. Hearing the driver’s words, the youth just took out a cigarette while the big man sitting beside him quickly took out a lighter and lit up the cigarette for him.

“Ah Fa, did you finish the task I gave you?” the youth sucked on the cigarette and asked.

“Yes, young master Wen. I left no traces,” the bulky man replied.

The youth inhaled the cigarette once again and stayed silent for some time before continuing, “We came from He Feng just so that grandpa and the people of the Ning Family wouldn’t be suspicious. If we go according to our original plan and stay one night in Ning Hai, something might happen so we might as well just abduct that woman. This saves me from always thinking about her. I will let this b*tch know what regret truly is!” saying this, the initially calm youth was angered such that veins began to emerge from his clenched fist. He raised his hand and threw away the barely used cigarette.

The robust man called Ah Fa quickly picked it up and threw it out the window.

“That useless man is called Ye Mo right?” The youth gradually calmed down. Ever since the beginning, no one dared to reject him, Song Shaowen. He didn’t think a mere Ning Qingxue would dare to reject him, and not just that, but she actually got married to another man, and they were even living together. This was slapping him across his face and his pride. If Song Shaowen could endure something like that, he wouldn’t be Song Shaowen.

If it wasn’t for his grandfather who stopped him, he would’ve come to Ning Hai ages ago. This time, he changed routes at He Feng before coming back to Ning Hai.

“Yes, young master Wen, the useless man is called Ye Mo. The two did, in fact, sleep together; I saw some pictures on some websites, and they seemed to love each other a lot,” the driver hurriedly said.

Song Shaowen who had already calmed down immediately grew pale with rage again. He said coldly: “I will make this Ye Mo watch me and endure the torture when I show him how I sleep with that b*tch! Then… Ye Mo, right? We’ll take him away! Isn’t there a valley at Yan Ning highway? We’ll break his limbs and drop him from there. He’s too weak to fight over my women!”


It was already 1 am, and Ye Mo finished one big cycle and 12 small cycles of cultivation. He wasn’t going to cultivate anymore. He was leaving tomorrow and wanted to find a place to sleep. The stone block next to the flower pots was where he usually slept after cultivation.

Just when Ye Mo laid down, a metal hook landed onto the wall as three figures quickly climbed over and jumped into the backyard. Although Song Shaowen had a pale face, his wall flipping movements were agile.

“This is where that useless trash Ye Mo lives right? Which room is he sleeping in with Ning Qingxue that b*tch?” The pale-faced Song Shaowen asked as soon as he dropped to the ground.

“This is where Ye Mo lives indeed, but he isn’t a useless trash!” a sudden voice was heard. Song Shaowen wasn’t able to react to the first half, but he immediately turned his body to face Ye Mo for the second half of the sentence. After some time, he was full of shock and asked: “Who are you?!”

At the same time, the people behind Song Shaowen also saw Ye Mo. They all looked at him in shock and were tense and alert. “I am Ye Mo. Do you want me or my wife?” Ye Mo said calmly.

“You are Ye Mo? Wang Chuan, Ah Fa, break his legs. I want to see how this useless trash is so different that he could make that bitch willing to sleep with hi—” Before Song Shaowen finished his sentence, he discovered that his wrist was held tightly by an iron-like palm.

“If you want to fight, that’s fine, but I will crush your wrist first. Try me if you don’t believe me.” Ye Mo didn’t want to fight here in case he alerted Xu Wei. He knew that these people probably came for Ning Qingxue, but Xu Wei was innocent.

Looking at Song Shaowen, Wang Chuan and Ah Fa immediately knew that their young master was in Ye Mo’s hands, so they all stopped their movements.

“Tell me, what’s your name, trash?” Ye Mo used a little strength on his hands, and Song Shaowen almost screamed out. Sweat quickly emerged on his forehead.

“I am Song Shaowen, from the Song Family of Beijing. I didn’t come here for you, I came here for Ning Qingxue. Release me immediately or your Ye Family… or you, Ye Mo will die nameless and shameful!” Song Shaowen originally wanted to say that he was going to do something to the Ye Family, but he realized that the Ye Family was also a member of the Five Great Families of Beijing, just like his own. They weren’t afraid of the Song Family, so he changed his words to Ye Mo.

“Oh, so that’s it. However, your family is just a pile of trash in my eyes, so I’m not concerned at all. Ning Qingxue is my wife, and you dare to come find her!? Are you deaf or are you blind?” Now, Ye Mo used some more strength on his hands, and Song Shaowen finally had to cry out in pain.

“Ye Mo, we can talk, there’s no need to fight,” Wang Chuan said seeing the situation was going in the wrong way.

“You drove here, right?” Ye Mo suddenly asked something completely irrelevant.

“Yes,” Wang Chuan replied helplessly as he didn’t understand why Ye Mo would suddenly ask something irrelevant. Ye Mo nodded: “In that case, we will discuss outside.” Ye Mo wanted to leave, and since these few people drove here, it would be the perfect opportunity to take him along; it would save him the cost of traveling.

Seeing Ye Mo take the initiative to go outside, Song Shaowen’s two henchmen were obviously willing to. They initially thought that they couldn’t fail this plan, but they would have never expected Ye Mo to be this strong. This was completely out of their expectations, and now, the matter had gone out of their control.

What took Song Shaowen and the other two by surprise was that Ye Mo actually released Song Shaowen’s wrist and just stared at the trio. Song Shaowen and his two henchmen looked at each other and nodded, thinking that Ye Mo really was a useless trash. His brain didn’t seem to be functioning properly.

The guy called Ah Fa first went over the wall and leaped out, then, Ye Mo also jumped over, with Song Shaowen and Wang Chuan closely following behind them.

Song Shaowen was prepared to tell the other two to attack as soon as he reached the other side of the wall; however, he didn’t even have the chance to land that the scene in front of them made them drop their jaws in shock.

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