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Chapter 2763 Haven’t You Seen A Handsome Guy Before?(3)

Chapter 2763 Haven’t You Seen A Handsome Guy Before?(3)

After further discussion, they finally came up with a detailed plan and decided to take down Leng ruoxue and the others one by one. However, the difficulty now was that the people in the courtyard did not even step out of the house and refused to see them. If they forced their way in, they were afraid that they would offend the people in the courtyard even more.

AI! What should he do?

After thinking for a long time, everyone decided to wait for the rabbit!

Their actions had naturally been reported in detail to Leng ruoxue and the others by the two reincarnation pills who were responsible for passing on the message.

After knowing the other party's plan, Leng ruoxue was very calm. On the other hand, uncle long and the others were rather depressed. The other party had angered Xue 'er, so there was no point in guarding them, right? It was impossible for them to help an outsider. After all, they and Xue 'er were in the same country!

This time, they didn't want to leave their residence even more.

The reincarnation pill seemed to have read their minds, so it became even more responsible for guarding the place.

Mang Tian, the elder who was in charge of monitoring Leng ruoxue and the others, looked at the two reincarnation pills that were swaying randomly not far away from him. He really wanted to rush forward and snatch them away. However, none of the elders dared to do so because they knew that it was useless even if they obtained the two reincarnation pills. The other party did not even care about them!

This fact also made the elders very worried.

A week later.

Shui mo, who had been paying attention to them, felt a headache when he saw that the elders had made no progress. How could these guys be so useless? He couldn't even handle a little human girl?

In the end, Shui mo decided to do it himself.

Of course, he wasn't trying to persuade Huo Yue. He just wanted to see if Leng ruoxue had disappeared as well.

The facts had proven that Leng ruoxue was still giving him face and did not reject him at the door.

After being released by the two reincarnation pills, Shui mo couldn't help but stare at them for a long time.

At this moment, he heard a slightly darker reincarnation elixir fire roar,""What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy before?"

Shui mo was speechless.

It wasn't that she had never seen a handsome guy before, but she had never seen a pill that called itself a handsome guy! At this moment, he suddenly understood Huo Yue and the others 'love and hate for the two reincarnation pills.

Then, he collected his thoughts and calmly walked to the living room.

The elder who was guarding outside the courtyard saw that the old Grand Madame had made a move, and his heart that had been in his throat finally relaxed.

After Shui mo entered the living room, he greeted uncle long and the others before looking at Leng ruoxue and said with a smile,""Little girl, it's really hard to get in here!"

"Senior Shui mo, are you blaming me for rejecting you in the territory of the Qilin race?" Leng ruoxue laughed as well and replied with a fiery tone.

Ugh! What a big temper! Hearing this, Shui mo smiled bitterly in his heart helplessly. He still smiled and said,""Little girl, that's not what I meant. Huo Yue provoked you, so you don't have to vent your anger on me, right? I don't think I've offended you!"

"That's why I didn't reject senior Shui mo!" Leng ruoxue replied with a faint smile.

"But you've rejected many elders. They shouldn't have provoked you, right?" Shui mo couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, but they're obviously on fire Yue's side. They're all trying to plead for him. So, they can only be treated the same way as fire Yue." Leng ruoxue said matter-of-factly.

"Then, aren't you afraid that I'm here to plead for that idiot Huo Yue by letting me in?" Shui mo asked with a smile.

"You won 't. If you wanted to plead for it, you would have come a long time ago. You wouldn't have waited until now." Leng ruoxue said.

"Hahaha! You know me well! However, I still want you to give me some face. You can just fix the fire Yue, but can you be magnanimous and let the other elders enter and leave freely? This way, you can also observe their performance, right?" Shui mo suggested.

"You're right. " Leng ruoxue nodded, giving Shui mo face. In fact, she didn't intend to make things difficult for the elders for too long. She just wanted them to show their attitude. Now that Shui mo had said so, she had no reason to be unreasonable!

Shui mo was naturally happy to see Leng ruoxue giving him so much face. He then dragged Leng ruoxue to an empty room to study the array.

When the elders who had been granted permission to not be stopped heard this news, it was as if they had been granted a general pardon. Their hearts were filled with excitement!

Then, the elders split up and went to find uncle long and the others who thought they had a good relationship with each other. Uncle long naturally did not refuse them, but no matter what the elders said, uncle long and the others would not relent and plead for Huo Yue.<.com>

After that, when the elders heard that Leng ruoxue had been dragged away by the old ancestor to study formations, they were even more depressed.

Old ancestor! Why are you studying formations now? Don't tell me you've forgotten that curing the clan leader is our top priority right now?

It was obvious that they did not understand Shui Mo's thoughts, let alone Leng ruoxue. Leng ruoxue and Shui mo, who had been hiding in their room, seemed to have forgotten everything. This research had taken up a month.

Leng ruoxue and Shui mo only walked out of the room when uncle long and the others were getting impatient.

Seeing the joy on Shui Mo's face, uncle long and the others knew that Shui Mo's suspicion must have been resolved. Otherwise, he wouldn't be smiling so happily. However, his juniors were obviously ready to jump up and down.

After Shui mo left, Leng ruoxue asked uncle long curiously,""How's the Qilin clan's performance recently?"

"They're so good. They'll listen to any of our requests, including the rude requests we make things difficult for them." Uncle long couldn't help but nod in satisfaction when he thought of the treatment he received this month.

"Yes, yes." Jiang Ning also nodded his head vigorously. Then, he said with a serious expression,"However, they have also tried their best to hook up with our two reincarnation pills. The funny thing is, those two little guys simply ignored those people!"

Jiang Ning couldn't help but smile when he said this. One of the reincarnation pills was refined by Xue 'er for the Qilin race. All the ingredients were provided by the Qilin race. The Qilin race even had to pay Xue' er for it. However, the reincarnation pill that they had refined with great difficulty had its own consciousness. It wasn't under the control of the Qilin race at all. They had definitely suffered a double loss! Was there anyone in this world more miserable than them?

When he thought of this, he wanted to light a row of candles for the Qilin race. They were really too pitiful, weren't they?

After Leng ruoxue heard the report, she nodded in satisfaction.""It's about time, you can let them go. When they come to find you again, you can just go with the flow. "

Everyone agreed. If they continued, it wouldn't just be to show their toughness, but to attract hatred. So, it was most important to stop while they were ahead.

Just like that, the hard work of the elders of the Qilin clan for a month finally paid off. Of course, at least that was what they thought.

When they found out that uncle long and the rest had pleaded for mercy on behalf of the clan leader after Leng ruoxue had finished studying the array, the elders were so touched that they were about to cry.

Then, the elders accompanied Huo Yue to apologize to Leng ruoxue sincerely. Leng ruoxue forgave Huo Yue happily, but of course, a beating was inevitable.

But from now on, everyone could have fun together again.

After everyone was happy, the great elder of the Qilin clan carefully suggested that Leng ruoxue could bring the reincarnation pills to help the clan leader heal as soon as possible.

After hearing this, Leng ruoxue only glanced at the fire Yue indifferently and did not say anything. Seeing this, the Qilin great elder immediately declared,""Don't worry, miss Leng. We'll finish the preliminary work as soon as possible. I'll come to invite you personally."

"En, then I'll be waiting for you, great elder." Leng ruoxue nodded. Anyway, it was fine as long as she didn't use her body temperature to help. Otherwise, she would definitely remember that unpleasant experience and beat Huo Yue up again!

As if he could read Leng ruoxue's mind, Huo Yue could not help but shiver. He then quickly lowered his head.

After obtaining Leng ruoxue's promise, the Qilin elder tactfully dragged Huo Yue along and left with the rest. If they continued to stay here, the consequences would be unimaginable if their acting clan head, who was always so silly, accidentally offended Leng ruoxue.

Three days later.

The great elder of the Qilin clan, who had prepared everything, came to invite Leng ruoxue personally.

After bringing Leng ruoxue back to the ice room, the ice that Leng ruoxue had seen previously had disappeared. All she could see was a huge ice bed. On the bed was an ice blue Qilin that was as large as a mountain.

He looked a little familiar.

However, the Qilin's original form looked similar, only their colors were different. Hence, Leng ruoxue assumed that she had seen a Qilin with a different attribute and didn't think much about it. But this was the patriarch of the Qilin race?

Leng ruoxue looked at the great elder of the Qilin clan with a heart full of questions.

The first elder of the Qilin clan nodded with a worried expression."This is our clan leader. Tens of thousands of years ago, he was seriously injured and has been in a coma since."

With that, the great elder of the Qilin clan bowed deeply towards Leng ruoxue and said seriously,""Young miss Leng, our Qilin clan will never forget the great kindness you have shown us. Please forgive me if I've been disrespectful to you before. "

"Great elder, you're being too serious. Although the fire Yue seemed to have changed into a different person after that, I'm afraid that I would have left the Qilin clan long ago if I had really been calculative with it. So please believe me, I also want to save your clan leader. However, you seem to have thanked the wrong person for curing your clan leader!" Leng ruoxue teased with a smile after hearing first elder's words.

"Hehe! I have to thank you for these two reincarnation pills, but miss Leng, we have to thank you even more. If it wasn't for you, no one would be able to refine reincarnation pills now. Therefore, in the end, you are the greatest benefactor of our Qilin clan. " The first elder of the Qilin clan glanced gratefully at the two purplish-gold reincarnation pills that were revolving around Leng ruoxue.

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