Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1178 - Batman Outsourcing

Chapter 1178: Batman Outsourcing

Even if it was just an estimate, if Titanium Phone Company was really worth 50 billion, there would definitely be people who wanted it.

The problem then wouldn’t be the 50 billion figure, but how to complete the acquisition — after all, it was practically impossible to pay 50 billion in cash.

After considering it from several angles, the buyer and seller wouldn’t make such a ridiculous deal.

In fact, Titanium Phone Company was already very strong.

After all, their R&D costs were practically zero and they had more than one generation of phone technology; the company had easily skipped the initial stages which were the most painful for most companies pursuing any venture.

Naturally, current R&D wasn’t entirely dependent on Luke. He only set a research direction and solved some particularly tricky issues, before leaving the rest to the phone company’s technology department.

As an excellent capitalist, CEO Jenny naturally wouldn’t pay the researchers for nothing, and would do her best to squeeze out as much value from them as possible.

Other cell phone companies entering the market now simply meant that the market was expanding one step further.

If they wanted to directly impact Titanium Phone Company’s profits, they would still have to wait until next year at least.

Today was nothing more than Jenny looking for encouragement from Luke as usual.

It was her habit to personally confirm that he supported every major undertaking.

After that, they talked about personal things, like Jenny’s father.

Jenny had indeed achieved the objective which Luke had described to her at the beginning.

When her father saw her now, he subconsciously lowered his head.

After all, in front of a daughter who earned more than ten times what he had ever made in his entire life, and who continued to crush him, he didn’t have much confidence.

To put it bluntly, he wouldn’t be qualified to lead Titanium Phone Company now because he had too little money.

However, the relationship between father and daughter had conversely mellowed.

It wasn’t because her father had given in, but because Jenny was standing high enough for her to see a lot of things.

She still couldn’t get over her past conflict with her father, but she was no longer so torn up over it.

As for that young stepmother of hers, the woman no longer dared to complain about Jenny in front of her father.

That was because she wasn’t qualified.

After hearing Jenny out for the whole afternoon, Luke didn’t return home until that night, and he continued to ponder the phone company.

Given the current situation, as long as Jenny didn’t suddenly do something stupid, Titanium Phone Company would slowly and steadily become a gigantic corporation in less than ten years at least.

That wasn’t the point.

The important point was that the “little green man” phone operating system which Jenny had released, which was the Android system in his previous life, had successfully become the first choice for other phone manufacturers.

That was because Titanium Phone Company hadn’t developed its own system, so the other manufacturers would naturally choose the little green man system, which could be considered a bargain.

Starting from this month, the distribution of low and mid-tier smartphones would expand worldwide at an explosive rate, along with the little green man system.

As a R&D researcher, it was too easy for Luke to obtain information through the green man system.

Also, this thing was an open source program, and would pass through the hands of many technicians in many companies. If something happened in the future, nobody would suspect him.

In the wake of increasing smartphone users, the advent of the Internet era was at hand, and there would be few information blind spots for Luke in this world.

At that time, the multifaceted system would be his eyes, the Star of Justice his body, and he would be the brain.

Also factoring in his setup in Europe and South America, Luke couldn’t help but sigh at how useful money was.

In the morning, Selina watched the news expressionlessly. Only after the news was over did she turn around and look at Luke. “Batman injured hundreds of gang members in Detroit last night. Do you have anything to say to me?”

Pondering for two seconds, Luke nodded. “You could say he’s outsourcing his work.”

Selina was stumped. “Outsourcing?”

Thinking for a moment, she asked suspiciously, “So, that person isn’t Batman?”

Luke nodded with a smile. “It shouldn’t be.”

Because that’s the Star of Justice clone. The real Batman is in front of you! I’m not lying, Luke murmured inwardly.

Selina stopped asking.

It wasn’t like Luke couldn’t “outsource” Batman’s identity.

For example, hadn’t a certain money-hungry mercenary pretended to be V to go to Swamp Park and fight over a hundred professional hitmen?

As for other people, Mindy’s father, Damon, could also take this job.

Luke had gone out on so many private jobs; who knew how many “friends” he had outside.

It wasn’t too hard to find someone to play Batman.

As for the Batman suit, it was even simpler.

This thing could even be controlled remotely. That might not work in an intense battle, but it was very hard for anyone to wrest control of it.

The armor also had a powerful arc reactor; if necessary, it wouldn’t be too hard to blow it up.

Selina didn’t think there were any idiots who would dare cross a “pacifist” who could blow up the armor remotely.

After this dupe, dealing with Selina in the future would be a lot easier.

After all, a certain mercenary had already played V.

Plus, almost all of Luke’s other identities worked in the shadows, like White Wolf, Big Dipper, and Puncher, and he didn’t tell her all the details.

These aliases didn’t need to be as high-profile as Batman; they worked in secret and would never go on the news.

With a “good partner” like the Star of Justice, Luke’s days on the surface were a lot smoother.

Even if he stayed at home and didn’t go out, he never stopped earning experience and credit points every night.

In any case, he only slept for two hours a day, and could get an even earlier start in the day.

Now that he was used to multitasking, most of his police work during the day no longer affected his clone.

An ordinary person only had 24 hours a day, but with his clone, Luke had over 36 hours.

It seemed that it wouldn’t be too hard to level up in the future?

As he mumbled to himself, Luke looked at the system interface.

Host’s experience: 356,000 / 500,000

Credit: 550,000

In just a few days, he had earned more than 40,000 experience and credit points from his clone fighting in a few major cities. However, the battle had consumed thousands of experience and credit points, so his net gain was just short of 40,000.

Even though it consumed a lot of credit, the clone was still much faster than Luke at earning points since it could switch between multiple aliases and Luke didn’t need to worry about his real identity being exposed.

Coupled with the points from Selina and the occasional “extra income” from Mindy, Luke looked forward to his level-ups in the future.

The number of experience points required to level up increased after every five levels. After level 20, it would start at a million, and after level 25, it would start at ten million.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he received an extra stat point for every five levels, it would be a very, very long time before all of Luke’s stats reached 80.

But it now seemed that it wouldn’t take him too long before he reached level 25.

When it slowed down was probably when the era of superheroes would arrive.

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