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Chapter 3112 - 3112 My master is a God (2)

Chapter 3112 - 3112 My master is a God (2)

3112 My master is a God (2)

“You bastard!” One-on-one!

When the demon returned to his room, a few hours had already passed.

Leng ruoxue looked at her dear husband, whose clothes were a little messy and his originally handsome face had a few claw marks. She could not help but laugh out loud.

Seeing his wife fall on the bed laughing exaggeratedly, the demon was very depressed.

“Honey, are you that happy to see me injured?” The demon said, feeling wronged.

“The battle is quite intense!” Leng ruoxue laughed as she spoke.

“Of course, we’ve brought out our true abilities! This was definitely not a joke! Don’t think that I’m in a sorry state right now, you’ll know if you go and see that fellow, Azure, he’s even worse off than me!” The evildoer became arrogant as he spoke.

“You guys!” Leng ruoxue was helpless. It had been so many years, but these two fellows would still fight from time to time. Fortunately, they knew their limits and didn’t challenge her bottom line. Otherwise, the one who would be in trouble would definitely be this man and beast.

“Hehe! It’s healthier to fight! Didn’t you see Cang’s dead look? It’s full of energy now!” The demon said proudly.

When Leng ruoxue heard this, she couldn’t help but think to herself,’Cang must be so angry that his hair is standing on end, how can he not be spirited?’

Leng ruoxue was smart enough not to say these words out loud. She patted the demon’s head and said,””It’s late, go to sleep!”

“Honey, what should I do about my injury?” The demon was not satisfied. Didn’t his wife see that his face was disfigured? One had to know that he had come back with injuries to seek comfort and comfort. How could he be dismissed with a simple ‘go to sleep’? He wouldn’t do it!

“It’s okay, it’ll be fine in a few days. ” Leng ruoxue deliberately said in a nonchalant manner.

“Wife, wife, take a good look, your husband is disfigured! That Azure fellow’s claws were really vicious! I know it has been jealous of my handsome face for a long time, but it doesn ‘t!” The demon said with hatred.

“Hubby, we’ve been married for so long. Even if you’re disfigured, I won’t despise you. Don’t worry.” Leng ruoxue promised with a smile, but she didn’t say anything to comfort him.

“Honey, you’ve become bad.” Knowing that his little scheme would not succeed, the demon said in disappointment.

“Well, men don’t like bad women!” Leng ruoxue nodded her head in all seriousness.

“…” The evildoer surrendered. His wife had really learned the bad things!

Some of the sorrowful evildoers entered Dreamland with Endless Melancholy in their hearts.

The next day.

Leng ruoxue and the rest were having breakfast when the man brought the silly leopard to visit.

As soon as the two of them entered the courtyard, they looked left and right like Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden. Everywhere they looked was good, and they were quite excited.

Ji Kai, who was leading the way for the man and the leopard, looked at their silly appearance and didn’t know what to say. Where did these two guys come from? Why was he so similar to him back then?

Ji Kai, who felt that they were in the same boat, also felt very kind to the reaction of the man and the leopard, so he didn’t rush them. When the two had seen enough, he took them into the living room.

Leng ruoxue knew that they had arrived and was preparing to welcome them with the demon, her grandfather, and her brother.

The moment Black Panther saw Leng ruoxue, he immediately pounced on her and hugged her leg tightly. He sobbed with tears in his eyes,””Benefactor, I’m here!”


The man blushed.

The demon’s face darkened. Why was this damn leopard clinging to his wife again!

“Hehe, Xue ‘er, this junior leopard is quite interesting.” Leng ruohan could not help but laugh when she saw the leopard’s actions.

“It’s a leopard that’s out of line. ” Leng ruoxue was speechless. She then freed her leg from the leopard’s claws.

When the Black Panther saw this, more tears welled up in his eyes. He sobbed like a pitiful little creature that had been abandoned.”Wuwuwu … My benefactor doesn’t like me anymore! My benefactor has a change of heart!”


Leng ruoxue looked at the ceiling, speechless. What the hell is this!

The demon’s face turned even darker, while Leng Qingtian, Leng ruohan, and the rest watched with interest as the Black Panther cried in front of them.

At this moment, a white light suddenly appeared. Then, everyone heard the Black Panther let out an “ah!” He let out an extremely miserable scream and covered his face with his claws, blood flowing out from the gaps between his claws!

After white light finished his sneak attack, he even cursed,””You little country bumpkin, you dare to have ideas about Niu! Hmph! When did Niu ever like you, love you!”

Needless to say, it was definitely Cang.

Evil demon wanted to give Cang 32 likes, but Cang’s next words made him take back his likes without hesitation.

Because Cang said,”if Niu likes someone, she should like me, and if she wants to love, she should love me!”

Leng Qingtian, Leng ruohan, and the rest were already used to Yu canglie being jealous of others, but this man had never seen this before! Originally, he was quite angry that his son was scratched by a cat, but when he heard the cat speak human language, he couldn’t be angry anymore.

He really didn’t dare to provoke Beastie that had gained spiritual intelligence!

The leopard that was scratched by blue was so scared by Blue’s pressure that it didn’t even dare to breathe, it could only act pitiful with tears in its eyes.

Wuwuwu … This cat is so scary!

As a Beastie, its intuition was naturally invincible, so the leopard knew very well that it was no match for this cat. This fact really made the leopard’s heart feel stifled.

More importantly, its face hurt. The blood had soaked the silk-like black fur on its face. It was disfigured!

As if she could read the leopard’s mind, Leng ruoxue took out an ordinary healing elixir and stuffed it into the leopard’s mouth. The moment that sweet and fragrant feeling entered its stomach, it immediately felt that its face no longer hurt, and its body was in great shape!

In an instant, the leopard was revived with full health. But this time, it didn’t dare to get close to Leng ruoxue, mainly because the cat by its benefactor’s side was too scary!

Carefully and vigilantly looking at Cang, junior leopard didn’t dare to speak.

Cang ze sneered, then hooked his finger and said,””Since you’ve gained intelligence, you’ll recognize me as your boss in the future, understand?”

Junior leopard nodded his head frantically and roared in his heart,”I know!” He knew it too well! He didn’t dare to not know!

In this way, junior leopard was threatened by Cang and changed sides at the last moment. One should know that he came for his benefactor! Now, he had become a cat’s errand boy!

Wuwuwuwu … As the saying goes, the fist is bigger than the sky!

Seeing his son being threatened by a cat and becoming a cat’s hatchet man, the man’s heart was filled with emotions. However, he was more curious about the pill that Leng ruoxue had just given to his silly son. He didn’t know what ingredients it contained, but it was too magical. His son’s injuries had healed in the blink of an eye! Of course, the man didn’t dare to ask. He was afraid that this was someone else’s Secret, and he didn’t want to be killed.


It had to be said that the man was overthinking.

Due to his relationship with Bao’ er’s son, the man had also successfully settled down in Leng ruoxue’s Villa temporarily. However, when he did, he realized that the little white kitten was not the only beast that could speak in the villa!

A White Tiger the size of a palm, a fiery red Parrot, a beautiful Silver Wolf … Although every beast here was not big, they could all speak the human language. They even often looked at him with disdain as if they were looking at an ant. This feeling was so beautiful that no one dared to look directly at him!

After living here for a few days, the man gradually got used to being despised by the beasts here. Of course, this was mainly because Ji Kai would come to talk to him and comfort him when he had nothing to do! However, it was undeniable that the food here was really good. He was reluctant to leave after staying for a few days.

Although his silly son would be bullied by Leng ruoxue’s beasts from time to time, his son’s strength would increase by several times under their training. This could be considered a blessing in disguise!

On a certain day.

When his son was once again taught a lesson by Leng ruoxue’s family’s beasts, the man started to chat with Ji Kai while applying medicine for his son.

As they were chatting, the man suddenly asked,””By the way, what about the other animals that the three babies brought back? How come I didn’t see it?”

“They … Are also being repaired.” Ji Kai coughed and said with a look of sympathy.

“I see!” The man’s heart instantly felt balanced.

“Um … Who exactly is your master?” he asked after some hesitation. How could his strength be so profound!


Ji Kai looked around and then asked with a serious face,”You really want to know?”

“I do. Can I tell you?” The man asked carefully, his face full of curiosity. He wasn’t trying to find out the other party’s secret, was he? After all, the other party could have chosen not to say anything.

“I can, but I’m afraid you won’t believe me!” Ji Kai said innocently. He knew that his master allowed this guy to live here because he wasn’t afraid of him knowing his identity. Of course, if the other party didn’t ask, he wouldn’t tell him. But since the other party asked, he naturally couldn’t lie! He was an honest and good child!

“Let’s hear it!” The man said happily.

“My master is a God!” Ji Kai paused and said.

“God?” The man was shocked. There was a God in this world? Obviously, he did not believe it.

“You don’t believe me?” Ji Kai saw through the man’s thoughts and asked with an evil smile.

“I can’t believe it! I’m an atheist. ” The man said honestly.

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me. I’ve already told you, right?” Ji Kai didn’t think much of it. Then, he turned around and left.

“Son, do you believe me?” Looking at Ji Kai’s back, the man asked his wounded son.

“Daddy, I believe you!” The black leopard’s eyes were filled with tears. It was beaten up by the beasts here all day long, and those overbearing beasts didn’t allow it to eat healing pills. How could it not believe it? Even if it didn’t want to believe it, it had already been beaten up by the other party!

“AI! Son, hang in there!” The man sighed. As the saying goes, no one knows a son better than his father. How could he, as the Father, not know what his son was thinking?

Junior leopard nodded with tears in his eyes. Such a painful and happy day was too ecstatic!

Compared to the little leopard’s ecstatic life, the three of them were living quite comfortably.

They were overjoyed to have so many new members in the house. Since her son was happy, Leng ruoxue would naturally be happy as well.

Unfortunately, these Happy Days only lasted for a few days before someone came to challenge them.

The people who had come to challenge them were the couple who had been abandoned in the mountains.

When the man found out that the couple had come to find trouble, he was so speechless that he didn’t know what to say.

They didn’t know what kind of people and beasts lived here, right? Otherwise, how would they dare to? Who gave them the guts?

The man had heard about the couple’s incident, but he didn’t think much of it. After all, he didn’t think that anyone would dare to offend Leng ruoxue and her husband. However, it was obvious that he had miscalculated. They had come prepared.

This time, the couple had brought quite a few people with them …

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