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Chapter 30 - The Elemental Assessment

Chapter 30: The Elemental Assessment

"Everyone is required to be at 35th floor in 15 minutes. Anyone who is late can forget about being assessed."

A loud announcement kept repeating in each floor for the juniors, who were currently either nursing their injuries, hiding in the toilet, or passed out on the ground.

The moment the announcement finished reporting, they all rushed towards the 35th floor. Those who were passed out got lifted by others on their back to deliver them. They might be competitive with each other, but they were still a family.

Meanwhile, Felix heard the announcement while he was eating his breakfast and scrolling his social media.

'I see they decided to fast forward it by a day. Well I am not complaining. I played enough with those brats; it's time to get serious.'


14 minutes later...

Felix arrived on the 35th Floor still wearing his pajama.

He surveilled the floor with piercing eyes, and every time it landed on a junior they avoid it like a plague by lowering their heads in shame.

The Elders shook their heads slightly at this sight and ignored it.

"Alright since everyone is here, we will first start by giving your rewards and punishments before we begin assessing your affinity," Abraham said sternly.

"First off the punishment, every junior who participated during Felix hunt and failed miserably, will be punished by having one month increased during our next training camp."

Every junior lowered their heads even further in shame after being humiliated like this in front of their parents. The only ones who acted the same were Kenny and Noah, as they didn't participate in the hunt.

"As for the reward, only Felix obtained one."

He then dropped a bombshell on every junior, especially Felix who froze instantly after hearing his reward.

"He will be rewarded with the famous AP Bracelet."

"He rightfully earned it after he bought all the materials necessary to turn a dead island into a platform that will host only the elites of the world, using only the 30 million dollar budget we gave him."

"Please give him a round of applause, over this magnificent achievement."

He began applauding first with admiration, and soon everyone followed.

The seniors and elders were truly clapping sincerely, while the juniors clapped half-heartedly.

'It seems like I exceed the requirement to obtain rare ranked beast.'

Felix could only smile wryly and accept their applause.

After a while, it gradually stopped.

"Felix Maxwell, Grandson of Robert's Maxwell, come receive your reward."

Abraham took a small black box from a servant next to him, and opened it slowly, revealing a milky white bracelet that kept reflecting the sunlight that was coming from the window.

Felix's eyes immediately brightened up, as he saw the device that would allow him to make use of his previous life memories efficiently.

He moved forward with quick steps until he reached in front of the elder. He bowed his head respectfully due to family courtesies and grabbed the small black box.

He then took out the bracelet and wore it around his wrist under the envious eyes of his family members, ranging from seniors to juniors.

Not everyone was allowed to get a bracelet, even though the family had hundred of them. The only way to obtain one was by making a noteworthy contribution to the family.

Only the Elders had one, simply because, their position was in itself a show of contribution towards the whole family.

Just like Felix's Grandfather who single-handedly expanded the family to a business empire. Such merit could never be judged by rewards.

"Alright, the punishments and rewards had been given. It is time to assess your elemental affinity."

Elder Abraham didn't waste time and ordered them sternly. "Make Four Lines, each having ten of you quickly."

After a while, everyone got in their position.

Four Elders stood in front of each line and activated their scanning feature in their Bracelet and instructed, "Come one by one slowly."

The first juniors on the line moved forward and put their hands on the scanning blue light that was emitting from the bracelet.

The Queen AI informed them monotonously about the results of her scan.

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element Affinity: Wind, Affinity rating: 9%"

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element Affinity: Wood, Affinity rating: 25%"

"Race: Human, Gender: Female, Element Affinity: Shadow, Affinity rating: 39%"

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element affinity: Space, Affinity rating: 78%"

The moment the last scanning result was heard everyone froze with shock, then to disbelief, until finally pity?

The male junior who saw his elemental affinity did not yell with joy, claiming he was one in a thousand years prodigy.

No, the only thing he did was stand there dumbfounded with hot tears gushing from his eyes over the cruel reality that his life as a representative seedling was over before it began.

Felix shook his head piteously at this sight. 'Sigh, fate is truly vicious, to give him such high-affinity rating over a rare grade element that has all the beasts that use it either extinct or hiding in the cracks of space.'

Anyone who had a rare grade element in the human race wasn't getting treated like a genius but useless trash. Since the entire Bloodline integration system was depending on beasts.

In other words, if there was not a beast alive that uses your element, it meant the same as not having an element in the first place.

That's why rare elements such as death, life, destruction, creation, and more of such types were treated with negativity by every human.

This was not a fantasy novel where the rarer the element one had the more favored he would be. It's the exact opposite, as the more common his element the better it was for him, due to having a wide range of beasts and paths to choose from.

What's truly important was the rank of a beast, as the higher it is, the stronger and more unique the abilities one would be able unlocks.


Soon after, the parents of the poor lad took him away.

"Continue the assessment, keep moving forward."

One by one, juniors were scanned. Different elements were appearing here and there, but the majority of their affinity rating was still below 50%. No one had managed to pass that threshold yet.

Shortly after, Noah, Kenny, and Olivia's turn had arrived.

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element Affinity: Darkness, Lightning Affinity rating: 51%, 7% respectively."

"Race: Human, Gender: Female, Element Affinity: Plant, Affinity rating: 65%"

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element Affinity: Ice, Affinity rating: 70%"

The moment those elements as well as their good rating appeared, the elders celebrated their hands raised in the air. They almost lost hope after seeing only below-average ratings continuously.

"Good, Good, Finally some good seedlings worth having." Elder Abraham laughed joyfully.

His happiness was understandable, as those three had surpassed the average affinity threshold, especially Noah with his whopping 70%.

High affinity was what truly decides whether one had a bright future or not.

'Still the same as before, nothing to be surprised about I guess.'

Felix lifted his head and saw that he was next in line. So he moved forward and put his hand in the light without the elder telling him to do so.

Queen Faithfully announced his scan results.

"Race: Human, Gender: Male, Element affinity: Poison, Illusion, Affinity rating: 59%, 12% respectively."

The elders who were still celebrating the birth of three potential representatives celebrated even louder after seeing that their top tier seedling had such high rating for an uncommon element. As for the rare element of illusion? it was totally ignored.

"Haha, this is truly a blissful day. To actually have 4 gifted juniors out of 40 is really worth celebrating for."

"True, our family is really performing better than other families. Just yesterday I found out that the Volian Family in Alabama State only had one junior with good affinity. For us to have four we are truly in luck." The middle-aged lady from the Elders board added.

"Charlotte, you are still behaving like your younger self, spying and seeking information, without anyone asking you to do so." Abraham teased her.

"What do you know? If I don't obtain Intel on our future rivals who will contest with us over the slots of the National Team, who will? You?"

"Cough, never mind what I said."

"Now the elemental assessment has finished you can go back to your rooms. We will call you tomorrow at the same time to give you a beast bloodline that fits your elemental affinity to awaken with. Good night." Abraham excused them with a wave of hand after finishing the assessment.

"Good night elders and seniors."

All juniors bowed their heads slightly and went to their rooms.

'Tonight I will enter the UVR; it's been really such a long time since I visited.'

Felix thought eagerly while heading towards his room.

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