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Chapter 14 - The Plan Outline

Chapter 14: The Plan Outline

"Alright aunty, I am going to sleep now, I will call you tomorrow to finalize the details of our plan."

"Good night dear, I will wait for your call."

Felix said good night back and hung up. He then went toward his bedroom to check on his grandfather, as well as get his pajamas from the closet.

After measuring his grandpa's heartbeat, and seeing that it was still stable, he took his pajamas and went to sleep in the guest room.


Next morning 10:00 AM

Felix woke up and headed to the bathroom to take care of his hygiene as always.

But this time he found his grandfather sitting on the toilet chair and watching the news from his phone.

Felix's heart skipped a beat at this sight, as he thought his grandfather's blood pressure will rise when he sees the chaos and disasters that were happening outside the island.

Felix approached him and asked stiffly, "What are you watching there grandpa?"

"Oh, just some news about how everyone heard the same transmission as me last night. It really was not a hallucination. Earth was truly found by another race, and cornered to such a degree."

He then faced Felix and asked, "Boy, why did you lie to me yesterday? It seems like you also heard the decree, but acted like nothing was wrong."

Felix looked at him with an annoyed expression. "It was to save you old geezer. If I acted surprised or showed fear, you would have realized that it was the real deal. I had no idea how would you react, whether in fear or anger. All I know is that no matter how you react, your heart will find it difficult to handle the pressure that will arrive from the blood rush."

He shook his head lightly and added, "I was not willing to take any risks. And you should feel elated being here isolated from everyone. I read news about old men that have the same condition as you died like flies when the transmission was over."

Robert smiled warmly after hearing Felix's reason, as he figured so as well.

"Thank you, son, I appreciate the thought. But you did not have to worry. Is it not just an alien invasion? I already watched more than 20 movies, and in every one of them, humans won."

He gave Felix double thumbs up and added, "And I have faith that we will win in this one as well."

Suddenly, he touched his ass with a shiver and said, "Now close the bathroom door, my ass is getting wrinkly from the wind."

Felix obeyed with half-smile on his face.

He realized that he overdid his brainwashing quite a bit after hearing that his grandfather had faith in humans emerging victorious if they went to war.

Unfortunately, that sounded like a joke in Felix's ears, as he knew that humans' most prized weapons; nuclear bombs were merely toys in the eyes of the human kingdoms outside.

A single cheap outdated device can nullify them completely, turning them into worthless junk.

'Whatever as long as he is not in danger, let him think what he wants.'

He then headed towards the bathroom in the next suite.


In the hotel cafeteria.

Felix was laying down instructions to Leila and jack who was sitting next to him, as well as his aunt who was using face cam, listening to Felix in concentration.

"Aunty, you will handle the process of obtaining as many resources as possible outside the island, since it's not going to be just us who will think far ahead. There are many geniuses like a father who had a fearsome profit sense. They would only rely on those senses to take gambles and not knowledge. So this is a race to see who can hoard as many resources as possible, until the release of information by the leaders."

He stopped for a quick juice sip and continued confidently. "I will make a prediction here and say that it will take from 1 month to 3 months before the chaos settles. So buy and buy and keep buying until my 20 million dollar runs out."

"If only the family didn't forbid taking a loan, and only using the budget they gave us. I would have spent more than 50 million."

he sighed in dejection over losing more profit due to this stupid rule to stop them from cheating.

His aunt replied, "Alright when it comes to gathering resources you have nothing to worry about, I live and breathe in this business. I will take care of your 20 million of shipments first before I start buying using my own money. All so you can beat those little rascals who bullied you when you were young."

Felix mused in his mind, 'aunty, you got it all wrong I was the one bullying them. The poor things just allied to defend themselves.'

But he did not dare say it out loud, as he knew that she adored him since he was a little kid, treating him just like her son, due to her being barren, not able to have kids.

"Thank you aunty, I can always count on you."

He drunk another gulp and turned his head towards Leila and instructed her.

"You will take care of the logistics, from detailing the times of each shipment arrival to detailing how many precious materials in a box. The figures need to be close to the ideal number since some stones will be lost in one way or another."

He paused to let her digest his orders as he does not want to overwhelm her. A few seconds later he carried on.

"Your second mission is to hire warehouse managers; you will pick them from the batch of manpower that will arrive. You can choose who you see fit as your subordinates from the servants and mark each of their contributions."

He turned his head to jack, who was waiting for his instruction while holding his breath in anticipation.

"As for you jack, you will take care of the security of the island, and the smoothness of unloading the shipments and delivering them to the warehouses. You can hire strong-armed men to protect those warehouses. Aunty will deal with smuggling the weapons outside the states. You can also pick subordinates to assist you in dealing with those matters."

After he finished his instructions, he pointed at himself and said, "As for me I will take care of the remodeling of the island. I will need architectural engineers to create a solid design that can impress me. I will also supervise the makings of tables and chairs by the craftsmen."

"Everything needs to be in order, so we can remodel the entire island in a maximum period of 2 years; it's going to be hard but not impossible."

Felix cleaned his mouth with a handkerchief, and added, "this is the overall plan, for now, we will adapt as new complications start to arise. Go pick your subordinates, and train them on how to be tough. We don't want outsiders to walk all over them."

He then picked his phone and left while saying, "I will call you when I need you."


In the suite, in front of the TV. Felix and Robert were watching the news about the chaos that was happening currently in America.

"Did you call your buddies? None of them died right?" Felix suddenly asked.

"Yes, no one died." He continued dejectedly, "Unfortunately, Benjamin also survived. They told me he passed out when he drank too much and heard the transmission, but his body did not react much. Lucky bastard, he should have been dead for always defaming my good character."

Felix ignored his grandfather's tantrum and questioned, "I see, its good thing that they survived. Now about the family situation, did they call you to inform you of its state?"

"Yes, they called me this morning. We lost one elder in the family board; he was doing an operation on his heart when the transmission struck. They told me the main surgeon cut the wrong artery due to lacking focus and stability." He paused. "And they requested me to rush back to replace his spot temporary until they find another one."

"This time don't retire from the post grandpa; just remain in it for a bit, with the current messy situation. The family really needs your leading wisdom."

"stop flattering me you rascal, you just want me there again to wipe your ass, when you make a mess don't you." Robert chuckled.

"Not this time, Grandpa. You will soon realize your grandson's greatness, and see that you were not scammed by me having your bloodline."

Robert ignored Felix's promise, as bragging was always his grandson's greatest talent. He was already numb to his promises.

Soon, he turned off the TV as the only news on it was about the millions of deaths worldwide, and two morons trying to analyze the already simplified transmission, that said kneel, or die, or join an alliance.

"Alright I will get dressed, I'm leaving in one hour, don't burn the hotel when I am gone."

Felix just chuckled and said, "Don't worry when you see it again, it will be lit on fire." In his thoughts 'of magnificence'

Robert glared at him and went to his suite to change.

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