Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 6: Spirit Cleansing Charm

Chapter 6: Spirit Cleansing Charm

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“Dad, why did you come back?” Su Jingwen returned to the private hospital, and the first person she saw was her father. Ever since her mother went into a vegetative state, her father invested almost all of his time into his career, while her mother’s company was managed by Su Jingwen. However, due to her mother’s illness, the company was a mess, even so, her father didn’t even ask about it and also rarely came to the private hospital to see her mother. However, Su Jingwen didn’t know why her father suddenly came to the hospital today.

“Hmph, if I didn’t come back, I don’t know how much trouble you would be causing. Buying all those random things and this time, you even believed a charm would cure your mother. Is your next move to invite a Tiao Da Shen [1]?” Su Jianzhong’s face was very bleak; obviously, he was disappointed in his daughter.

Hearing this, Su Jingwen knew that Wang Peng had dobbed on her. She felt a surge of hatred towards this repulsive Wang Peng who was nothing but a pretty face. However, she was also very upset with her father, therefore remained silent and didn’t want to reply.

“What, can’t you talk anymore? Throw those useless pieces of trash away immediately!” Su Jianzheng said with a commanding voice.

“Dad, after mom got sick, what have you done? You only came to visit her once when she became unconscious. Where have you been all these years? Ask yourself, have you treated mom right? What I have done, I’m very clear about that in my heart, and I don’t need you to control me. Mom never criticized you for the women you have outside but what about yourself? Have you thought about mom the slightest bit?” after staying silent for a little while, Su Jingwen suddenly burst out.

“You…” Su Jianzhong’s face went red and white after hearing her words. He raised his hand and was about to give his daughter a slap but seeing his daughter’s stern yet fatigued face, he slowly put his hands down. He knew in his heart that he really didn’t have the right to say anything about his daughter, he had indeed wronged his wife and daughter. His wife’s company was entirely managed by his daughter, and he didn’t help the least bit.

“Okay, I know I can’t control you, but I hope this is the last time you are superstitious, don’t do this again. You have received high order education, can’t you understand this? Don’t start a conflict with Wang Peng over a superstitious fraud on the streets,” said Su Jianzhong helplessly.

Su Jingwen cursed Wang Peng silently. Of course, she knew why her father wanted her to get close with Wang Peng. If her father wanted to progress in his career, then he needed the help of Wang Peng’s father. Although her father was already a mayor, her father was not on the list for substantial investment in the Su Family. Without the help of the Su Family, Su Jianzhong would stay in that position for the rest of his life if he didn’t find his own connections.

In fact, Su Jianzhong did think like this. The Wang Family’s power was no less than the Su Family and, on top of that, the Su Family wasn’t one of those great families in the capital who received massive sponsorship from a multitude of investors, those families with limitless potential. He had really peaked in his career being a mayor and was almost 50 years old, if he didn’t receive external help, perhaps he would gradually fade out of the Su Family’s line of sight. If he could borrow the Wang Family’s power and take one step higher, then maybe the elder of the family would re-evaluate his potential.

Although she knew her father’s plans, Su Jingwen didn’t say anything. Even though Wang Peng was handsome, in Su Jingwen’s eyes, he was only good looking but useless.

Seeing that it was her turn to enter her mom’s room, Su Jianzhong opened his mouth and wanted to say something but withheld it. He knew that his plans were not beneficial for his daughter. He thought about it and also followed her, but halted at the doorway. He didn’t have the courage to face his wife who had been unconscious for three years.

On the bed laid a beautiful woman that appeared to be in her 30’s. She was similar to Su Jingwen, but her eyes were tightly closed, and her eyebrows seem to be slightly furrowed. Seeing Su Jingwen enter, the nurse who had been sitting at the head of the bed hurried to stand up and greet Su Jingwen before leaving.

Looking at her still unconscious mother, Su Jingwen’s eyes stung with tears. It had been a few years already and, although she still hadn’t given up, she had no one to cry to and confide in about her pains. She could only cry at her mother’s bedside in the depth of the night.

Taking out the spirit cleansing charms that was worth 20,000 dollars, Su Jingwen’s mind drifted. Although she knew that it was probably fake, she still couldn’t suppress the excitement in her heart. It was as though her mom would actually wake up after throwing this charm down.

Seeing his daughter driven to such desperation, Su Jianzhong shook his head but didn’t continue to talk. He wanted to wait after his daughter used this charm and have a good conversation with her.

Su Jingwen suddenly stood up and took two steps back. She raised her hand and threw the spirit cleansing charm towards the woman that laid on the bed and, at the same time, she gently uttered the word “Lin”. Seeing his superstitious daughter, Su Jianzhong didn’t have the slightest thought of laughing but was moved instead, there was only unrest and guilt in his heart. For her mother, his daughter who was well-educated had started believing these things.

However, Su Jianzhong immediately thought that there were problems with his eyes. The yellow charm his daughter threw out actually turned into many white rays after his daughter had said “Lin”. These white rays entered his wife’s body as some ashes were raining down around her. If it wasn’t for the whole room suddenly cooling down and his eyes feeling pain from the bright rays, he would have thought that he was hallucinating. “What the heck is this?”

Su Jingwen was also shocked, she thought that after throwing the charm out and saying the word, it would continue to fall on her mother’s blanket and then she would prepare to wake up her mother. However, things greatly exceeded her expectations, the charm she threw out turned into numerous, cool white rays which all went into her mother’s body. Meanwhile, the charm she threw out all disappeared. In the blink of an eye, all she saw were some tiny specks of dust flying around.

Su Jingwen felt goose bumps on her head. She knew that a lot of those frauds used chemistry occurrences to cheat people; however, she was a well-educated science student, and there was no way she could explain this phenomenon with any chemistry reaction. Could it be that this was really a charm? Thinking that this charm might actually be working, Su Jingwen’s hands started to shake. If what that master who sold charms said was really true, then her mom should be about to wake up.

Su Jingwen could no longer hold the excitement in her heart and rushed beside her mom.

1: Tiao Da Shen: someone who jumps around and invites spirits to enter his/her body to perform magic.

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